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Anyone wanting to make my team a logo? Pay is possible. Contact me on steam: d13l4st or kik: iamtoepicforyou
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/r/ fgt
>Pay is possible

>steam: d13l4st
>kik: iamtoepicforyou

I screamed

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I need make this logo less disgusting, and afther a lot of try, i have this, any sugestion?
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xroom trys.jpg
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there are a few of trys
File: logo x-room.jpg (82KB, 1292x756px)Image search: [Google]
logo x-room.jpg
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Im here now...
It is a clothing store and sneakers

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Hey gd currently traveling through Europe taking photos of every ad and piece of design i see here are some photos
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4MB, 4000x2992px

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I know I need Photoshop or illustrator, but what brush/effect?
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red brush traced over, not too difficult to understand
but how do I get the brush to be effected by pressure? or simulate it?
tablet or basic ps brushes skills.

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Hey guys, does anyone know of any good tutorials on how to create this sketch?

I'm not sure how to create it using 1 line

Photoshop or illustrator
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search for illustrator image trace on youtube and/or illustrator basics.
hey faggots make me a new logo
hey faggots make me a new logo

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Font Share Thread #43

Old threads

Last thread >>264839
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few ones:

>Accura Sans
>Neo Tech
My favorite font

>Bebas Neue
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Does anyone have Noir by Mindburger Studio?


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Im making a poster for my gf, she likes Interstellar, deers, triangles... Any critics for it to improve? I would aprecciate them very much :D
(I have doubts about the text font type).
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Use a sans serif font.
Generica or Century Gothic can look good for a font

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pls help the dongerino get the cappuccino
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File: dongerino.png (1MB, 1440x8000px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1440x8000px
This is the best thing I've ever seen in my entire life.
File: dongerino.png (551KB, 1446x1011px)Image search: [Google]
551KB, 1446x1011px
I've tried my best.

File: image.jpg (45KB, 590x589px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm looking for a simple program to create sketches like this.

Constraints, loads and measuring should be available.

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>>>/wsr/ for requests
maybe try some cad's
DoubleCAD XT
Graphisoft ARCHICAD

File: 22-best-resume-design-17.jpg (175KB, 1236x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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Post some cool /gd/ approved resume/CV designs. I have to remake my own CV for a job interview next week and need some inspiration. I'm an architect btw.
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What do you guys think about these two?
I strongly dislike both of them

too casual and wishy washy

>speak soon?
File: trash.jpg (134KB, 778x1018px)Image search: [Google]
134KB, 778x1018px
Horrible. They both have the vertical lettering bullshit. If I were an employer I wouldn't want to either turn my neck or the paper every time I wanted to read something important. As soon as I'd spot the first usage of that, you'd get pic related

File: 100398541-donald-trump-.jpg (519KB, 1530x1000px)Image search: [Google]
519KB, 1530x1000px
Hello friends can you please insert face tattoo onto donald drump face?

ank you!
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read the sticky >>>/wsr/ and >>>/r/ for requests.
Obvious normie who came here from IFunny or 9fag and expects the same XD DENELD TROMP memes. Fucking kill yourself.
>bumping the thread

Like how people like Slump God have theirs old style.
How do you make it look like it was designed in the 80s/90s
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don't be lazy google it

File: raygun4.jpg (462KB, 595x708px)Image search: [Google]
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What do you /gd/s think about Ray Gun?

Is there any way to obtain Carson's magazine without shelling a fortune on ebay?
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sell a kidney?

File: 2016_01_23_0008.jpg (1MB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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Heyo fellas, does someone know any good artist whose taking commissions to make me a good art of this specific character that I have in a game? (Pic related).
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try >>>/ic/ autopromotion's threads (search in their portfolios first)

File: mypic.jpg (752KB, 923x876px)Image search: [Google]
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photo manipulation for free, free mock ups, check this out
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no one wants amateur low quality bullshit
Holy fuck I could do this on photoshop when I was 13. Get gud kiddo

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