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What other ways are there to get the distressed edges of the objects like in this illustration apart from Roughen? Would setting the stroke to a distressed brush work? Any other methods?
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Bumping on /gd/ withing the timespan of a day.

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People just use textured Photoshop and Clip Studio brushes, brah.
OP here, that's not me.

I was thinking more about vector illustration, should've made that clearer, but if you have raster Photoshop brush recommendations that'd help too.

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Anyone else here new to animation?
I'm ok with Adobe An, but I simply don't have them monies to dish up every month so I came here asking if there were cheaper, or even free alternatives I could use to hone my skillz?
pic unrelated, it's a pic I made minor edits to to be better for using as a desktop
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>new to animation?
Been animating for the last 10 years
>Adobe An
Never tried it since I despise Flash. I use AfterEffects and ToonBoom (which can both be easily torrented).
>free alternatives
Do you think its worth it to pay for the creative suite?
only if you cash out while doing so. for example if you use the entire suite and not just ps/ai and/or if your clients and potential clients have a way of noticing that you are using the best and update software package for gd.

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sup /gd/. First time poster, long time lurker

business card thread? show me your worst. show me your best. show me your tacky and gimmicky
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please tell me that's a joke
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File: BQ2Sdmb.gif (7MB, 477x255px)Image search: [Google]
7MB, 477x255px

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Just a little something. What do you guys think?
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It's a few basic shapes in Illustrator. What am I supposed to critique here?

I know you probably worked hard on this, but that's not how design works. What purpose does this serve? Who was it made for, why, what need does it fulfill? Why did you choose those colours, why is the stem so thin, why are there random shapes cut out of the pedals, etc.
I don't know man I'm a designer, not a fuckin' botanist.

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Just out of curiosity, how many of you make money off this using pirated software? Have you ever run into trouble for it?
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pic related?
No, just a logo design I saw online that I thought was nice and figured I'd share alongside my question.
Thank you so much for sharing this interesting and thought provoking design.

You know I browse this place, as well as Behance, dribbble and other work sharing sites but I have never seen this logo. Which is odd because this logo is so incredible and inspiring.

Once again thank you for this. +1

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A. why
B. fix it
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are they the same because they're all rip-offs of an original yelling guy
or do yelling guys just sell
>B. fix it

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is there a PDF of this floating around anywhere?

Armin Hoffmann - Graphic Design Manual: Principles and Practice (1965)
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Yes, I have it.
File: Untitled.jpg (79KB, 793x444px)Image search: [Google]
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would you mind sharing?
I dont have much to share, but if you want any of these in return...
i don't know bout the other guy but i would LOVE to have your collection

File: 9943.zoom.cropped.jpg (231KB, 1575x1496px)Image search: [Google]
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We are a start-up T-shirt company looking for creative designs for our T-shirts. Designs can be hand-drawn or on Photoshop, etc.

We are paying 10$ per design we decide to use, and will pay .50 royalty on each shirt sold with your design.

We are looking for CREATIVE designs in the following categories:
Water Aid/Water for those in need
Starvation/worldwide hunger
Children Charities/ Sick Children
Animal Cruelty
Other Charitable Causes

The point of these designs is supposed to be to bring light to these causes, so please make them uplifting and catchy. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. You can send basic sketches or detailed/colored sketches. Thank you.

Please send designs to [email protected]
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>laughable flat fee + minuscule royalties

Good luck with that...

Try a one-time payment of $250-$300 and maybe you'll get some responses.
I'd make more money selling them on my own on a those T-shirt sites.
Yeah know, you got a good concept but what
>>266815 said. That shit isn't a pro rate, so you're likely not gonna get pro work, if any at all.

>Thank you for contacting me today. I will be sending further correspondence to keep you updated. As always, you can always call us and ask questions.
>We shall see you on Monday, at 10:30 am for your group interview.

>group interview

What does he mean by this?
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>being this dense
my guess is you have a group interview on monday at 10:30 unless words stopped having the same meaning they've had forever and nobody told me
I'm retarded and this is my first job interview. What's a group interview? Do they pack everyone in one room, or does the group refer to the employers?

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What does gd think of this mock financial dashboard interface I made for a pitch at work?

It's a fake name.
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anyone? bueller? bueller?
What are the halftone patterns in the corner of the 'Your Cash' squares for? If you do not have a reason, get rid of them.

Is after effects used to make this animated infographic?

How long would it take to learn after effects, the basics (learned basic to some advanced photoshop and illustrator stuff in a week)?
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it could be a ae or ps animation. as you said it really depends of your motivation i've been using ae for 5 years but there's some stuff i don't mess around too much (expressions and element 3d) it also depends on what you want to do with it for example video editing, motion graphics, gifs animations, ux, etc. one way to get really good would be making a new and different project everytime you'll end up learning a lot of different things.

here's some of the things you should look for
- keyframes
- precomp's
- wiggle expression
- camera tracker
- graph editor (look for ECAbrams on yt)
- helpful plugins (like Frischluft Lenscare, Duik, Twixtor, Plexus, Twitch, RSMB, Ease and wizz, Optical Flares, Trapcode's, etc)

also didn't someone post this infographic a few months ago claiming it was his work?
nah man I posted this infographic a few months ago asking for cool infographics cause it was an extra credit assignment and I needed inspo but didn't do the assignment but this semester it's an assignment and when I make stuff I have to make it look really professional otherwise I don't turn it in and fail because I'm a perfectionist
you're a perfectionist with that grammar?

File: zine_ov_salads.png (2MB, 2054x1452px)Image search: [Google]
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Sup /gd/

I'm working on a cookbook design for class. Doing it as a zine. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but should I be using capitals or lowercase for 'a zine of'?
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capital only on the first letters including the first a. also the color saturation/vibrance makes it boring
thanks for the reply, how do you think I could improve the colours?
File: Mike_Campau-22b.jpg (487KB, 1200x1529px)Image search: [Google]
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well, if you're in photoshop use the magic wand selection tool on the pieces and duplicate each. then add a new vibrance and saturation adjustments layers on top of every single one. and set them to clipping mask (right-click on the layer) and adjust each individually. however don't over edit them.

File: SNOVÁ.pdf (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
What do you think of this?
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what isn't boring?
>nobody uses qr codes
>typefaces dont go together

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I spent a few days making a 2d art piece of Casey Neistat. Everything was hand made except for his hair, eyebrows, and ears. Those were mostly the cutout effect in PS. What do you guys think about it?
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I dislike how the level of detail is very different when you compare above and below his shades.
But i did instantly recognize nicedad, so good job.
Yeah, I totally see that. Thanks for the feedback.
i completely deslike vector art. it has to be really really done to perfection so it doesnt look automated and gimmicky. why not go the whole length and do a digital art illustration? as for your piece, it could use some more personality on shape definition.it really looks it came out of vector magic or something, don't mean to hate, tho

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What do you guys think?
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How can I improve? It's for an anime site.

That double-headed dildo going through the AS needs to change. Looks aside it adds nothing to the image that says "ANIME". The font is boring and looks childlike.

The logo needs to make someone go on first glance "hey this logo is for anime site!"

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