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Hi /gd/

Looking for some good graphic design infographic/tutorial images like these.
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Good post, thanks anon.

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heart gif.gif
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Hey /gd/ i study communications and i love video production and edition. A year ago i began my journey on motion graphics and 2d animation.

I've been learning by my own methods (tutorials and shit) but it's still not enough. Yesterday i found this page which is from my town and i think their works are pretty decent for the kind of place it's here.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1A2NUGyuaU how can i know if it's an actual animation made by them or just a template?

I have the will, motivation and time to do so, but i'm not very good at drawing.

How can i learn that level of 3d modeling? Do i need to draw? cuz i'm not really a good drawer.

tl;dr: very frustrated guy trying to become a specialist in 3d and motion graphics but has no formal learning

>pic related, did that cfor my job
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Shameful self bump
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i don't think 3d modeling is that much needed for motion graphics, or at least not for tv/video production.

>How can i learn that level of 3d modeling?
well it depends of the software and it's not even that hard i've seen a lot kids modeling on cinema4d at youtube -link below i think that kid was like 15 yrs old or something, and also another option could be downloading (free/paid) assets/3d models/vector illustrations elsewhere there's a lot of places that sell premade stuff for Ae etc, plus you can learn to draw within weeks tbqh.


>bumping on /gd/
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Well yeah i want to get specialized in Motion Graphics but also i want to become an expert in 3D (Maya, 3Ds, C4D)

No matter how much times and dedication it takes.

What are the best online courses i can take for After Effects, Maya, C4D and 3Ds? (Paid and free ones).

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holy heck dudes. im tired of paying freaking $360 a year for the adobe suite when i only use Illustrator and Photoshop on occasion

Where on earth can I find illustrator for free? I dont even care if its CS5
Didnt Adobe stop doing one time purchase things when they released the cloud stuff?
How do I crack open a pirated copy of this stuff?
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As far as I know you just need to patch a single file in adobe products (and block some adobe sites in your host file) in order to use them forever. Look for amtlib.dll patchers for adobe software.
will i be able to open all the stuff ive been doing in my legal copy?
Yes, provided it's the same or higher version.

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would Frutiger be proud of me?
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if not, how could I step up the game?
Frutiger was a typeface designer so he probs wouldn't have given a shit desu senpai

The big letters look awesome. Great balance and positioning. The little alphabet and nametag look off though. They look like they're not aligned to anything in particular.

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I'm not a native speaker.
Is there a name in english for occupation where someone specializes in making info-graphics?
One has to be a decent GD, but it's also (if not mostly) a lot of editorial work, so I was wondering, if maybe there's a word for it.
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is "what is this job called" the new "what is this style called"?
No, I was thinking like "infographic specialist" or something

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How does one make good game UI?

Any pitfalls to avoid and rules to follow?

Is this the right board to ask?
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i guess it depends of what type of game is it. if you're serious about it just follow a paid course on lynda or some other place that teaches ui/ux (assuming you know the basics of design/adobe's)
Dunno about the UI.

>>298684 is right tho, better take those courses, whilst searching for UX tutorials I found tons of dudes that give away some pdf's about their experience and knowledge. (A bit pretentious but hey, free knowledge.)

Also might help, they talk about different things in videogame creation. Might help ya, or at least entertain ya.
Extra Credits is horrible and has absolutely no idea what they're talking about when it comes to a lot of things, they're pretty terrible armchair analysts. I wouldn't suggest listening to anything they have to say when it comes to UI/UX.

Poke around on Neilsen Norman Group's site, they're basically the top resource for professional UX/UI stuff. In particular anything on Heuristics will help you get oriented.

The official GDC YouTube channel has some good stuff too, a lot of it is super esoteric development and business stuff but every once in a while I come across a talk that's more focused on design. There was an interesting one on the evolution of Hearthstone's UI, for example.


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We are on high school senior year and we haven't decided a good enough design yet for the class hoodie

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?
Our class (career) is programmer (software)
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"keep on going home"
there's your slogo bro
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When I designed our senior year hoodies (also IT class) I used some well known IT and computer tech companies and modified their logos.
We settled for a custom, simplified Intel Inside Logo.
Not sure about the copyright on this, but it was only 25 hoodies so who cares right?

I also made some versions around nvidia, amd, razor, hp, windows, linux
Hide a reference to a shock image in it.
Tasteless? Yes
Funny? Also yes when people all around your establishment of education are googling goatse mid-lesson

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What's a good font for a fairly minimalistic business card?
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Papyrus is a good font
What type of industry is it for?
Screen printing company.

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download (1).jpg
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so I took on an entry level graphic design position for a company. there is no graphic design team, it's just me. we have a web design consultant but the only communication I do with him is through email not in person. my actual job title is just graphic designer but on my resume can I call myself an Art Director because its just me in the department? does it matter? will it help me when applying to future jobs? the design work is pretty minimal and its more printing and file management than all else but I was just wondering if the title mattered. I'm not saying It would automatically make me eligible for art director jobs at other companies because I realize I do need more experience but I thought maybe just in general since it was my first graphic design job it would look more impressive.
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You're worried about your job title? Call yourself a creative director.

Maybe you ought to focus more on gaining real world experience than on which title you want on your business cards...

I said within the post I realize I need to gain more experience. It was just a question, not my entire focus regarding the job.
I feel like you wouldn't really be doing any art directing if it's just you. You don't have anyone to direct.

What's the nicest looking business card design you've come across?
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File: geome3_3.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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personally a fan of contrasting edges and simple graphics
Interested in that as well.
Are there any portfolio that's specialized in this?
Some law firm want business card for a few of it's employees and I have no idea.

That looks way too busy

Does anyone identify the font used in "Vol. 2"? I've seen it posted here before but can't remember the name for the life of me.
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looks like the "blooddragon" in that one farcry game

Not even remotely. Yes, they are both dry brush scripts but they look completely different.

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everything I made during 2016, thoughts?
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howd u make the path on piece 4??
Can I use these designs for personal projects?

anyone have a clue how to make stuff like this
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google pixel sorting plugin ae or http://archive.nyafuu.org/wsr/thread/198739/
filers > stylize > wind


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What's up with this colour in specific? I see it everywhere now, why? Is it some kind of trend now?
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Thats mine get off it
I believe thats the brand colour for masonterrill.com

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Hey guys. Pic unrelated. I'm stuck with a logo project. Answer this please - what object associations does the word Censorship bring up to you?
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black tape
Crime scene tape, window blinds/curtains, those one-way mirror-windows.
And black tape.
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this 1984 cover

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