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Hey /gd/ do you know any good catalog sites for logos? In particular 80s logos? I was looking for some 80s logos but the neo-80s fad has pretty much made it impossible to find actual logos from the 80s.
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miami vice is 90s, when you gooogle 80s you get stuff like pic related.
What is the font used on "Miami"?
Does such a website actually already exist that isn't shit? because if it doesn't I might just make it.

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Hello lovers of all things beautiful,
I am currently working on a Uni project and I am required to build a full app. I need some inspiration as I am more code and less colors.
Can anyone suggest me some apps (as examples), tools, styles I might use.
Any common pitfalls in app design noobs fall for?
All the best,
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Depends on what type of app you're making really
What kind of app do you have in mind (social media, informational, fitness tracker, game, etc.) and what devices are you targeting?

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How to make gifs like these?
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>get watermelon
>cut them like this
>get a new obsession otherwise than 80's retro neon art
>eat watermelon
>dont be a nigger
You can start by going to the right board
Which is?

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Design novice here

Do you think it is better to have a small selection of classic fonts, or a large selection with something for every eventuality? How many typefaces do you have in your own collection and do you edit it regularly?

I feel like I'm accumulating a shitload of useless and ugly fonts that I'm never going to use or that I have too many that are similar and I'm not skilled enough yet to know the subtle differences. I need license free or otherwise cheap fonts and that is the problem. I can't afford to pay hundreds and hundreds for a single typeface. I downloaded a ton of classics off a torrent a while back to play around with but I can't use any of them commercially so I'm wondering if I should just delete the damn things now that I've decided to take things more seriously.

Also, best free and/or cheap fonts you can recommend for an aspiring GD'er?
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Small selection of classic fonts, having too many just fucks up the programs.
If you by chance would need something more exotic, then get something for that specific thing and delete it afterwards (you can keep the font files, to easily reinstall if you need to change it later)
If you do logos and want a unique font, I'd suggest drawing it by hand

About the licenses, you don't technically need the license as long as your client pays for the actual use. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.



I'm thinking to begin with I'll just stick to Open Type and maybe buy 6-10 regular/light weights of other nice affordable type. I can try it on with clients as and when I guess

Also, and this may be a stupid question, but are all the typefaces bundled with Mac free for commercial use? This copyright shit is quite confusing
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my free fonts :)

What is the easiest way for me to recreate this logo in a much bigger size? Ive been asked to get it ready to print on a 2ft x 4ft banner.
I'm not asking for someone to do it for me though, it looks like I might need to do this for quite a lot of assets in the future so it would be good to know how to do it.

I'm a photographer with very little graphics experience but I have photoshop if that helps.
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use a vector based program like illustrator. vectors can be changed to any size without losing quality
>easiest way
Download vector magic, load picture, follow simple steps.
Just learned how to use the pen tool properly which did what I needed but this looks like it could help a lot! Thank you anon.

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Do you think it is worth for a person who is not studying gd (but had a couple of gd and web design courses) to read a lot of gd literature? Will this be useful to me in the end? I grabbed some pdf's from Vignelli and about grids and typography and it seems ok, but kind of basic.

Is it possible to get good (in theory at least) by just going through a lot of (college) literature?

And if there is some good rec apart from a literature in sticky, I'll appreciate it. At the moment, I want to understand better typography. What to use and where/when. Recently I watched doc on Helvetica and while it is a great doc, it didn't really explaing WHY is Helvetica that "perfect", you know. I'd like to understand all of that better too.
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Theoretic background is always useful, so that's a big yes on that.
However I wouldn't trust Vignelli's opinions that much – especially regarding typography – since his are way too dogmatic and a bit stubborn. Dunno about grids though.

Helvetica is far from perfect, don't expect to find some hidden secret. It was mostly a child of its time and struck a chord then. There are far better alternatives in the Grotesk genre today.
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maybe you should be focusing more on building a decent portfolio.

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What does /gd/ think of Semplice?
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From all I've seen I think it's great. I'm currently planning to freelance alongside my day job and I'm considering using it for the website.
Does anybody here have experience with it?
File: B9rq020IQAAVVnz.png (15KB, 618x411px)Image search: [Google]
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>Non abbastanza semplice....
>sembra la bandiera Albanese.

