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Saw this on Behance
What is this usage of grid called and how I can learn how to use it?
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Ah, kinda not really a grid; more like an image of angled guidelines at an equal spacing- and you don't need to learn to use it, you just use it.

That design probably started as a sin-wave line, and then evolved into two waves. Then he was like "hey, I can just copy pasta a bunch of guidelines, move things around so they are all even, and then people will think I'm cool."
so it's just for showing off? There's no reasons for the circles and lines?
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ever heard of blue prints? vectors? graphic design?

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In this thread we discuss why minimalism is a step backward.
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I said we discuss it, alright? Where are the replies?
This is literally the slowest board on 4chan, m8. Give it time.

Anyway I'm with you, that looks terrible and it almost physically hurts to try and decipher it. I hate this trend of making all sites look like those interactive iPad magazines.
Thanks for pointing it out, and sorry. It's been a while since I've browsed the likes of /po/ and /gd/, and I didn't take that into account.

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Making a book cover about nuclear apocalypse based in Moscow. Here's the base of my design, feel free to play around with it and post your creations.
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>book cover

Might want to try making it the right aspect ratio first then. Unless the book is wider than it is tall?
This is just a rough draft
Why not draft it in the right dimensions though? Everything you're doing is pointless because it won't work as well in a portrait orientation.

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So my portfolio for Uni wasn't good enough. I made a

1) Personal logo
2) Two alternative movie posters
3) A cafe poster
4) A business card with front and back
5) A music album cover with front and back
6) A pet magazine cover and a fashion magazine cover

So I'm gonna try again at another university... What else should I include or replace?
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Got it online? I'm applying myself and curious to how well I do compared to someone else who's new :)
Judging by your work you need to further refine your style/work. Good luck getting into Uni.

What country are you in?

In my experience a smaller portfolio of consisting of only your best work is better than trying to create a large portfolio.

The best thing I could tell you to do would be to discuss the theory of your work to the person reviewing it. Even if your work is not at professional quality (which no one should expect anyway if you are trying to get into education) being able to talk about your reasonings behind the decisions you made in your designs is key. The tutor wants to know you can think critically and theoretically about the work, thats what makes a strong base for education.

If you don't know anything about theory then its time to drop the youtube tutorials and pick up a book. Don't look here for inspiration, /gd/ is a cesspool. Make a behance account and follow 20 peoples whose work you like then you will have a constant feed of work they are appreciating and commenting on.

Also we can't tell you what to cut from portfolio without seeing it all.
>In my experience a smaller portfolio of consisting of only your best work is better than trying to create a large portfolio.
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Not OP but I got into university with about 5 pieces of work give or take. UK here. Will post some of the shit.

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Anyone have any good expierence with 99designs or other type of crowd sourced jobs?
I'm thinking of getting into it to increase my monthly income, but heard negative things from some artistic communities so I'm a bit on the fence.

Does anyone use these type of platforms as a real income, or is it usually just pocket change that you can't rely on?
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You get what you pay. You will never make livable money from sites like this.

>a real income
>from 99
you can do it (or 'try it') if you got time/need experience/dont need cash - because you'll never make any, and the process itself (zero communication with client, etc) is vaguely soul destroying. And some template knock.off always wins anyway. Got a thick skin and lo expectations, good; otherwise, its really not, avoid and find something worthwhile.
you definitely need low expectations and if you already have a stable income, rely and concentrate on that rather then try and fuck shit up on 99designs

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i just saw some neural processing images and find it cool
here: http://ostagram.ru/?locale=en
anyone know a software or a pluggin to do same thing? with high resolution would be great
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also >>>/ic/
here's the full list

>An implementation of the paper 'A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style'.

>Implementation of A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style. A method to transfer the style of one image to the subject of another image.

>Turn your two-bit doodles into fine artworks with deep neural networks, generate seamless textures from photos, transfer style from one image to another, perform example-based upscaling, but wait... there's more! (An implementation of Semantic Style Transfer.)

>Torch implementation of neural style algorithm. Contribute to neural-style development by creating an account on GitHub.

