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I was going through this book and I absolutely fell in love with typography as the main highlight of installations.

I'm making a portfolio and I was wondering would it be okay to submit an installation piece involving typography (with the design process) as part of my portfolio? I'd be using cardboard and some paint and printing out the dimension stencils.

Or should graphic design portfolios be mainly include print and web designs?
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Depends who you'll be submitting the portfolio to.
If it's a higher education institution then there's no problem about including that.
If it's a business who needs a web site done then it would best to leave it off.

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You guys know some website where I can actually search clips for my videos. Youtube is bullshit 'cause it doesn't show what I "literally" type and actually look for.
You know, like Google images, but for videos
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Well /gd/ sure doesn't fuckin know
archive.org has a video archive but there's a lot of material you have to filter through and you don't always find what you need.

Stock video stores require you pay.

EU institutions offer their video archives but you can only use it they will used in topics related to EU. It's a good source to know about nontheless.

both these contain test media for encoding

Searching on Youtube you can try using Creative Commons search tag.

Would be good to know about any other free high quality footage sources.

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Is taking a certificate course necessary before going into uni if I have no design background? It's going to cost 4k and take up 8 months. I just want to increase my chances of getting into uni
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no but most unis would like to see a portfolio from you when you apply so the certificate would help you build that.
The certificate course has all the design fundamentals but it also teaches photoshop and illustrator stuff I already know. Should I just go for their workshop courses which has more advanced lessons in the programs along with the fundamental design stuff? I don't think I'll get any document of completion though

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Did Macromedia Director have any advantages over Flash once Flash got a real scripting language?
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Director could do real 3D somewhat easily
It had access to local filesystem with full privileges
It was more extendable with XTRAs
Asymmetric non-blocking IO on the web

but the argument is gay anyway because both require a nonfree proprietary VM = both are shit

I'm glad both are dead but I still have fond memories of the MX2004 era
>It had access to local filesystem with full privileges
Was that possible from the web plugin?

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Spider Dance.webm
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can tell me the effect used in the video
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chromatic aberration?
thank you,was helpful
>chromatic aberration
also, that's probably an animation preset from twitch called "bad distortion"

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I'm trying to keep the identities confidential. If you could please just cover the faces in this picture with whatever wacky shit you come up with. Ps leave the hair. Thank you
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>>>/wsr/ for fucks sake
Kill yourself.
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4 op.jpg
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That'll be tree fiddy, OP

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Is this the logical conclusion of graphic design?
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It's smart, but it's not quite there yet.
way better. OP's will date fast
I see fish, but where are the chips?

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mcD's trendy "designy for the sake of being designy" at work, yo. will it ever end?

nope. but this blocky smashy shit needs to die. maybe they can take pro hints from /gd.
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I like the M bag, the others are shit.
I think they have the right idea. I like the concept, just not the execution. The way it's done here looks too plain. I think it would be better if they made the typography larger so that some of the letterforms extended off the bag and then tilt the layout maybe 30 degrees or so. That would make it more visually interesting.
I know she's not the only to do this style but this kind of has a Paula Scher feel to it. It's reminiscent of her print work in the 90's.

Others are tryhard.

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Might not be the most respectable gd job...but sometimes I do cool shit.
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Jokes on you its out of state work.
I live in a worse state
Denver is fucking rad and you wish you lived there.

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Hey guys, wondering if you could help me figure out what font this is, or point me in the direction of a similar font.
Designing show flyers for my friends band playing on this tour and need the same typeface
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bump for hope of help
>a similar font

Birch is similar to it

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Hey. I'm trying to get into a graphic design school and one of the preliminary assignments is to do 25 pictograms for a sports centre. I would love to get some critique. (We had two days to do three assignments, this is one of them, so I don't have time to "git gud". I just need quick, constructive critique, even if its shit.)
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They're cool but be careful with the smaller space of white between legs and shit like that. In smaller reproductions in paper or wathever might be impossible to see them. U know what I mean?
Also, the cash register looks very graphic?
That looks like some IBM PC-DOS Clipart. I swear I had something similar on my IBM computer.

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What design is on her sweater?
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on her face

File: P32I2gT[1].jpg (28KB, 1024x512px)Image search: [Google]
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ITT: Shitty logo redesigns from last year and this year (2015 and 2016).
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Flipfriend, where you at?
File: cbbc_logo[1].png (24KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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This is not /int/.

here's another one
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There aren't any *good* redesign threads, so here's one from this year that I like.

Hey there guys, I'm just a super broke college student going to school for GD and all I'm trying to do is raise a little money to get a computer and programs for the fall semester of college.
I've got a gofundme if you want to donate I'll give the link but I don't want to get banned or kicked out or anything, or make anyone feel obligated. I'm just trying to use crowdsourcing as a last resort,and reach my goal towards my education. Sorry to ask guys, but again I'm broke and I'm just trying to raise a little money for school. Thanks /gd/!
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First, unpaid requests are not allowed on /gd/. That's why you get a sage from me.

Secondly, you don't need to buy software. If you're desperately poor and you're only going to use for learning purposes then just pirate it. No one is going to scold you for that and it's dead easy.

Thirdly, you can assemble a PC for graphic design for less than 250 dollars. Go to /g/ and ask there for a build. You can earn that and even more with a month of labour in most countries. In Western countries even a week of labour is enough. So get working.

If you need a laptop then a used T420 with 8gbs of RAM can be gotten for under 250 too. There's basically no excuse.

No you don't need a MacBook for learning the software side of graphic design.

File: you get the idea.jpg (17KB, 333x410px)Image search: [Google]
you get the idea.jpg
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Im no genius when it comes to graphic design, but i made this logo for my youtube channel based on Piano, any inputs on what i could change or do?
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Also i couldnt find the picture on my PC so just took it straight from the channel.
it seems you're missing an opportunity in integrating the P into the natural shape of a grand piano. You might also try using fewer keys and making them wider. It would make them more visible in thumbnail view
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Yamaha C1X.jpg
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here's an idea for reworking your logo

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