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An almost perfect photoshop, I ask though, how would one emulate the "grain" that is present on all the other elements in the picture?
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Noise filter???????????????
Noise filter you noob
lol you idiots, you use a lens with a tiny depth of field when you take the pic

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reminder that if you use "i like" or "i don't like" in your critique you have no business critiquing other people's work
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I LIKE how you post this thread that has no point.
I DON'T LIKE how you bumped this thread when it was probably already past page 4.

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So Tomorrow i have a job interview and they say the gonna make a little test to measure my level of knowledge
what they usually test? Photoshop, html5?
feedback and opinions are welcome
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Graphic Designer or Web Designer?

Have they seen your portfolio?
Your portfolio should show them your skills and what you are capable of.

If the test takes longer then 5-10min, I'd tell them to fuck off.
no portfolio needed so i guess is web design

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As a Logo on Steam Greenlight.

You think it's gud?
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File: Thumbnail2.gif (256KB, 512x512px)Image search: [Google]
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- Shit forgot to make it loop... sry.
Blue is too dark. Overall looks muted. Even if you want it to look muted you can do so with more interesting and eyecatching shades. Also please make the space of the box around the type even on all sides, right not its different on every side.

Your whitespace is supposed to say something. Also rethink your font, its thickness and make your gradients subtler.

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So I've agreed to design and set up a website for my friend's band. They've agreed to pay me a flat rate and also pay all the expenses. How exactly do I go about setting up the host and and domain using their money? Do I need to get them to pay me first and buy everything using my accounts? Do I need them to somehow pay for it on their own accounts? I'd also want to set up automatic payments to the host from them to keep everything running automatically since they're going to be pretty hands off.
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>How exactly do I go about setting up the host and and domain using their money?
How exactlt do you go about getting payed for a job you don't have a clue how to do?
I understand betting paid and everything, it's just turning over accounts with my bank account info attached to them I don't get. I've used ipage before and they don't let you save payment fields as empty.

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How can i make the logo more minimal? (the font is okay'd by the client)
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Reduce the amount of colours. Use 2. First for the person and the "HOLIDAY" text. Second for "SHETTY" and the back pack. Then use the First colour for the Arrow in "SHETTY"
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Also create a spacing between elements. Something like this. Obviously refine it.
Lemme know how you get on. Good luck mate :)

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Which is better? or help me to improve
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>>275724 theseone

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what is the name of this style ? i want to start making things like this but i need to find more infos about the style
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All the three pictures look completely different in style. Do you mean that you want to do black & white illustrations?

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I've been trying to get Godzilla behind the treeline for a while now, does this even look remotely real?
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not really try with motion blur, levels, grain etc
Not even close. You just used the brush with layer mask, there's still the skyr behind those leaves, the blur around godzilla and it's not even hidden well enough behind the roof, also the lighting is bad.
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I'm bored

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High School Design

what did you make in high school? i'm in last year in NZ designing websites and logos
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File: ssss.jpg (1MB, 2560x1440px)Image search: [Google]
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did this for a friend of mine
What school? I'm in NZ as well but not doing GD as a profession.

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vector woman face-01-01.jpg
893KB, 4591x2944px
Do i have a chance of living as a designer, anyway ?

Lately i hear more and more about artist being overpopulated.. I LOVE designing, drawing, even tho im not that good at it, my examples are RIOT digital artists, but aside that, even if i was pretty good at it, is it doable nowadays ?

>pic related, older work
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Anon, this is wonderful-this illustration really caught my eye.
Are you selling this piece of art? I am contemplating about purchasing your work.
I am also interested in offering you a job at Parallax. We are situated in Los Angeles.
Heres our number, make sure you said that Susan Heffer sent you
We look forward to fucking your pussy silly you fucking ugly bitch
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Kek :')

File: cyberdome 2100 final.png (5MB, 1500x1770px)Image search: [Google]
cyberdome 2100 final.png
5MB, 1500x1770px
What do you think? What needs improvement?

>inb4 PlayStation 4
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>>inb4 /v/
File: video_games_history_03.jpg (2MB, 3600x4464px)Image search: [Google]
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the title, the background, the proportions and try with the soldier looking at the right instead.
Could you be more specific on those improvements?

File: businessman_PNG6553.png (6MB, 3252x2950px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey /gd/, I just began a four year program studying graphic design. When i get out of this, how do i actually find a job? How do i go about actually finding a career or steady gigs? And what kind of steps should i be taking now to put myself in a successful position in four years?
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File: 14657427532493.jpg (5KB, 250x250px)Image search: [Google]
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Start collecting any and all work you do from now on to make a portfolio out of at the end, sure all the stuff you do at the beginning might be garbage, but you want to save and collect everything just in case.
what do we do with said portfolio

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so I found a duck in an old comics and I wanted you to memefy this pls
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Bez názvu.jpg
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Guys Im working in illustrator and I want to move the white object on the ege of the black but everytime I do it, it jumps back or too much behind that edge like I was working in raster or something... how to solve it? Cookie for solution
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make the comp way bigger + disable snap to grid + ctrl+u
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