>Computer generated art. Made with: Dreamscope Deep Dream Generator.

>Single-Image Super-Resolution for Anime-Style Art using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.

>About Deep Dream. Google has spent the last few years teaching computers how to see, understand, and appreciate our world.

>Divine Proportions Toolkit - An extension for Photoshop CS5 and CS6 for compositing images using the divine proportions
I'm afraid i'm too noob to use these : /

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Which do you like?
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B without the shine on what I'm assuming is gold.
Kudos to the designer getting paid for this but is there really a reason for each olympic games to have it's own logo?

Eventually we're gonna run out of ideas. Judging by OP's image, we already did.
B, but the Paralympic version like too much like a generic Pepsi knockoff.

File: file1 (04).webm (3MB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
file1 (04).webm
3MB, 1280x720px
I need some help with web-design

I have been working on this style for a while and wanted some input.
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File: salt_cavern_about_v1.png (3MB, 1905x2422px)Image search: [Google]
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File: salt_cavern_v7.png (3MB, 1853x1706px)Image search: [Google]
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This fucking board, c'mon OP

looking for Minotaur Beef (productiontype) et Pitch (klimtypefoundry), anyone ?
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That's a disgusting font in your pic, OP. It's making me physically ill.
>that whitespace
That font is terrible.
What would you ever use that for?
>What would you ever use that for?
Murder. Obviously.

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Album Cover Design Thread <OC ONLY>

>>my new bands cover

Also cover request thread
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File: image.jpg (88KB, 750x750px)Image search: [Google]
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>>in between previous two
Jesus Christ OP, tell me you made these as a joke

File: received_1084128571615677.jpg (39KB, 383x923px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey /gd/,
This is a tattoo design that I had a tattoo artist do for me a couple of years back. Since it was supposed to be my first one, I kinda sorta pussied out. Now, I want to try again, but the design seems....incomplete to me. I don't really know what it is, but it bugs me. If any of you have any suggestions or are able to so variations on this I would really appreciate the point of view.
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Looks fine to me if a bit boring. Personally I like more traditional looking pieces. Also I would say this question is more for /ac/.
Sorry /ic/.
>I like more traditional looking pieces
This OP. It's a traditional design with a traditional vibe but the design itself isn't traditional enough.

>do variations on this

Also, the text doesn't look right. It's not well distributed in the space, badly aligned and it seems like it says "justuce"

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Sup guys. I'm making the logo for a local post-rock'ish / math-rock'ish band. Most of these tend to use very humble / frugal aesthetics. (sigur ros being probably the closest famous reference?)

That said, after various hours of work (and a plethora of designs) I've boiled it down to one of these two. What do you guys think, which looks better / more functional to you guys?

My biggest gripe with left one is it being (possibly) too plain for t-shirts, hence why I put an image of them on a shirt. The one on the right looks quite nice on a shirt, but at the same time looks too trendy or 'pretty'. Should I just ball it with the left hand design?
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I like the first logo with the second text.
Did you realise the first one looks like a dick and balls and the 2nd one looks like a vagina?
Thanks for such helpful insight.

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Use this thread for font shares and requests.

Please search the previous threads before requesting a font, using the Google "site:" feature on one of these places:
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LL Unica77 pls!!
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(reposting because last thread died)

I was looking for something along the lines of akzidenz-grotesk

some advice?

I did some research and found those interesting typefaces:




Also couldn't find any download for
"lab grotesque"
"nb international"
I'd be interested in Corpid from LucasFonts, especially Corpid Condensed and SemiCondensed.

Does anyone happen to have these gold nuggets by chance?

I'm taking a photography class and part of our final is to design a flier for our 'photo documentary'

I don't do a lot of GD, & this is the first draft of my flier, what fonts/different spacing should I do?
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Made some changes to make it more modern/hipster museum worthy
I'm done working on it for now, but any recommendations are appreciated!
>wage gap
fuck off back to >>>/tumblr/ no one wants none of that bullshit here.

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