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hey guys I made this logo for a brand me and my buddy are starting up and wanted to know if someone could make it look nice on photo shop
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sure. but first send 50$ via paypal.
Wrong photo, wrong board, unless you pay up.
There is no point anyway.

Way too busy, too much shit is going on and makes it hard to read, like we get it, it's meant to be a surf/skateboard brand, doesn't mean you need to include all that useless detail.

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Hey fellow designers I would like to get into vector art and I found a book from a good creator Von Glitschka. But the main question is it worth to buy a book about design in general?
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It's worth it to buy books on general design.
It's not worth it to buy books on design programs, as they change so fast that the information in it is usually outdated by the time you read the book.
Yes I realized it because there is tons of book about PS CS6 and basically about every single adobe software and I already subscribe like 5 youtube channels with tutorials every week.
Good book. Also, look up astute graphics and get the inkscribe plugin for Illustrator.

That shit will turn you into a wizard with vector graphics.

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guys does this suck?
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Yeah, kinda
Yeah, massively. Text is barely readable and somehow offset (wednesday), the background image has weird proportions and the overall way you layed out the crucial information is very poor. Try again.

Unrelated, who pays 30$ for such a tiny band?
they actually got signed to subpop and are in the middle of a world tour. There music is meh. I knew the girl playing bass guitar before she ever played bass in that band. she is a wuss and not very cool. kindof surprised her band is blowing up.

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Hey /gd/, I need some help.

I'm working on the identity of a eco-houses startup.
The company want to build modern ecological prefabricated house with high grade of customization for the client.
The houses are not only ecological but pretty technological with domotica, home automation and all kind on IoT shit. So, it's a high-end product but with pretty good price and fast building time.

The problem is that I'm kind of stuck with the logo and the image cause at the moment I'm trying avoiding fucking stupid trees or leaves to represent the ecological process of building and life of the houses.

Could you guys help me with some suggestion or something? I just need some inputs.

>pic lolrelated
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OP here.

The client pushed on the "eco factor" but I think the whole idea it's not just that and ecology it's just one of the values of the project. It's also a new way of building, buying and intend the house. (the idea includes a pretty articulated and new system from the production to the selling).
The technological/domotica/IoT thing is also pretty juicy.

Again, thanks to who will help
fuck you op if you want help to do your own job then pay up
I didn't ask anyone to do the job, I just asked for some inputs/advice/suggestion to unstuck myself in the idea process.

So, calm your titties

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Is there a way to make a street seem endless using Photoshop?
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use photoshop

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Is this kind of animation made on flash? and how is it called this particular style?
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They're currently looking for a motion designer / animator.
Seems like they use Adobe After Effects & Illustrator.

This shit gives me a raging stiffy but though I'm adept at AI I can't get the hang of AE
Any tutorial recommendations??
look for after effects summit

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teach me how to into screenprinting. I want to apply a white design onto black paperboard and I assume screenprinting is the best option for that
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you won't be spoonfed
use the fucking archive
get screen
burn image onto it
put on board
put board on desired shirt/paper
put paint and slide
take off board
then gtfo and watch a tutorial

It's ink.

why does the zoom tool even exist? is there anyone who actually clicks on the zoom icon and uses it? everyone i know just holds down alt and scrolls or does ctrl/command plus/minus
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>not using cmd+spacebar
>not using alt + mouse wheel

This guy gets it

How do people make stuff like this?
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File: Ruslan_Khasanov-4.jpg (327KB, 1200x675px)Image search: [Google]
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for what i can see there's a picture of waves behind. the colors i'm not so sure maybe they make a 'texture image' with colors and then use the photoshop blending modes + lots of tweaking.
multiple perlin noise layers + editing?

It looks like the a picture of some ocean waves with chromatic aberration shit done to it

Literally easy as shit to do. Just look up some videos on how to do chromatic aberration.

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I'm designing a poster for my brothers guitar lessons.

How would you improve this / what would you ad to make this look more professional?

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maybe a bit more playful with the typeface.
like give the word guitar some handdrawn or some swing. give that guitar a nice dropshadow and maybe a pickboard. make the guitar look more cool. kids want to learn guitar because they like rock. so play with that in the typeface and the symbol.
File: 0308-Artimasa-Prada-Script.jpg (81KB, 580x386px)Image search: [Google]
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- use a real high quality stock photo of a guitar (even better if the photo has some cool background for example some electric guitar cables or amps)
- make the word GUITAR more interesting (try different fonts for example -pic related)
- align the text at the center and use kerning/spacing/grids for each line of text
- and remember to leave some room on the sides/edges.
make it look like a gig poster or music mag cover

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Is krita any good?
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Yes, although its focus is more on the painting side than photo-manipulation.

For me, it does everything I would normally do in PS (and some things it does better), and there is no question that it blows the other free alternatives available out of the water by a huge margin (e.g. GIMP) with features like animation, CMYK (and other colorspaces), HDR/high-bit-depth, OpenColorIO integration, a nice brush-engine, etc
Massive potential, and immensely better than GIMP.

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Where do I find work online without resorting to these snakes? Working locally is not an option for me, neither is getting hired at a studio (yet).
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just google design competitions but probably you will have to compete against thousands of Indians and 15 yrs old youtube designers and they don't mind charging 5-10$ for hours of work.

>without resorting to these snakes

>just resort to these snakes m8
look at businesses in your local area
if they have shit design, send them an email saying you can help them out and cut them an offer they couldn't refuse

Yeah, so basically I can design some logos, websites and shit pretty well. Do you guys know any place where I can find customers except DesignCrowd? I mean, it's pretty fucked up place. Basically, I need some 50 dollars for my collage and wanted to design something fast bc that's the only thing I'm good at and can get me some money. Thanks.
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I have some projects I need to outsource, you should post some of your work! Greetings anon :)
File: 5ugXvyT-kopia.jpg (105KB, 1280x631px)Image search: [Google]
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Yeah, so I'm not that good. Here's simple logo for some drone-flying-shite company out in my country
Also thanks anon, really haven't expected that. That's like a lot of trust for some random people out on the imageboard

hey /gd/
I need a little help...

for my advertising class i need to design T-shirt graphics and put them on a model in Photoshop
but im having a bit of a problem with making it look like it really on it. Especially on black T-shirts.

I got few different pictures of models wearing shirts. my design works well on 1 of them when i put on Color Dodge blending mode. but the rest is terrible.
I think the 1 that sorta works has to do something with it being IEC instead of RBG but im not sure (it keeps saying its a IEC every time i try to import a image)

you guys have any advice for photoshoping a image on a shit?

pic related. kinda the result i would love to get
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Depends on the design, what are they?
File: cf0f73c0d7[1].jpg (117KB, 662x653px)Image search: [Google]
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i dont have a clear design yet but its space themed so thats why i need it on a black t shirt and just now i was experimenting some more and i think i came out with a good solution.

i noticed that what makes the graphic look real is the wrinkles and the shadows of the shirt. since no blending mode works right. i selected the shirt. made inverted it than multiplied on TOP of the graphics to give that wrinkles and highlights...

but here is 1 of the designs at the moment that "works" with color dodge
Decrease flow instead of opacity when you mask the edges. Warp the picture a little. Duplicate tshirt layer above graphic and mask to accentuate the shadows and highlights

is there any web page to download mock ups and shit like that, like psdkeys??
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vk com / mockups

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