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ITT: things teachers have told you that you think are wrong/stupid

>"every single file in the industry gets packaged in indesign, even if it wasn't made in indesign"
>"sketches need to be identical to how your final piece turns out"
>any teacher that has made us class critique sketches multiple times then not even critique the final project or look at it
>anytime a teacher has said It should be 35% done by next class, or some other ridiculous made up on the spot percentage that isn't an accurate way of measuring progress completed
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>Dreamweaver is an important tool to learn
that's the only thing that bothered me
>"sketches need to be identical to how your final piece turns out"
Your teachers sound like hacks with loud opinions. A sketch is meant to save yourself time, nothing more. Wether you actually sketch or not is optionial.

More /ic then /gd/, but:
>Art school. One teacher frequently cites Betty Edwards's "Drawing with the right side of the brain" as if it's the end-all-be-all of drawing.

Good teacher experience:
>Media art school. Teacher shits on everything we make, especially any typography reminiscent of dafont. Says typography is most important.
That very same year he stopped working there, he was pretty old though. In hindsight i would probably have loved him now.
my gd teacher tried making us create a video using powerpoint instead of after effects (Ae was on the computers) the only reason was because he didnt know how to use Ae

shit teacher

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Old threads dead

What have you come up with since?
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Was thinking about using this a couple of weeks ago, but grew a brain and realised that it is just so fucking plebtier.

trying to come up with something better, but have too much other work coming in so I don't really have time to focus on it...

First name starts with M.
>grew a brain and realised that it is just so fucking plebtier.

is it always you who kept posting variations of this?

just grab a blank sheet of paper and do something completely different - from scratch

do at least three
put them aside for a day or two, and break out your same rote format
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I love this. Something's off about it though. Might be that the logo is to thick. Not sure. Love where you're going with it though.

Have you tried making it look more like an M? I get that you're going for the implied shape, but maybe just a bit less implication would make it more unique.

Here's mine that I've been playing with. I only just decided to start doing some freelance work. Looking for a harsh critique

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Hi /gd/, /diy/ here.
Used to use illustrator in middle school, tryna get back to it.
This is a mockup, what do you guys think about services on the border of the card? too much? weird? Do you think buisness cards need to be done the traditional way?(name, title, adress, etc on the front side)

The only things im sure about is the bar across my name and the color scheme of black/red/yellow.
Open to suggestions, reading material, anything you think would help.
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>Open to suggestions,
hire someone who actually knows what they're doing
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What is that border around the font?
Why did you put that there?

Why do you have that line above your name?
Are you sure this will be readable in print?
1. It's spelled "Consultation".
2.The design looks cheap and amateurish.
3. Try putting all the services you provide in the back and your contact info below it.
4. I personally don't like the color scheme you chose. The quality will depend what type of paper you print them on.
5. That line above the name doesn't really work. I first read it as "Ona Iuh Fitzgerald" then looking it at again I saw Tonatiuh.

Just make some more mock ups, at least a dozen more.

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Political logo review thread.

Who has the best, who has the worst.
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File: 1024px-Obama_logomark.svg.png (59KB, 1024x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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I like Bernie's blue the best, but the star on the "i" is kinda small and not properly aligned. Trump's typeface has a nice, solid, vintage feel to it. Other than that they're all pretty average.

All time best over here though.
That Walker one is nice af, if a bit cliche
That H looks like it belongs to a delivery company.

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Use this thread for font shares and requests.
Please search the previous threads before requesting a font.

Previous thread (40): >>256448
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anyone know where i could get a free Nike font???
File: 108849.png (20KB, 720x360px)Image search: [Google]
20KB, 720x360px
FF Blur anyone?

Can't find it anywhere
File: suargie_posteriiii-f.png (17KB, 580x387px)Image search: [Google]
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Gonna repost because no replies in the last one

Hi folks,

looking for:

Suargie: https://creativemarket.com/surotype/508397-Suargie-%2860-Off-%29

Stone Harbour Brush Font: https://creativemarket.com/Nickylaatz/426916-Stone-Harbour-Brush-Font-Extras

Candlescript Pro: https://creativemarket.com/vast/61141-Candlescript-Pro

Have a Heart: https://creativemarket.com/SamParrett/344738-Have-Heart

Argon Font: https://creativemarket.com/TomAnders/443290-Argon-Font-%28Full%29


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Let's see your own logo

I really need one with my initials or my name on it. any ideas?
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File: 1430248011.png (12KB, 205x152px)Image search: [Google]
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damn it, that came out wrong.

The logos on my site.