If you are looking for a stylized hawk (or phoenix in the attached case), google:
'neil mussett san francisco flag'
wtf are you talking about?
this thread is about the wordpress theme semplice
>semplicelabs com

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what are some good resources (books, dvds, youtube) to learn graphic design?

I don't want to go to college and would rather self learn.
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read the sticky, lurk moar.
How about you try a technical school instead?
not nearly as long, demanding, or expensive as college but will net the same results
Is it not possible to learn from books and achieve a similar knowledge?

>Want to make a simple design
>It's either too plain or too much of a clusterfuck to be called simple

Why is simple so hard?
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Are you using grids to help with the layout?
I think your problem is that you make everything in similar size so there isn't much happening (like the icon, product name and info is all equal in size and fontsize). Let one thing take central approach by making it bigger and scale down the rest. It could also help to combine different fonts (max 3). Because right now it's a slab on slab. Try a sans serif with a slab serif.

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Hello /gd/,

I am a student of computer science and I basically hate this school, I was forced into it by my parents and I don't see myself working anywhere near computer science in the future. As a kid I've always been creative, I had great drawing skills which I left behind, and I am slowly starting to understand that I am made to draw, create and design. I read the sticky but I can't find any good books that help me get started with design, practical and theoretical both. I am willing to dedicate my time to this as it's my passion. If you could help me by showing me the way to the start I'd really appreciate it.
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File: Sachinteng-r7_500.gif (948KB, 500x665px)Image search: [Google]
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try to study the works/philosophy of designers like Paul Rand, Saul Bass, Milton Glaser, A. M. Cassandre, Josef Muller Brockmann, Stefan Sagmeister.

some free books (just google the name+pdf)

here some vids:
https://vimeo.com/15175486 (intro to typography)
https://vimeo.com/16833435 (gd portfolio)
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=321koZX5H6Y (helvetica documentary)


also you might want to take a look at what others designers are making:

>Computer Arts - The Book of Inspiration
>The Behance Book of Creative Work

portfolio examples:

/gd/ recommended books:


also you might want to learn other helpful things like 3d/AE motion graphics, photography composition (rule of thirds), digital painting, etc.
thank you anon, much love
thank you good sir

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any tips on improving from this, specifically directing, editing, and filming, can't really do much about shitty actors
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Love it, that beat is so ill...Do some beter sound editing as far as sfx are concerned like edit out the crinking of the water bottle plastic [unless u like the realness in that] what triggered me was the act of yah sound lightning or whatever instead of using the tin pan use like an actual short lightning crack....
I don't like the font in the credits. It doesn't match the title and byline, or the tone of the film, really.

Whenever Mike(?) says "oh hello didn't see ya" I think he should be in a different position on camera, so it doesn't look like a crappy YouTuber cut where they slice out all their ums and uhs. Normally it's good about that, but when he's out in the snow it's noticeable.

A lot of sections have too much background noise/echo. Look into some sort of way to record the audio without that.

The slow-mo shot of the school at the beginning has a lower framerate than the rest of the video, and it's a bit jarring.

Otherwise it's pretty decent for a student film.

How to design like a normal graphic designer? I mean, how to create a natural no hipsterish design for advertising/serious clients, looks professional and mature. Where can I learn this, give me some tips
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I need to revisit the secondary font....
Dude where's the pic? File no longer exist
Any references of corporate design project?

File: reeeèe.jpg (51KB, 716x661px)Image search: [Google]
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gimme some minimalistic shit that would look good on a tee
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File: Untitled-1.jpg (41KB, 450x460px)Image search: [Google]
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I think it will sell like hotcakes.
i'd buy it. it would definitely come in handy.

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how much can I charge for embedding two logos in a word file? how much would you?
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I don't know, 50p?
Pence, the equivalent of cents to dollars, pence is to pounds. 50p is about $0.69 USD

That anon is a Britbong.

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3MB, 2400x2400px
heres some oc
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File: from lush forest to desert.webm (195KB, 942x530px)Image search: [Google]
from lush forest to desert.webm
195KB, 942x530px
my OC
some more
File: glitch_pop art.jpg (104KB, 650x650px)Image search: [Google]
glitch_pop art.jpg
104KB, 650x650px
And one more. That's all for now.

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