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gimp thread.png
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GIMP thread?
GIMP thread
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Jesus Christ what an atrocious """logo"""".
gimp is horseshit
CMYK and Spot Colors how?

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where can i find free/free to use patterns textures for commercial use?
i dont want money to exit from me and go out i want money to exit from out and go in
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you could learn how to do them yourself those you posted wouldn't take longer than 5 mins each, or just google 'top free patterns'
i already made one hundred, but i need a lot more nice help by the way my friendo
It's 90% shit but the other 10% is really good stuff and can be used for commercial projects.

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Every single pixel editing software I can find is to expensive for me rn. I cannot find a good free one either.
Does anyone know a good free pixel editing software.
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dont do this, try GraphicsGale

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I tried.jpg
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Can somebody help me clean this up?
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Here you go!
sincerely, r9k
He needs help fixing his terrible shopping skills on the "Y" and "S". You really are from r9k

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Post a meme image/edit that you made
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diogo feelsnardi.png
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の男とCIAイエス運命の二元性 (IMAX Directors Cut)


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What font communicates "trust worthy", "reputable", "competent"?
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You will need something with an apparent balance and flexibility. Clear readability and no frills.
While helvetica would be a great choice, (one of my favorite fonts), I would look to the sans-serif family myself. Rounded curves on the miter joint, easy gradients in the slope of the outline. Wide feet.
Do you have a particular use for this font?

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i'm creating an imaginary language and the font that goes along with it

this is what i've come up with so far, there will 54 characters in the end and i'm going for that eastern asian-hieroglyphic kinda look

any advice or critique on the progress so far?
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How do you recognize vowels?
It looks beautiful. Official 4chan language GO!

Is this board pure shit on purpose? Like it's some big joke to scare away new graphic designers and dishearten the competition....r-right?
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post your work
no u
i did not claim this board is shit

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Best graphic design evar
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what's the name of this style?

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Is the ability to draw necessary to get into graphic design?
I'm decent at photoshop and editing pictures, but what's stopping me from getting into this field is that I can't even draw stickman
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it depends, it is really useful imho, there's some fields of design that don't require drawing skills like web design/layout/tv prod/motion graphics etc
bt w, you can learn how to draw no matter how bad you suck within months just read some books.
heres a few good ones
betty edwards new drawing
perpective made easy
how to draw / how to render
I dont think its necessary but it helps. if you're into photography and are good at typography I feel like theres a lot you can do without drawing. i feel like its tough to market yourself as a graphic designer with just drawings. obviously there is specific areas of graphic design where you're fucked if you cant draw but I dont think its make or break.
Thanks anon, i'll check them out

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Whats jim phillips art style call?
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>jim phillips art style
Low brow art
"Le jimmus philippus maximus"

File: L1_red.png (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
Couldn't find a general critique thread in the catalog. Lots of people asking for their personal work, though.

General critique thread.

I haven't done any /gd/ professionally, but I'm applying to a job that only requires a grasp of the basics. Thoughts?
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I like the letters, not a fan of the background texture thingy.

Here are two new ones.

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I'm looking to start a youtube channel---what is good, cheap video editing software?

Have to post a picture.
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unfortunately, pick one

[ ] Good
[ ] Cheap
a balance of both is fine
Torrent premiere pro to get it for free

Like everyone else does

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2MB, 2560x1600px
Hello people, my first time here. I am interested in getting advanced lessons in photshop. Can anybody tell me where can i get good photoshop lessons, and free PS actions?
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what is this style called?


Thank you, but i am not that interested in photography. I am not really good at specifying myself. I would like to learn how to edit photos to make unrealistic images.

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Is this a current web design trend in ditching sidebar navigation?

I noticed 99% of sites and showcases lack a sidebar of any kind, logo and navigation sit at the top. People hate sidebars now?
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Because its easier to create a website thats fluid to work both on mobile and desktop. Instead of setting min-width and dropping the sidebar.
Sidebars are great on web.
Sidebars on mobile are choppy if not done correctly. I dont have a high end smartphone i have 1gb ram and most of the time sisebars fail on me and my clicks always go somewhere else.
Sidebars were a meme, sort of. Tons of sites didn't need them, but included them anyways because they looked "cool" and felt like the right thing to do.

There's no point in spreading your content out super thin in order to populate a bunch of nearly empty subpages. If you have a complex website, that's fine, but a lot of websites don't need to be huge and are better served by having everything on a single page. No shame in making things concise and tidy.

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