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So a client asked me to do something that will be directly printed on a CD.
I never worked on such things before, is there something I should be aware of? Any tips?

Pic related.
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Make sure you print it on a circular CD. Might sound crazy but many people fuck this up
Kek, how could someone fuck up this part?
Also should I do bleed spaces?

Help! I was trying to give my dog the sharingan and this black and yellow dotted box came up and I can't use any tools outside of it, please help how can I fix this?
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Did you not read the fucking sticky.

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How about /gd/ makes a good logo for Dirty Unicorns Android ROM?

pic not related
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If you win, you will get $25 gift card on google play or via PayPal. You will be also credited in th ROM and the XDA thread.

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Post anything for feedback. Made this for classic videogame arcade Lazer Arcades (highschool)
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I don't quite understand where this is meant to be used.

Anyways, have you done more concepts? It doesn't feel like it's best thing that a person could come up with. By doing more concepts you increase the chance to come up with something better.

As for the current one it's pretty sloppy. Line thickness isn't consistent, there are problems with proportion ( the blue line feels too small for everything else ). The way the letter L meets the surrouding red line breaks the balance on the star.

Is there a name for this style?

I'm making raffle tickets for the company picnic and really like how the shapes draw attention to whatever message or picture is contained in it and would like more examples.

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50s Retro?
Heh, that probably should have been obvious to me. Was trying to think of a contemporary term for the style, but that's giving me results. Thanks!
Maybe atompunk

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Looking for some feedback on my flyer design for my dojo.

Mainly interested to know if it is eye-catching, if the information is clear and interesting, and if the overall aesthetic is pleasing.

Thanks in advance.

Don't visit the link. I haven't set up the website/blog yet.
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selectively stroking things is a great way for jail

I don't understand what this means?
middle ninja

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Can you guys tell me how to fix the corrupt edges
of this icon I made for my project?
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Bumping for interest. I have the same issue.
learn illustrator so your lines don't look like shit
Use Illustrator or at least the Marquee/Pen Tool > Fill for christ's sake.

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Can someone tell me what font this is?
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every government stencil type font ever

hard to tell with 3 letters


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Kryptonic Booter.png
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hey /gd/ what do you think about this thread design i just finished here
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Everything under VIsit Us is too bright, circled glyphicons glow too fucking much. They are huge, not enough spacing, font is too big by 2px

U didnt optimize pricing boxes, make it easy to read, u just placed raw data, also glow, my eyes hurt

Were u paid $10 for this?
You need to mix up the line thickness of the objects. Everything feels overly thin and fasted.

It looks good but there really needs to be some more refinement. The typography is a little thin and white on black can make thin type be difficult to read. The glow especially on those text boxes is wayyyy to bright, tone it down and look at it again, maybe play with a soft grey and not a white for the background of the text boxes?

anybody have any good examples of a hybrid of minimalism and skeuomorphism? I know its not in vogue right now to like Skeuomorph style design, but I think if wrangled in appropriately it can still be really pretty.

pic isnt a good example of it looking good, just an example of it in general.
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some of these? :


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Will you be entering /Gd/?
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a japanese guy won five times in a japan company's contest, you think you'll win?

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I hope this is the appropriate board to ask this, I am currently trying to get into AutoCAD for professional use and would like to ask you what is the best literature to start. I'm planning on teaching myself to do it but the few online links are just quick glimpses of textbooks that I can't even afford at the moment. I already made a thread in /wsr/ asking for downloading a book i found interesting but I's like to ask what books (which are easy to find for free) or online tutorials you recommend, specially ones with a good amount of exercises.
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>>>/3/ is that way
find cinema 4d. greyscale gorilla away.

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Hey /gd/ not too experienced with graphic design but I have a project that I want to know how doable it is. Basically I'm going to be an RA at my university and have to come up with a bulletin board theme decoration. My idea is to get various supercar manufacturer logos (Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc.) And hopefully have them be a respectable size to post on the board. I know standard printing would probably work, but I want the logos to at least be a decent size to be seen from the elevator. My knowledge ends there and what I'm wondering is how large on average could I make the logos without them looking like a blown up pixilated mess, how could I go about doing it, and about how much could I expect to spend going somewhere to get them enlarged and printed.

I want to do about 15 logos of various manufacturers, and as of now my only source to get them is just googling for the largest image possible. If anyone has any suggestions on how to come across any better images I'm more than open to ideas on that front as well. Sorry for the long-winded post, but I'd appreciate any help/information on the subject. Also pic related, it's the board to give an idea of what I'm working with
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This seems exactly like what I need! As far as finding vector logos I'm SOL, but would I be able to take the logo files I do have to a printing center or sign making business and get them converted to vector files so they can be enlarged and printed?
adobe illustrator > image trace tool

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I'm new here a friend said someone could help here. I'm making a customized play mat for a card game by sibling plays and was wondering if anyone could edit out the words in the top right? i would really like the help!
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Your friend was wrong, we don't do stuff for free (except GD students who have something to prove) but we can give you suggestions and help you in your design research phase.

To get ppl doing stuff for you go >> /wsr

>> be simple, stay in commun fonts style imo
if you're new here then read the sticky, you dumb cunt.
i dont even know what a sticky is man. was just looking for help. and to the other guy thank you.

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>Aye, the beat go off...
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