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Where can I find a pre-cloud version of Illustrator for Windows?
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kat - cs5

Try draw, unless you are planning to work for someone else, then stick with adobe, but try draw if you want to do it your way.

Thoughts /gd/

<pic related>
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literally rolling it back 20 years
Maybe the designers sold them on the shelf life of flat design, perhaps they are being proactive?

Definitely Anon....

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Hi, I recently launched a website and presented it on this /lit/ post : >>>/lit/7795466

They gave me confusing feedback on the logo. What do you think.
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I don't hate it but it needs some final details for example the kerning on the N the beta shouldn't be that high and the yellow is too energetic reminds me of capcom.
first things that comes to mind is a noodle soup brand. I have no idea what nessir is. Upon reading the /lit/ thread, I realized it's a share text site.

I'd suggest using a more "literary" font, with less energetic colors.
File: nessir.png (9KB, 589x268px)Image search: [Google]
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I don't understand the name, but here's a suggestion

File: 1454488076208.png (2MB, 1425x896px)Image search: [Google]
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Can someone please help me identify this font, or suggest something similar?

I've tried vectoring the whole text, as well as different single letters, and using those font finder websites, but nothing similar comes up.

Been searching for fonts myself, but nothing I find is as perfect as this. It's really frustrating.
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it's handdrawn. All of six characters. Not from any particular font.
But there has to be something similar.

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I made this concept for a questionnaire app, what doe you think?
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meh the colors don't work and the proportions seems really bad 5/10
i think google has some mobile layout wireframes for mobile/tablet/desktop etc... pretty useful stuff just search for google material design resources.

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I need help with this. I need to change the text so it says IBK Häshlinki . Im counting on you fellow anons.
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this board is not for request try
ty :)

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How to make an album cover for a rap artist(not gangsta), his music is more like advices forma life or something
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If this is for a real rapper they probably wont appreciet the fact that their face isnt on the cover. I kinda get what youre going for but clients love to make sure people know who they are. Plus there is no title on it or logo for who the rapper is and clients will bitch all day about wanting the logo bigger (of course I dont literally tell them they are bitching) but for reals this would not work irl imo without changes.

I think he's just asking for advice, I don't think that picture is one he's using.

My advice: don't make album art before you've listened to the album. Draw your inspiration from there.

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AnCo - PW.png
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Hey there, /mu/ here. So I was wondering. Is this glitch art?
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Can you ?
It was painted as the album name suggests

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good day to you,
i don´t know where else to ask, i have the noobest question of all, but here it goes:
i want to make just a simple video with a song of mine for youtube, with one single picture visible all the time. i have an old mac, 10.6.8, no freeware programm i found was running cs they all need 10.7., and i dont have imovie, a newer version i got also doesent run on here.
what to do? how to do that simple task? is there any freeware i could use? where i could get an old imovie version for free?
thx a lot
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you could also use your phone, or some online cloud based movie making.
yeah thx but this is only an update if you have an earlier imovie version which i don´t
anyone else maybe?

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What are the best graphic design studio's in your opinion?
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File: Pentagram-Image-of-the-Studio.jpg (445KB, 1170x1170px)Image search: [Google]
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gives me confidence that i can shit out anything and present it as a world class branding

File: Icon Magazine Scan.jpg (368KB, 1700x2338px)Image search: [Google]
Icon Magazine Scan.jpg
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Anyone know what, if any, this style of illustration is called?

Really like it and looking for similar.
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File: Adrian_Johnson-6x6.jpg (60KB, 470x682px)Image search: [Google]
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flat design?
Mid-century modern.
Chris Ware has a similar style to this. hyper-geometric figures with copious amounts of detail crammed into tiny spaces


i have a question about making own trading cards (GWINT!) like Magic, Pokemon....

The pngs- files of the front and back of the cards are already on my PC, but the problem is, that I don´know how to print them properly.
I want to have the cards 5,9cm * 9,1cm and I would like to print 9 on one piece of DIN A4.
The front and back should be printed at the same time, so I dont need to glue or something like that.
There are at least 288 cards to print, so I tried to use something to formate and order the single pictures for me, but i didn´t came up with a proper
solution and really want to achieve one now.

Is there someone who is better with LibreOffice, Gimp etc. than me (i´m a noob btw)? Please help me out here, i tried it for hours until now.

Thank you for reading and (maybe?) trying.

Here is the site with the cards on it:

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couldn't you try printing the front then putting back the paper and printing again on the back?
Just observe how your printer flips the paper and move around your backside until it fits
Well CD Projekt Red already produced the deck of gwent cards. They are for sale on their website

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I remade my colored logo to a just white one, and I want the black in this to be removed / transparent.
Kinda like using the Magic Wand Tool on photoshop to remove it, but still keep it vectorized.
Is this possible?
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1. Select everything with Selection Tool/Black Cursor > Live Paint > Expand
2. Highlight one black part > Select > Same > Fill & Stroke > Press DEL
You're welcome
dont forget to save it as a file that supports transparency too.
Just open it in photoshop and change the blend mode to screen or add, then put it back in illustrator and vectorize it and export as png

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draw loads of paths and add cheesy photoshop filters
Doing it that way would be a nightmare to get all the overlaps right.

Looks like it was done in a 3D program, so probably better to ask >>>/3/
File: 1131-render_1040.jpg (59KB, 1040x585px)Image search: [Google]
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this it could be achieve by using a toon & sketch shader on a bunch of cloner heart splines with a random effect on some of 'em.

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Hey /gd/ I come to you guys in a time of need.

I entered a contest on another site. Someone submitted pic related and I know for a fact I've seen this design before, and it's not original. Google image search and tineye can't find it, but I know I've seen it before.

Can anyone help me find where this came from? A link, picture, or anything to get the unoriginal faggot out of the contest.

Thanks senpai.
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bamp.. another faggot entered with work that isnt his, but it will be easy to prove.
I'm pretty sure I've seen it before, and I think I know where from.

But I'm not saying a fucking thing because you bumped on this slow ass board which is just poor form.

I encourage all the following replies to do the same. There's a code of conduct here, and it sure as fuck doesn't stop at the sticky.
I really hope you're trolling. That wasn't really a bump post, not sure why I put bamp. I was saying that another faggot entered the contest with stolen work.

Shouldn't the "code of conduct" here be to help another anon? Plagiarism is a lot worse than bumping a post, especially when this faggot could win money off stolen work.

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