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Why do designers showcase the entire alphabet in a case study for a branding project? You did not create the typeface. It's not an original typeface. It doesn't serve a purpose. Is it because, dare I say, design is a meme that must resort to memes in order to survive?
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Because it looks cool as all hell, helps tell the story of the project, clears up differences between alternate cuts, is there so people don't have to google it, etc.

Industry standard practice bruv
literally why not? would you rather not show typefaces in a branding kit?

fuck you btw
Did I rustle your jimmies? How bow dis: get a real job.

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Can I pay someone like $5-$10 to make a better version of pic related? I'm making a favicon for my personal website and I can't get it to look decent.

My name's Ralph, hence the R.

Font is Metropolis Black, by the way.
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drop an email i'll send you some R's
[email protected]
Also, I should mention - my only strict requirement is the image should look good at 16x16 resolution, standard favicon size.
Preferably PNG or PSD format :^)

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So I made these icons.
Can I get some feedback?
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You from Germany? Sweden?
Sweden, why?
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well they look kinda cool but i don't think i would use them. the semi transparent grey seems unnecesary and some lines seem thicker than others, also they could look better if they were a little smaller inside the circle right now they seem a little big imho specially the first two rows.

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yokose!! png.png
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I'm trying to replicate this font to use it in other designs. Is there a way to alter the brush stroke to get the same bloshy effect when intersecting lines?
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If you have a tablet, you can set it to vary the brush size with the pressure.
no tablet sorry
Photoshop: Filter -> Noise -> Median
it helps if you combine this with Levels to get ultra-stark contrast so you can avoid loss of thin lines

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It's a prank/paranormal channel, so make it as shitty and memey as you so desire.
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$$$ or >>>/wsr/ / reddit/freedesign
Do u even rules bro

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I might be in the minority here, but does anyone else have too much work?

A couple years ago I landed two clients that were both smaller/growing companies. (started with designing their brand id/logo, then ads, then tradeshow booth, etc). Since then, both clients have rapidly grown and are taking up all of my time.

I know it's a good thing to have a lot of work, but I'm struggling to keep my head above water each week. Both are trying to give me more projects. I want to scale, but don't really know how.

Has anyone been through this stage of their career and want to share some advice? what did you do?
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Sounds like you need to partner up, man.

If you just need to get work out of your table, try taking in an Intern or two, cheap labour and lots of energy.

Can anybody provide a template/explain how to achieve this fold? I'm pretty dumb and can't visualize these things for the life of me. Apparently it's called a burst fold but google yielded no results
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well there's a software for packaging design called ArtiosCAD not sure if it does that tho.

i'm guessing they could be blank stock photos + photoshop / illustrator perspective transform

an easy way to get similar stuff is just search for "brochure mockup" and either pay or use vk.com or psdkeys

another option could be to make them via 3d box modeling but you just say you're pretty dumb so dunno if you're willing to learn that.
Try googling Turkish Map Fold

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English Dubs.png
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I realize the kern's kind of shit, but what do you think of this logo I created?

(Premise: re-dubbing already english-language translated with exclusively British-accented voice over actors)
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not bad but needa lots of work imo not digging the black strokes around the message bubbles
I like it!

font please
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bump for art
op here i tried to find it but it says ARIB Extended Font and i couldnt find anything like dis on the internet
...font? You could do that with the bloody pen tool

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I have built a touch screen wall display that is run off of a raspberry pi. Currently I have a very simple locally hosted HTML site with a nav bar on the left with 3 different links (Calendar, Video Cameras, weather). I came across DAKBoard that is pretty awesome for a wall display but it looks half retarded in the iframe with a menu bar on the side.

I want to have DAKBoard as the main page, taking up 100% of the screen, but have a "FLOATING" menu (DIV) off to the side that slides out and does not affect the main page when you click on the nav bar.

I'm having some trouble figuring this one out. I have tried a few CSS and jQuery examples that I found but none are what I am looking for.

Hopefully I have explained this right. Can anyone help me out with this?
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"FLOATING" menu (DIV) off to the side that slides out and does not affect the main page when you click on the nav bar.

Let me rephrase that...
I want the floating nav bar off to the right, when I tap on it.. I want the menu to pop out, allow me to tap the page I want to go to (like my security cameras), it goes to that page and the floating menu bar stays there. All links in the floating nav bar should take up 100% of the screen.
found an example of what I am looking for here.
try change the position to fixed and set high z-index for floating menu

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what font is this?
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That's 'Please Never Use This Typeface' by the /gd/ type foundry.
Marker felt?

hello gd/

i have a question, how can i be sure of the color and light of my designs? in my work i have an imac and a pc, i cant use the imac because i have no programs there, but i use it some times to see how the design i made looks in the retina display... at my home i have a 1080p display AOC regular, not a lot of money to buy another and my desings looks darker... so i would like to know what can i do to make my work have the real colors? dont want to ruin some time working for a problem with my display
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Calibrate both monitors.

using a hardware is the only way?

This is "Bob". "Bob" (and yes, you always type the quotes) has been the figurehead of the Church of the SubGenius since about 1979. "Bob" was found after the guys who were thinking everything up started digging through a big book of clip-art, and of course being good clip-art means that it should fit no matter what the context is. Later, the church would register a copyright on "Bob" on slap his stupid face on everything from cheap condoms and chinese noise makers to in-house produced video tapes and musical albums. Eventually one would start finding it on blotter paper, tattoo flashes, pills... anything where you wouldn't expect a face seemed to be the perfect place.

But at the core, the image is striking. Even to those not familiar with the Church, the image of this slick 50's father figure, clutching a pipe in a dopey smile can feel inspiring if not somewhat intimidating. The way the half-tone eyes just stare at you, and that grin ever-expecting to hear you spill your guts. It's almost like he's been there for you the whole time, you just didn't know it. I feel "Bob" here is really a very powerful piece of clip-art, and that he was a rather well-designed piece of it at that.

Have you ever encountered a piece of clip-art that stood out to you? What was it of, and how did you connect to it?
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File: Q0645.png (6KB, 771x167px)Image search: [Google]
6KB, 771x167px

File: transhumanism.png (278KB, 779x1167px)Image search: [Google]
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where to go from here? What do you think.

It's for a conference about transhumanism
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it's not bad but for me it seems too much like a book cover, one cool trick would be to wrap the text around the green circle border here's a tut

also one hand of the kid looks way too big and weird
thx, ill try that

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How to get the second handle without moving the first one?
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I mean this one
File: 2017-02-17_23-46-10.webm (321KB, 652x566px)Image search: [Google]
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forgot about webm
what i usually do is make a new point very close to the one that is at the bottom so one of the bezier curves from that point you're selecting would be removed mantaining the same shape below

hope you understood also use questions thread next time.

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