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You cant buy the adobe softwares anymore?
You have to pay a monthly payment...?
Fucking greedy cunts
When will this monopoly end?
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It's been that way since mid 2013
>When will this monopoly end?

It won't. Adobe has you bent over and ready to take the big CC right up yo gaping ass.

inb4 muh Corel, muh Gimp
It's actually cheaper in the long run. The cost of Master Suite is roughly 3 years of CC payments, but now you get monthly updates and, basically, a the new Suite every year for a 1/3 of the price.

Plus, you can use you high school or college email account to get the first year for $20 a month.

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It is OK, I need some work
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It is not OK, you need to work more
stop working in photoshop and pick up illustrator.
You need a higher resolution of the logo to work with, I can clearly see the smudged pixels. As the previous anon suggested, try to use illustrator/some other program where you can use vectors.
The tip of the round part isn't made well, make it a little narrower/trim it a bit.
Overall, it isn't that bad, it just needs work, like you said.

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hi /gd/

Do you know any good course tutorial for basic photoshop, indesign and something a bit more advanced for Illustrator?

I'm an advertising soon to be major, but I'm more like a copy guy than an art guy. Gimp was what I used but I guess that won't be enough for the company where i'll be doing my internship.
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I second this. Are there any online courses that go over these apps. I am a web developer and it would be very nice to be to able to design my own stuff.
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Hi m8, OP here, i'm downolading anything I find over the Pirate bay, don't know if it's decent or not, but you can give it a try.

Best of luck. I just bought my ps from the darknet(alphabay, it was like $2).

I am just looking online for more structured courses, edx style. I found some PS courses at a local community college, 3 hours a night, once a week for 8 weeks. Might check it out.

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Just got my first real freelance gig. Client's style guide specifies two fonts I need, but they cost $$.

Should the client provide the font?
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You add any expenditure into the fee you're charging them. Much like a mechanic charges for the the parts that need replacing in your car, a designer charges for any fonts, stock images or other resources that cost money to complete their design (with the exception to the programs you use, much like in the first example I gave, you don't pay for the mechanics tools, just the parts)
Helpful advice, thanks anon.

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So, I'm making some news portal (for myself, actually it was supposed to be just a Wordpress blog for a course, anyway I'm making a whole theme from scratch).

I would just want to get some feedback because I was playing with a design and CSS too much, I changed things a lot.

So, I'm interested about your opinions on a design and a page structure. My favourite page is this one in the OP, the review page. The second one will be a page that lists all of the posts from a specific category and I wanted to go with a pinterest style at first, but changed it a little so I have all the cards of a same height. Also, what do you think of a dark background instead of a white (at least just for this page)? I was just testing it and am not sure which one is better, but I feel that it will break a consistency if I have one page light and the other dark.

Also, just wondering if the "card" design of a posts is fine. I tried to be a contrarian and choose a different path but I returned to this design.

The third image will be the main page, but I'm still working on it, not sure if the posts are too big, especially on the sidebar. Also, I still have to fix my design on card posts.
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Review category page
File: snap3.png (766KB, 1275x680px)Image search: [Google]
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Front page
Yeah, and also, there are still small things everywhere I need to fix, e.g. a typography.

And I was testing a design of the title of the posts in the sidebar so it is inconsistent at the moment. Not sure if I should go with a clean look with blue links, or, like in the third picture, white links with a black background.

Actually, I'd appreciate a recommendation of a good serif italic font for the quote in the header.

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Is there any quick way to turn the white and its gradient reds to gray in pic related?
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>Sogo scum
Shameful dispray!


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Need someone to photoshop this pic stating I went to from Miami to Houston March 3rd and came back a day or later. WILL PAY FOR PROFESSIONALISM!!!
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That'll be $3000 plus tip
yea your on acid
and its for school dickhead, my stepmom died and i had to visit my father, I said I was going to fly but drove instead, the program I am in wants proof of the flight or i will be kicked out of my med program.

