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anyone may explain how this effect is achieved? is it done in illustrator or a 3d program?
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In cinema it would be pretty easy. Just sweeping a spline and playing around with the luminece channel with some subsurface scattering.

In illustrator id have a look at the blend tool.
it can be done in both
if i remember correct illustrator has a 3D module bult in.

3d module in illustrator isn't the way. You should use the blend tool + gradient mesh. But why do something in 2 hours tweaking around when you can achieve a better result in 10 mins with a 3d software?

Btw that could be useful


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All right gd i come for revenge, I have always liked to make my own GD stuff, I made left logo around 8 years ago, i have been using it for years, until i finally got told its shit and i kind of agree, so i'm trying to come up with something better (right logo), to replace it, but i kind of want to honor LEFT in the process

Its about an energy monitoring company (plug some hardware to monitor energy consumption in real time using phone, tablet, etc. ) any suggestions??
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2nd attemp
File: 3.jpg (52KB, 829x573px)Image search: [Google]
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3rd attempt i just found out this looks like a happy worm farting
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anything goes

Hey I'm wondering if anyone can identify a font closest to the "Sluts" in this picture.

The "Hot" seems less likely but if you can help it would be appreciated.
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i....have questions
what's this style called?

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Do girls study graphic design?
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My schools generation was made up of 57 girls and 3 guys. So, yeah.
Of course they do. It's one of the easiest (and also worthless, as seen here >>300986) degrees to go for. You don't actually expect them to fall for the STEM meme, do you?
>wanting to be a cuckstem wageslave

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Do any of you know how one can achieve this effect (the one on the cards in the back), or could point me in the right direction by telling me what it's called? Thanks anons
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ps liquify + image trace
its called paint faggot
Oh fuck you're right. Thanks

how do you achieve this? I've tried opacity masks and a blurred and non blured shape that are overlapping, but it looks nothing like the picture...
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do the same thing but add noise and haze
File: test-01.png (837KB, 2500x2480px)Image search: [Google]
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the problem isnt the grainy effect, i can of course add that later. My problem is achieving the blurred look on the edges without making it look like it does in my current way of doing it (pic related). I'm doing this in Illustrator btw, maybe photoshop is better for this?
i'm interested as well it has to be something else like some sort of movement, maybe related to print?

Hi, I'm working on a wallpaper and I kinda ran into the limits of my skills.

Is there any way to remove the background from pic related and still keep the engine glow?
I obviously can't just do a select by color, since that doesn't work on gradients.
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Bump. Novice graphic artist here would also like to know.
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Looks good.
Mind telling me how you did that?
I'm here to learn.

I'll just leave this here...
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I'd actually put it below psychology if I were to chose. Mental health is much more worthwhile and important than design. And yes—there's a reason why the whole clichéic stereotype is repeated ad nauseam.
Indeed, for such a low-skill occupation, design schools are completely worthless now that we have the internet.
Going well thanks for asking.
now having my internship and after this I am going to business school.
I agree its an useless degree, but for me it was only a bridge to the higher education, and its an plus if I go into marketing

How do I recreate sparkles like this in Illustrator?
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File: capture-1.webm (2MB, 1320x596px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1320x596px

drag the image onto the canvas - lock it - draw two straight lines one vertical one horizontal - drag the lines center onto one of those sparkles - use the pen tool to draw one quarter of one of the sparkles - duplicate + reflect
after that just copy paste a bunch of times and resize them.
File: output.webm (818KB, 851x510px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 648.gif (582KB, 300x193px)Image search: [Google]
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>includes the axis grid while using shape building tool

File: flat_lime.png (38KB, 1600x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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Hi, I just want to git gud at graphic design, so I made this 1-minute minimalistic logo from random words. What do you think?
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whenever i see stuff like that i always remember this quote:
work you didn't sell ia no better than work you didn't do.
although i don't necessarily agree with it.
back to the logo, i don't think there's a need for using two lines of text make it one line and use lowercase on all the letters 'flatlime' perhaps with a bold type for the 'lime' part if it doesn't look good pick a better font and the lime seems a little boring imho it could be way more interesting without losing it's flat-ness (eg. a cool gradient/gradient-mesh, an interesting shadow underneath, some shiny reflections or pores etc.)
File: flat_lime_edit.png (2MB, 1600x1600px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1600x1600px
Ok, so I followed your advice and added cardboard (Because cardboard solves everything) and it looks way better, thanks anon :)
File: flatlime.jpg (39KB, 1366x768px)Image search: [Google]
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I'd use another font (not saying that the one I chose is the right one) and I'd stretch the space between caracters. Font a little bolder, it's a logo, it should be remarkable! I agree with previous response

Where can I learn to make these ornamental baroque flourishes that expand into harmoniously complex structures? I think there's a rule to it but I'm missing it completely. It can't be just by freehand, right? Whenever I try to do it on my own it looks rickety.
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freehand, golden ratio
Here you go, OP. This is where I learned to do it. It's referred to as filigree, and is based on the leaves of the Acanthus.


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do you need to learn to draw to be a graphic designer?
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nope, there is no secret to graphics design, just keep practicing
>>300886 >>299797
Judging by the GDs I know, you require no talent whatsoever to be one. Unless you want to be employed.

File: PicsArt_03-04-09.14.29.jpg (438KB, 1024x512px)Image search: [Google]
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/gd/ help please

I'm starting a business and can't decide between these 2 logo designs. Which does /gd/ prefer and do you have any tips/advice?
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File: n.png (111KB, 602x573px)Image search: [Google]
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second one is way better but it needs lots of work, it seems you're using some stock images or something (some shapes look weirk / not smooth or sharp)
also are you using photoshop? for logos a vector software is recommended (inkscape / adobe illustrator)
< pic is just a quick rearrange that i've made in a couple of mins, also try to avoid colors and textures until the shapes/proportions look right, if you feel like hiring someone for vectorizing it let me know.
I don't know what vectoring is? I made the images on my phone this morning. I don't have a computer or photoshop or anything.
You poor ass motherfucker how do you want to own a business with just your phone.
Your "logo" is absolutely pathetic and it consists of 100% stolen pictures and templates. The ribbon is a .png right ? Ist not royalty free.

Do you "designed" ( throwing stolen graphics together just being an autist ) that shit in picsart or what you faggot ???

File: AyyLMAO.webm (2MB, 640x640px)Image search: [Google]
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Is x raying possible with photoshop or is it just a meme?
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File: 1487970472963.png (617KB, 919x842px)Image search: [Google]
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You mean like actual fucking xray? Or the simulation of xraying? I do hope you are not fucking retarded.
Like seeing past a thin layer of clothing
Yeah, I've done it before. Basically it has to already be see-through clothing though. You're essentially just messing with contrast, levels, and curves so it looks x-rayed

File: gotham_2.png (47KB, 1500x600px)Image search: [Google]
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I need a font that's similar to Gotham, maybe a tiny bit more condensed. Any of you fucks have any suggestions?
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not op but i also need a font like the one in the image i posted, any help is appreciated.
what about Monserrat?

How about 'Gotham Condensed' you fucking idiot?

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