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Feedback thread?

feedback thread.
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That is much better than your previous attempt. >>265035 But you could have kept it all in one thread.
couldn't find the last one and deleted the bookmark
Much better.

I'm a little irked by the diagonal line going through the letters. Maybe do it this way:

TE/AM __

Or something like that. It also accentuates the "half" part. Just an idea

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Mind identifying this font for me?
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google whatthefont
But fraud is illegal OP
>Help me fake my grades

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Some one posted this on /gd/ few month ago. Im trying to find the original artist who designed it. Pls help
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Don't know the artist but here's something similar:


Ps tutorial:

@niko10st on insta seems to be the guy
This isn't the wind filter, its pixel sorting

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I'm working on this joke banner for my art blog.
Are there any good methods for scanline effects in SAI?
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>Art blog
>Doesn't show art in banner
Why should I? If your looking at my page, there's a fuckload of my art there to look at anyway.
Also, I drew 100% of that banner so how is is not art?
How'd you make that font? Or is it one you just used? Can you post the name? Thanks brah

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can we still get away with artsy shit to fudge our work?

kerning seems to be ok.
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What exactly are you taslking about?

I've seen some modern companies who do really cool stuff with this kind of dramatic width difference (ie some characters are very extended and some very condensed) but it's definitely gonna remind people of 00s-20s design styles.
are you kidding? just change it a little and... beautiful.
looks better than 98% of graphic design made today. pretty sad

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Can someone fix my eye in photoshop
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File: suremate.png (89KB, 280x210px)Image search: [Google]
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Yeah, sure Randy.
GTFO of my /gd/

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There is a certain "flatness /soft" look to album art especially in the typography during the early 2000s and earlier. Is there any way i can authentically create the same textury look of album art from that era using digital means?
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I dont just mean generally, but specifically the sort of softness of the typeface. Look how it doesnt ''pop'' like digital. Should I just print out the art and rescan?

Im trying to design album art, and make it look identical to work from this era.
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I mean specifically, if i use the same typeface and colors "recreating it digitally". the same white will be too uniform or still have too much contrast compared to the rest of the image. (here the type is super flat and A PART of the cover)
Save it as a shitty jpeg.

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Can anyone please remove the background from this photo ? Thanks.
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File: fuck-you.png (1MB, 800x1204px)Image search: [Google]
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absolute shit
He was trolling. Look at the dick. Also, why do you work for free?

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Share your besteht Storys
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A client wanted me to put a QR-Code in their frontpage and in the newsletter. Hour long discussions.
File: CRHqy25WgAAI8iO.jpg (60KB, 599x695px)Image search: [Google]
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A guy repeatedly asking me to make stuff for him, I ask him for directions and he has none. Make some mockups and he doesn't like them, I ask him what he doesn't like and wants changed, he doesn't know. Fucking mongoloid

Personal work. Feel free to critique.
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>another typeface
File: wheatpaste.jpg (104KB, 960x960px)Image search: [Google]
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Please comment and destroy.
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yeah I have no idea what is going on with the saturation but that wasn't intended

Good for you. Nothing to be ashamed of. I would rethink that greenish tint on the horizon, however.
File: kontra-01-01.jpg (85KB, 596x842px)Image search: [Google]
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Thanks a lot!

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ic is gay I'm moving over here. Looking for critiques
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Hello /gd/ I just made this today and i would love to hear your opinion on it.
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1/10 trash sempai
I like it but I'm pretty amateur myself

what are you using it for

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This is the first time i used photoshop! Is it good? Rate it 0 to 10! TopKek
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ah ah long boy
This is the weirdest board to try to troll

Like who actually goes out of their way to troll on the slowest board on 4chan
4chan trolls defy logic, are u new?

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What color scheme/ theme would be appropriate for a powerpoint on terrorism?
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I feel like using an army print would make me look like a massive douche and using a desert theme would make me look like a racist.
How about a dark grey? White is too innocent, black would point too much at one group in particular (ISIL).
Any other color would be tacky and unfitting imo.
I think what you said about camo patterns is completely right, don't use those. I mean I chuckled about the way you said it but it's too true.

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