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I do work with a laser etcher, one of my customers brought me this picture for etching on YETI cups and other such things.

how do I remove the effects of this photograph having been taken of a computer monitor?
I'm new to the whole image manipulation and design thing...

I have CorelDRAW suite 7 at my disposal
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based on a quick look at your image, i'd say it's too low res and should be manually retrace with coreldraw (essentially recreate it from scratch)
I was afraid someone would say that...

there isn't any easy way to isolate just the eclipse/sunburst?
File: 1459354114792.jpg (222KB, 1720x1308px)Image search: [Google]
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Can you work with this?

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Hi /gd/, I teach graphic design at a highschool. Made this invitation for my class's gallery opening, it's made of their faces! (Original has text on it).

Am I the best designer ever or am I the best designer ever?
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Low effort bait.
kek, might as well share the real story:
I'm a /gd/ student, one of my teacher made this - it's supposed to be an invitation for our final gallery. Embarrassing or what?
My tutor's logo is literally a black circle.
That's all, just a circle.
What's worse is that he paid someone to do it for him, and he's supposed to be a graphic designer himself.
Just... what

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6MB, 2153x3041px
Since I didnt see a 'promotion' thread or some sort of it like on /ic, I decided to ask you guys, how you promote your work? I only have instagram at the moment and planning on making a website, so what could be a next step?
Also posting the stuff I accidentally posted on /ic earlier, critique welcome
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File: icantwatermark_2.png (320KB, 944x960px)Image search: [Google]
320KB, 944x960px
(i know this collage thing is shitty)
the text is extremely hard to read on almost all of those, dont place it in the middle of the image and use contrasting colours.
Kek, it's a watermark man.

File: Screenshot_2016-03-30-00-17-22.png (206KB, 550x1185px)Image search: [Google]
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Can someone make a phone wallpaper that is the back of his overcoat
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Probably wouldn't matter but pref 1440x2560
File: kek.jpg (69KB, 1440x2560px)Image search: [Google]
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it's all yours my friend
File: wsr.png (1MB, 1440x2560px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1440x2560px

File: Plz no bad it's censored.jpg (240KB, 1297x867px)Image search: [Google]
Plz no bad it's censored.jpg
240KB, 1297x867px
I've been trying to do pic related with my country's flag but I can't get it working. I do have the unedited image and I was wondering how can I achieve the same effect in photoshop?
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Transparent layer over the original picture and smudge the flag over the fingers.
Thank you, but that's how to make the flag look more natural on the skin with the position on the fingers, I was wondering how can I make the flag blend with the skin, make it look like someone painted it.
I mean this one doesn't look like it's painted either

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Could anyone design me a logo for my service i'm working on?

Pretty much just keep it moon/space/messaging related.

(one of those if i make money ill give you some kind of things..... sorry)
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File: Untitled-1.jpg (104KB, 800x600px)Image search: [Google]
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That will be $500
what about $3.50?

also muh bad
[spoiler]thats actually preddy cute if you could do it for real[/spoiler]

File: mercedes flipped.jpg (222KB, 814x443px)Image search: [Google]
mercedes flipped.jpg
222KB, 814x443px
Hey can a shopper help me out? My skills are shit and i need the the stuff on the licence plate removed and get AMG Line written on it in some nice font. Please help <3
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File: fuckofffaggot.png (304KB, 814x443px)Image search: [Google]
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>>>/wsr/ is that way
please delete this thread on your way out

File: logo.png (99KB, 1360x1213px)Image search: [Google]
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Hello anons, I need your help for critiques for this logo. As a final school project me and a friend have to make a blog summing up all the blogs made by the class this year.

The name of the blog is Taste & Colors
The baseline (not written here) is "Diversity ignites creativity"

So we wanted to go abstract and make the T&C quite original. I'm hoping critiques for this, and if you have improvements to make, go ahead.

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4/10. how hard is to make a circle? some of the shapes need a lot of work the T and C are unclear and you shouldn't use spiked endings that much.
File: crit.jpg (336KB, 1360x1213px)Image search: [Google]
336KB, 1360x1213px

The spacing makes no sense.

The shapes and line widths aren't symmetrical and makes the logo itself extremely hard to read.

I couldn't tell that the logo itself is supposed to be a T and C.

Think of something that relates to the blog's contents and draw symbolism from that.
Also check the fucking catalog for the crit thread first before wasting a thread for your own bullshit.

File: IMG_20160319_111914.jpg (1MB, 1920x2560px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1920x2560px
If you like glitchart and 8bit photography art take a look at my instagram account at instagram.com/fixmein_45
Hope you enjoy it!

*Pic related*
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don't bump on /gd/ pleb

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