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Should I buy Photoshop or just torrent it?
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Do you have money?
Are you going to use any of it for a release product?
Do you want all the best features money has to offer?

If the answer to any of these questions was yes, then get CC.
You going to use it for work? Yes
You going to use it to just fuck around with with on personal non-paid projects? Then probably not unless you want to.
Why does it matter you were to do it for paid jobs? Surely it's the same software and stuff.

Use your own name or make one up like "design monkey" to make your portfolio memorable?
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Use your own name.

It's infinitely more difficult to rebrand yourself when the thrill of being known by a silly handle fades as your skill and tastes mature.
Sure but what about memorability / self-explainationibity?
That's what your actual work is for.

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Heya fellas,

I'm faced with the task of creating the company postcard. How does this look?

Critiques welcome!
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Not bad considering but it could be better. The colored shapes seems pretty arbitrary and do not add anything the way they are. Everything is stuck in the upper left corner leaving a huge blank space. Though leaving white space is important, it feels unbalanced the way it is now.

What’s the format? Aren’t the photos going to be really small? Sometimes it’s better to use only one or two pictures, people usually wants to put a maximum of pictures just because they have them but it doesn’t make the design better.

I don’t really like century gothic, it looks really cheap and isn’t really legible at text sizes. But the choice of a geometric is ok. You can find lots of free fonts on the web, just be careful with the licenses.

You can check googlefonts, fontsquirrel, usemodify.com, etc.

But overall the two colors principle feels ok, the ‘Let’s Paint’ too. Maybe just rearrange the composition by putting less picture (the third looks good) and changing the text font.

I would also advise to remove the hyphens for this kind of text.
Thanks for your input, I appreciate it. Century gothic has a sleek look at the time, so idk what else I should choose for the body text font, any suggestions?
Futura is better if you have it on your computer. Otherwise you can check the websites I put but honestly that’s not that important.
I you want a clean sans serif check these maybe

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This man is a CUNT! Do not let your daughters ANYWHERE near this man. He is abusive. Do not believe anything he says. His professional career as a 'graphic designer and web developer' is off the back of FAKE qualifications and fabricated courses. Last seen in Tonbridge and Folkestone area. Disabled in one arm due to motorcycle RTA and dermal piercing on cheek. Known as Matt Hill/Matt Chubb.
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Weird, I actually live near Folkestone....
He looks like a doushe.
blazer over sweater with an unbuttoned collared shirt is def a douche maneuver

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I'll be starting my first day of college tomorrow. I'm going for my associates in Graphic Design. To be honest, I don't want to go at all but it'll look good on my resumé. Its gonna be difficult since I'm not so social and have anxiety so I know I'm not gonna fit in with all the preppy rich kids. Can I get some tips on how to survive?
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Pic related: art that I do for a hobby
Pro tip for life. you are litteraly wasting money to get the degree. You already seem to do pretty decent art. Just start now. this is the mistake youngins make these days. You think you have to get the degree to get the job, then whine on the internet when even entry level jobs wont hire you because they require a few years of experience.

Just make a couple of really good pieces, or gather the art you already have/are proud of, make a portfolio, and start putting yourself out there.

I guarantee if you were to submit two resumes, one with that associates and the other with examples of 20 previous clients, the one with previous clients would get hired.
>Just make a couple of really good pieces, or gather the art you already have/are proud of, make a portfolio, and start putting yourself out there.
30 year old here
Wish I had followed this advice earlier
Don't procrastinate, do stuff, that's the only thing that matters.

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Someone can tell me what font this is?
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I believe it's called 'Sans A'
o lord

File: Designbolaget_Nørgaard_10.jpg (350KB, 1150x760px)Image search: [Google]
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Hi /gd/. I'm a senior undergrad studying design and comp sci. Web and interface design are my strong points (probably all the time spent with computers) but I'd really like to improve at print design. I struggle with things like brochures and magazine layouts in comparison. I can make them look *fine*, but not often great.

I already have the technical knowledge of how to use InDesign, but I feel like I'm not always really using right (if that makes sense). I've read the Vignelli Canon and Grid Systems by Muller-Brockmann, but I'm searching for something more in-depth, whether it be firsthand experience from /gd/, a lengthy text on using baseline grids, or something else you guys would recommend. I feel like I'm at a wall, and usually when I get stuck like this, I need to read and practice to get over it. I don't have any print commissions right now, so I thought I might read for now instead.

