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do any of you guys work as graphic designers?
If yes is, would you recommend becoming one? Also what kind of skills should i have for the job?
Thanks in advance :)
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You need to be able to design... graphically
Go to fucking school.
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Who is the most influential graphic designer of all time?
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The field of graphic design is so diverse and because of the high degree of subjective/personal opinion a single designer will never be well received by everyone (eg apple logo, nike logo, coca-cola logo, all well known and recognised nearly everywhere in the world, but still some people hate it whilst others think they are perfect)
Herbert Bayer of the Bauhaus, or the Bauhaus as a group. The modern style they developed in the 1920's still echoes throughout the world.

And all the counter movements after counter movements that came after ITS

Which boards other than /gd/ allow posting of vector screenshots?

>>>/pol/ doesn’t.
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File: speed2.pdf (1B, 486x500px)
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Other questions: on a scale from 0 to 100, how comfy are vector screenshots?
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More questions:

Are raster images going the way of 8-bit computers and dinosaurs?

Will image boards of the future be vector boards?
pdfs are too cumbersome and rely on plugins to view in the browser.

svg on the other hand is supported by browsers and is less bloated. We as a board should demand svg uploads to be supported.

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In credit film logos thread
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Sony Dynamic Digital Sound
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International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees

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How the fuck do people draw with these things?

I feel there is such a disconnect when drawing on paper vs a tablet.
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After the first few days of using one you get used to it, I've had an Intuous 3, A4 for like 5 years now, it feels just as natural as drawing on a pad to me now.
It will never be paper but you get used to it eventualy.
Took me like 3 weeks to be able to draw properly on it.
Getting rid of the mouse and just use the tablet for normal pc use, that helps.

>also, why on earth does OP's pic have a badly photoshopped tablet when it's clearly something targeted at designers/illustrators?
Same here. I just can't see how I could achieve what I can do normally with pen and paper on a tablet.
I have a shitty one and have tried using it but it is so terrible.

Are there any tablets that will give you the same flow of working on paper? I've yet to try out a great tablet.

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Make a wallpaper only using gimp and MS Paint
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pretty neat for practice at least, but afaik there are no 1304x605 resolution monitors in common usage

also, stop wasting your time with GIMP, learn Ps and Ai instead
I already know them lol it's just a challenge/game thread
Was pretty obvious.

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Hi /gd/!
I'm trying to improve my logo for my News channel on YouTube.
The mascot of the show is a Wolf, and the "AE" are the initials of the program,
Can you guys give me advice or critique?
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generic, bland, nothing about it is standing out to me. wolf doesn't need to be there and is pretty distracting, makes the logo too busy. start from scratch, because if you remove the wolf alone then you just have the A&E logo without the &

Why a wolf, by the way?
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>because if you remove the wolf alone then you just have the A&E logo
I know, that's what I want to avoid.

>Why a wolf, by the way?
The name of the show is 'The Howl Express' or in spanish "El Aullido Express"

This is the old logo
why are you changing the logo?

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All right /gd/, how does it feel to know some of the best logos out there are fictional ? Otaku edition
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Nothing. If it isn't used irl, it means nothing.
> otaku edition
Get out.

I used to enjoy making fake company logos for practice. But it's almost to easy.
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>If it isn't used irl, it means nothing
Yes it does, baka!

I mean, look at this one from Captain Harlock. When's the last time you saw a logo this good?

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Design a poster in ~15 minutes for a favorite book or film of yours, get critique. Pic related, also general critique thread
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How did you add that grungy effect?
It's a combination of two effects. I downloaded a black and white grunge texture and ramped up the contrast until it was just those black flecks. Then, using a luma matte, I set it so it only appeared on the white portions of the image. For the red section I did the same thing except inverted the color, so the flecks are white.

The second effect was just downloading a grunge paper texture, making it the top layer, and setting it to multiply, then lowering the opacity and saturation until it was more subtle.
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american psycho.png
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how's this. too boring or cliche?

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So...Why are Mac computers the industry standard for Graphic Design, and creative arts in general again? I know it harkens back to the past when Mac was the platform that had PS first, and all that crap, but seriously...Why is it still considered the industry standard?

I've done design work on both Mac, and Windows ocmputers, and it doesn't affect the end result of my work at all. Seriously, why is the industry still so stuborn to change? Why do they think MAC IS THE BEST FOR DESIGNERS!!! Still? BTW, I'm not hating on Apple, just genuinely curious af about this subject, and wanted to hear /gd/ 's opinion on it.

Typing this from my Macbook Pro.
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I'm also interested what others will say but for starters:

—The way OS X handles fonts


—Generaly OS X can be more pleasant to use with touch gestures, screen scaling etc

—Aesthetic aspect of Apple hardware/software
in the tech world if you show up for an interview (back end) and you said you only know windows they probably will laugh at your face.
for design is kinda similar i don't think mac's are the "industry standard" but rather an status symbol. i was just reading about this photographer who said something like "i use mac's because when people see the apple logo they associate apple products with a higher level of professionalism and therefore they immediately recognize you as a pro even if you're not."
another thing i have experience is in the 3D industry the standard seems to be Windows 7 for some reason (maybe the compatibility with most 3d softwares)


and also have you read walter isaacson's steve jobs biography? it's pretty interesting i.m.o.
I was halfway through a blogpost to answer your post when an easier though came to mind.

See that gray haired old jew sitting in the managers office?

He is why.

He started using macs cause they saved him money and shit aint gonna change until something way better comes along.

And by that time no one will even know what a fucking book or magazine is.

You want to use a PC?
Become a 3d Artist.
Lotsa PCs in that work environment.

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opinions on material design?

it's it a meme?
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It's the thing to use on android. It's pretty solid. Not sure if there's really anything more to say about it.

Many other products and ads take inspiration from it as well recently, so it definitely appeals to people to some degree. No need to use it if it doesn't fit your use-case or if you don't like it, though.
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How is it different from flat design?
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It include mouvement and shapes morphing.
Material design use simple graphics that react to the user.
>What is google?

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Poster I did of a student-held event in my town (just for practice). Plagiarized a bit.
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Logo, mascot and a few event variants.
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The beforementioned plagiarization. I was struggling to make a cheerful environment but still wanted to finish it.
I like it, it's cute :3

>that yu-gi-oh! card

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IMO, it's terrible. MNML DSGN strikes again. Throwing away all familiar details in a desperate attempt to look fresh.

It doesn't even look like a logo to me. Where's the top? Where's the bottom? These lines don't look like letters anymore. It could be "bp" or even "lyi".

It's not completely worthless to me because it's a halfway decent idea and its fits the dominating minimalism trend. It could work as an "alternative" kind of logo, but only in the context of the original.
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That's real? It's shit.
OK, turns out the clickbait-heavy tech blogs have fooled me. According to The Verge, "HP says it'll be using this logo solely on its premium laptops." So the actual HP logo will remain the same for now. They have actually rejected this one in 2011 when they thought about rebranding.

Also, forgot: it looks like barbed wire.

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I had a passing thought to make a Trump banner to hang from a tree by my street and came up with this design. What do you think of this design?
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stop this
>Supports Trump
>Uses MS Paint
Yes, everything here checks out.

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Post 'em now my dear /gd/
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Anything by Paul Rand. I don't know why wannabe-designers worship this guy so much? Fuck!!
the abc logo is solid af tho
you find shit like this in every stripmall. they're all done by the owner's son in ms paint.

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