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Something I pulled up in a couple of mins, it's a logo for my adult toy start up, whatchu think?
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Surprisingly, I'm intrigued.

It's stupid, and very simple, but it's definitely unique.

I'm not a fan of the font you chose, but the simple "Agh! A penis!" graphic is eye catching, and certainly unique from other adult offerings.
Thank you
i love it
Very post-industrial

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Plagiarism or not?
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Blatant rip off
And a badly executed one

Both of these.
Also you would probably lose in court, if you were even worth suing, which you are not.

Designing my first typeface
It's a humanist sans with low expansion contrast meant to be used for signalisation so legibility and distinguishability of the letters were my main concerns. It also isnt supposed to be as dull as DIN or SNV typefaces.
What do you think?
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Looks really nice.

Also, do you have support for the extended latin characters?

When making a typography I also add support for

à á and ä ã and other stuff

that at least gives you support for all the romance languages (French, Italian, Spanish...) and some weird ones such as German, Norwegian... and will make you font more popular with minimal changes
I'd buy it. But like >>261932 said, add the weird letters. And there seems to be some weirdness going on with the weighting/lines/thickness of the B and N, please... My ocd... Other than that, steady going!
I like it.


This. Requesting Latvian language characters ē ŗ ū ī ō ā š ķ ļ ž č ņ and other Baltic language's characters.

Basically, Unicode Latin Extended A.


I have a principle of not collecting and using fonts that don't have this character set.

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chocochic debelo+mrvice.jpg
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This is a logotype idea for "choco chic", a magazine about chocolate that I made up. Is it really bad? If so, what are the main problems?

(Note: I'm 19 and this is one of the 25 things that I have to present in an A3 folder for my college entrance examination this June, just so you know that I'm not very experienced in this field.)
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Eh, it's fine for college work. It doesn't have that "it" "feeling," but you can be molded, and it's leaps and bounds better than another young man on this board's resume...

(Topical reference to an other thread)
>C looks like a O with a bite taken out of it
>Makes the O the bitten letter

It looks like chocc chic
You have 4 C's to choose from, do it to one of them.

But other than that I like it, don't stress too hard about the college entrance examination, it's mostly just to weed out the people with literally no experience, no talent and no practice, the people that think comic sans and papyrus are perfect for logos. if you show any sign of prior knowledge (or actually trying) then you're fine.
25? What are you submitting?

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art 1.png
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my art project
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art 2.png
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art 4.png
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art 5.png
204KB, 800x600px

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Morning guys finished putting together my portfolio basically needs a few tweaks and the scripting section filled out but so far how do you think this looks for a student in final year just trying to land another internship?

cheers flagshipstudios (dot) co uk
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so uh
this is what the website looks like on my screen.
put the image in a div like you've done on the art & design section.
same here senpai
Forgot to make it modular and retina ready?
Got to get on that vh OP.

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Why do you hate Dribbble so much?
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Because flat design i guess

I like it
autolike script niggers
behance is even worse. every comment is literally
>nice job. pls check out my work www.myshittyportfolio.com

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Questions that don't have their own thread. Post your simple/small/stupid questions here.
This thread was created to prevent you from spamming new threads. It is intended for graphic design queries that you have.
Don't bump. This is a slow board, and will continue to be. Wait for an answer or google it.
If you see other people posting questions outside this thread, redirect them here using >>>/gd/sqt as a link to find the /sqt/ thread.
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STUPID questions? Ah, now you're in MY territory...

NOICE logo, btw
File: ochentero-a-full.png (7MB, 2200x1500px)Image search: [Google]
7MB, 2200x1500px
It's been a while since the last /sqt/ worked.

>NOICE logo, btw
that's a template senpai
>pic related
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I'll start then. My autism is triggered by the related picture. Is IL's logo the same for you too? I understand that Acrobat, Bridge and the Extension Manager are different things, but why can't it be consistent?

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