Dumping inspo in the meantime. First few are by Designbogalet.
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File: designbolaget_NYCarlsberg_1.jpg (406KB, 1150x760px)Image search: [Google]
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I think vertical rhythm is something I struggle with from working so much with web. Web designers have 100 ways to craft horizontal grids and an endless scroll to cheat verticality with. Obviously, the same methods aren't conducive to print whatsoever.
Read the Elements of Typographic Style by Bringhurst. It has hard knowledge on type setting and page setting.
File: Designbolaget_P_Nordic_05.jpg (219KB, 1150x760px)Image search: [Google]
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Great. I just grabbed a pdf of it online; will start reading today.

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Can anyone help identify this font for me? Feel like i've seen it before in and old horror movie poster or something similar
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helloo can anyone help me find font used on tacho 7000rpm please

Need Sandcastle SNJ
File: Black_Flag_logo.svg.png (69KB, 2000x2000px)Image search: [Google]
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Looks sort of like the typeface 'black flag' use.
Who are you trying to rip off, Anon?

Post them now
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File: CgDAAVWkaF2AbkT6AAGWYx01DNM269.jpg (102KB, 600x826px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 571-3.jpg (17KB, 420x630px)Image search: [Google]
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File: jellyfish art.jpg (2MB, 8000x4500px)Image search: [Google]
jellyfish art.jpg
2MB, 8000x4500px
I made this logo as a aquarium company anything i should work on or practice more on?
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y da fk is it 8000x4500? dat shit is unnecessary.
That background colour is really loud and obnoxious, I hope it's a placeholder and not in the theme.
Look at the thumbnail. Can you clearly read what it says?

That's what I thought.

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Can anyone turn this knights armour into a silver shade and put a templar style helmet on it?
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Where do you think you are?
File: Untitled-3.jpg (147KB, 536x525px)Image search: [Google]
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Templars are faggots and so is /pol/, but here you go. Did you want the helmet bigger?

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what are good softwares for video glitching?
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After Effects
there are various effects which will give you different glitches. not the vhs retro style stuff tho.
pretty easy to do and has a few tutorials

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so i made this a few hours ago, in gimp. i know the outline is rough and shit, not sure if thats because of the default brush or just because of the size but for doing things like this would i be better off in illustrator or photoshop? (outline was easy because it has that shift "draw line to cursor thing"
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File: vic-mensa.jpg (233KB, 1280x682px)Image search: [Google]
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original pic
This can be achieved in both Photoshop and Illustrator. Illustrator is the better choice if you're going to be working with a lot of vector graphics and illustration (surprise surprise).

I'm guessing you're going to torrent it anyway so you might as well download both and see which one you prefer. There are countless tutorials out there for both if you need help learning.

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I want to make a homestuck movie, but I need help. animators, creative people, people in the fandom. all welcome. lets make this real
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File: me as a pearl.png (74KB, 458x830px)Image search: [Google]
me as a pearl.png
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so here are some ideas I have so far. we could use this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OE0_eNIJuE8 and expand on that for the basis of the movie. we could use the sufferers final sermon as a part of it with permission, we could make it in the form of kankri's flashbacks seeing as he is the seer of blood (so he would see the dancestors) and it continuly gets more vivid. the end finishes with viewing the world through kankrii's eyes in black and white and seeing all of his friends as corpses because he saw how the dancestors died.
Where do you think you are?
I have the idea down and I have the basic dialog mentally noted. I'm thinking about who I want as voice actors. I'm currently working on gatering people so I don't make anything offical

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Hi fellas,

I have graduated from mechanical engineering, but i want to be a concept artist for film and game industry.

I am an average user of photoshop, doing drawings and clay sculpting and i can say i am above average.

Is there any school in Europe that you can reccomend me? Please consider that my background is not art related at all. Some people told me it is better to start working as an intern in a company than spending money on a school.

Whats your suggestions?

Thanks bros.

pic related, Thrall bust that i am currently working on.
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wrong board go to /ic/

this field you looking to work in is extremly overrun. there are millions with top knowledge of common software and creative skill begging for money. but if its your dream try it.
start for your own getting handy with the softwares. i think you shouldnt waste time and money for school. if youre good you will make it yourself. if not then no school will help you anyway

I thought this "overrun" situation goes for the illustration. Not conceptual design.

Thanks for the reply anyway.

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