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I am a professional beetle breeder and I need help in designing / redesigning my logo.
A friend recommended this website.

The logo should definitely show that I am a beetle breeder, but my old one is just a plane crown and looks too boring.

Can someone give some tips or ideas ?
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read the fucking sticky

then, when you're done doing that, you should kill yourself.
I'll help if you have a Goliath Beetle you can give me.
I've been wanting one of those fuckers for a while.

File: affinity_designer_header_0.jpg (450KB, 988x428px)Image search: [Google]
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The beta is out on Windows


It's pretty good
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Fuck yes, thanks for the heads-up. Been hoping for this since I bricked my Mac and got a Surface.
is it worth using affinity photo instead of photoshop?

File: 1467421664407-1771857867.jpg (3MB, 4032x3024px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey /gd/ first time here, I need some help, I need some creepy design for Halloween, getting a head start, what kind creepy design can I put on this, I need some kind of purge design maybe
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>I need
>>>/diy/ and >>>/wsr/

Anything to do with Graphical Design at all tbqh

Also, the folks at >>>/i/ and >>>/ic/ may help

hello, could someone please get me the girl in the picture ? Thank you
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Hey /gd/, any idea what font this might be?
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sandcastle snj please
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use the font share thread
where is the FST?

First time posting to /gd/

Guys I'm making a infographic for a web site that is like a craigslist for workers basically. You post a thread with your request and some plumber/architect/etc post their price and you pick wich one you of them you want to work for you.

Any ways here is the infographic almost done, the dude that ordered it says he's liking it very much and is going with it. But i kinda feel it need something more.

Any ideas?
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I think you feel it's lacking because the design is all over the place.
It's either bubbles or a list, it can't be both, also there is too much blue, you could try adding shades of that color in order to create contrast and go away with the plainness

Make the title font more consistent with the rest of the typography. It's hard to read

SO i just bought a gaming keyboard with 6 macros keys and 3 profiles, and a mouse with one macro key and two programables keys (GX Deathtaker and GX Imperator keyboard)

Any ideas how to program them so they can be helpfull in Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign??
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In my first profile i only programed windows shortcuts....
Got a gaming mouse a while back just to use with Ps/Ai. My tips are to program one button to CTRL-Z, set the mousewheel click to ALT so you can zoom in while you hold down and scroll, and set another button just to CTRL. The last two make navigation way more intuitive when it's all right on your mouse, and having a CTRL-Z button (in addition to using it with the ALT on the mousewheel, if you really fucked up), is the most convenient thing in the world.
Great idea keeping close the ctrl z comand xD

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Hi guys,

>want to make something like pic related.
>1200mm tall by 800mm wide (approx, doesn't have to be)

The thing my uncured autism can't figure out is how thick to do each letter? Is there some perfect ratio of letter size to thickness? Especially on the 'O' where the outside corners are cut off.

I've tried googling letter/character ratios/dimensions/sizes/etc but nothing has come up useful.

I know it doesn't really matter but I don't want to waste money building letters that look unaesthetic as fuck.

Upvoted in advance :^)
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>unaesthetic as fuck

You really are autistic.
If you are gonna use a word at least use it correctly, you fucking mouthbreather.
Wish you vaporwave autists didn't have to go and ruin a perfectly good word.

Are you retarded m8?


You do realise that 'aesthetically pleasing' has been a concept forever right?

Kill yourself

Does anyone know the best way to make something like this in illustrator or indesign ? ... just dont know best way to start.
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...you want to know how someone made a square with text inside?
If u dont know how to make this, you should not be on this board
>good inspiration
>appropriate fonts
>not being shit at handling typography

It doesn't take a lot, but I guess you just want to imitate it without actually understanding what makes it look good.

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3MB, 2000x2000px
rate my logo /gd/
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Very nice!
File: oil int b.jpg (2MB, 2000x2000px)Image search: [Google]
oil int b.jpg
2MB, 2000x2000px
how about this desu

File: logo_512w.png (16KB, 512x233px)Image search: [Google]
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Heyo, so I made this logo for my one-man-army "company". I would like to ask you for your opinions, comments and ideas.
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What does your company do and how are we supposed to know?

See, that's where you failed already. Unless you're literally about manufacturing straws.
Go back and think about what you're trying to communicate.
I make software and graphics. So you're implying the name is bad because it isn't clear from it that it deals with software?
What he is saying is that your logo should always tell somehow what your company is about... Especially if the name has no link to anything you are doing.

In your case it does not tell "Graphics and Softwares" so you could try to put it in the logo maybe... I imagine the name can't change..

File: 1d CUSTOM.jpg (966KB, 1588x4219px)Image search: [Google]
1d CUSTOM.jpg
966KB, 1588x4219px
Hi, im an absolute noob at design, im trying to make an overlay for my MIDI controller so i downloaded one from the internets and im trying to edit it to my liking.

Im pretty much done, but for some reason i just cant change those white lines i circled in green, to black.

I select them with the cursor but they refuse to change color, they are not locked on the layer window, in fact i changed all the text and arrows from white to black, but those damn white lines are locked.

Is there anything im missing? this is just my 3rd day using Illustrator and ive never used it before in my life so take that into consideration.
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Screenshot you doing this.
File: 45645745r7.jpg (345KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
345KB, 1920x1080px
like this? if i select any of these white lines it says "path" or "anchor" but when i try to select black color on the color wheel it doesnt change.
File: Screenshot_2.jpg (4KB, 81x122px)Image search: [Google]
4KB, 81x122px
Click this to switch to outline and try it again

File: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png (76KB, 1080x1920px)Image search: [Google]
76KB, 1080x1920px
What do you think?
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Delete the gradient.
its fine? Why did you give us such a shit image of it tho
Pretry good! But yeah i would trash the gradient it makes it look a little muddy. Also the second pointy tree on the left is not aligned with the rest of them.

File: 5.png (946KB, 1291x732px)Image search: [Google]
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Hello /gd/ can we give me good quality of this tattoo? Btw this is new pewdiepie tattoo
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File: sometest.jpg (96KB, 599x666px)Image search: [Google]
96KB, 599x666px
wow ty so much

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