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The thinker.jpg
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Post your original art work, Here's mine
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Anyone got the pdf of The Graphic Design Idea Book: Inspiration from 50 Masters
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I'm curious too
Bump for interested

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Would you buy this T-Shirt if you were into cafe racers?
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with this design on it i mean
there are errors in the work, slight gaps. Also lose the background image please.
But honestly, I am into cafe racers and I wouldn't buy this.
Like the idea, would not buy

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First attempt at graphic design
shit or no?
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digital drawing isn't graphic design
>>>/ic/ is that way

>shit or no?
it's played out but it isn't awful
pretty cool imo

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I was paid $15,000 for this art.
Do you approve?
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It's worth every cents anon, good work!
I love the use of comic sans it increases value so I think you got a steal
This is the part where you say "bazinga"

How /gd feels about DeviantArt website?
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60% bad 12 year old Sonic fan art
20% Teen emo bullshit
19% "I wanna be an Anime when I grow up!"
1% good digital artists
green angular raster on a black background...?
I feel the same way about the logo not making any sense

>>268329 Here is the explanation as to what it actually is, which makes me even more mad, who the fuck is meant to understand that? First of all, you have to have known what their old logo was, then had to realise what the fuck they were trying to do with it. Like, fuck, man.

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eduardo silva.jpg
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Hey guys, does anyone know what happened to the NAG 04 and the NAG 05? Are there any other alternatives for these net art generators? I miss them so much now...

Pic related.
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Don't know what the fuck are you talking about but thats my university.

Universidad de Monterrey
Thought that was mr lahey at first
fierro pariente alv andamos al 100

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2MB, 2483x3510px
How can I make this poster better?
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Anyone please any suggestions?
tell me what your goal is, then maybe i can help you
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don't use a red block as background (make it everything white and text black) the picture is awfully placed (there's an option on indesign to make the text wrap around a picture.)

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Hey /gd/, just out of curiousity, how many of you are currently:

A. Students
B. Freelancers
C. Contractors
D. Part time employees
E. Full time employees
F. Do design purely as a hobby

Feel free to pick more than one or create your own answer if none of these options apply.

Thank you.
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You forgot "on the dole"
and NEET aswell

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HS YB Cover low res.jpg
1MB, 1684x1064px
I'm a senior, and designed this yearbook cover for my school, any suggestion or comment?
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Idk about that font man
i think the extra lines on the font aren't necessary but keep the scribbly offset. It looks great though.
This looks fantastic, besides the choice of font as others have said, especially so on the spine.

If you don't mind my asking, how exactly did you get that beautiful paint/sketch aesthetic, besides the obvious stuff like Warp? Was it all done by hand, or was there some kind of layering/filtering going on?

Hey /gd/ help me name my Web Design Company for my course final project. Some information: My name is Danny/Daniel, the project was to create your own company, framework, business plan, mock site etc. Doesn't have to be phonetic with my name but it wouldn't hurt. I suck at naming things and maybe you guys can come up with something catchy. Inb4 DanielDesign.
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File: 662.jpg (46KB, 629x601px)Image search: [Google]
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> web design company
> can't come up with an idea for his own business
Is this a troll or are you this dense?

File: itJT21Vl_400x400.png (31KB, 400x400px)Image search: [Google]
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Hi /gd/ I humbly come to you with a request for help.

I've never had trouble installing illustrator before, but now it constantly tells me my trial period has run out when I install.

Is there anyway to stop it recognising my machine and restarting the trial period?
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is it cracked?
No. The trial needs to start to crack it.

But I mainly just need the trial to do something quickly.
turn off your internet connection maybe?

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Hello /gd/ !

I have a an entrance jury in about a week and a half. My idea was to remake cigarette packaging and replace the anti-tobacco messages with anti-bank ones.

I'm cutting these out and making actual packages, this is the first one I'm working on.

I also plan on exporting this to cinema4D after I'm done.

Still need to do a few things and I know this isn't perfect, but I'd like some advise or an opinion.

So tell me, how shit am I at illustrating and do you think this could get me into college?

PS. I have had no graphical education before but know the basics
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File: cigarettesx-topper-medium.jpg (20KB, 472x240px)Image search: [Google]
20KB, 472x240px
Even though they're cigarettes and such they still try to have attractive sleek packaging sort of mimicking the old decorated cigar boxes in a way. Your design isn't very appealing and the thick black lines especially so.

You may just want to restart from scratch and go with something a bit more appealing and less generic.

Also that colour isn't very nice on a cigarette package and I'd almost think I'm buying seeds for a new Apple tree or whatever.

Good luck OP!
File: marlboroeu.jpg (7KB, 188x268px)Image search: [Google]
7KB, 188x268px
I know the packaging isn't great, the think lines on the bottom are how the packaging is done around here tho so I reckoned to stay as true to the original. (see pic)

Do you have any idea how I could make them more appealing? Certain styles or effects that would help achieve that? I've got no formal training (which is why I'm applying for this college).

I will look into the colors as well, I used the bank's main color but I could play around with it a bit. Just saying these things to explain my reasoning (and so you know where I'm coming from).

Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it anon!
You should also look into the correct proportions of a cigarette package, it helps

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236KB, 1600x1600px
Never posted on this board before but here it goes

I'm looking to purchase a vinyl cutter and am
wanting to know if these ebay cutters are as
bad as everybody says. Of course people
with Roland cutters will say they're shit,
but i won't be using it on a commercial level.

Has anybody bought one and if so, how are they?
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Why not just use a ruler and razor?
I have a Silhouette Cameo and it's great. Although the cuttings area is only 30 x N cm, it has served me well for years.
The software is atrocious though.
wat about dat cutting accuracy tho

Can someone please help with After Effects/AME?

I get this render, still don't know why. Tried copy-pasting the layers into another composition and it still renders this.

Help, please?
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well done. youre a glitchartist.
otherwhise dont paste layers from one comp to another comp. make a precomp out of it. and put this comp in your other comp.
Still doesn't work. Could it be something inside the layers making it glitch like this?

I can't do it all again, its too much ):
post a picture of the layers.

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