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Hey guys, so I'm going into Uni to do a Graphic Design degree for three years and something I can't really understand is how to design websites. Should I learn coding or is dreamweaver the way to go. I used to do C# in my last college but I decided to change courses so learning HTML and other languages shouldn't be too hard (imo.)
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Learn to code. Dreamweaver is a piece of shit.
dreamweaver isn't really that bad but it's for people who had very limited time and can't into coding. there's usually a thread on /g/ for web development http://boards.4chan.org/g/thread/55445416/ it has pretty useful info on the op.
just use notepad++ its free and supports nearly every language

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in progress.png
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Some fag told me to make a logo who doesn't know what to do with it, since I'm not getting any feedback from him I am turning to you.
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snakes, torch and wings look too angular compare to the flame.

drop the drop shadow.

For something so simple, too many colors.

Overall it feels flimsy and unprofessional, nothing feels polished.
The flame is rounded and the rest of the shapes don't match that style. Also, you can't really make a flame any other way, but the colors remind me of the Curse logo.
Other than that, I like the space between the title and the icon. Looks pretty good.

Hey /gd/ I'm interested in Graphic Design but am still bad at it. Is there a job market for this in the US? If I came to the US for college would I be able to land a job in this industry?
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where are you from.
that looks super comfy

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i have never make a button, so simple.
i am so angry with myself
why, i just see two cirlces, not a button
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It's a cylinder, you have to connect the two ellipses with tangent lines.
Polite sage cause this isn't going anywhere.

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I'm making myself a new Visa and Mastercard. Need ideas for design.
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Anyone creating geofilters for snapchat? I made this one for a county in Norway.
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Here's a second one I made for the same area.
There are red spider crabs in Norway?

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Is there anything that can be done to this image to reduce noise/fuzziness?

I've tried GIMP's selective blur filter and it did the trick for chroma. But for luma, the noise is so grainy, I've found no way to get rid of it using the filter, except to smooth out every detail.
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there's a pretty cool plugin on photoshop for that but i forgot the name i've seen it used by most people who translate raw manga.
That's just a bad photo. Can't fix it.

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I'm not sure if this has been asked before or if this is even the right board, but what would this specific genre of artwork be called?
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kill yourself
its part of the sad boys routine. and apparently you like this new aesthetic bullshit people are spewing out now a days. Always see these idiots posting this type of style and having stupid fucking comments like "sad lyfe" "Why am I alive" It's all crap... go read some art history.

hi this is my first time posting in /gd/ would some please be able to Photoshop this image and make it look more post-apocalyptic?
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there's two boards for requests...
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I like this desktop background but i would like it more if the purple was light blue. Any help would be greatly appreciated, ty
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here you go friend (-:
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just kidding, here you go fella. you're lucky its 2am where i live and im bored out of my skull
Ty senpai, that's perf

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How does one make the image, that when you click it, another one appears. It's used to troll people on /b/, but I just like the general Idea of it. So, how does one make it?
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github doublevision also >>>/wsr/
I didn't request anything.

It's a .png thing.


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Found this new website that has that old Youtube design from 2009. "Vidbit.co". Quite sweet if you ask me.
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Shameless add.
I guess this is an ad? But honestly it loads way faster than the current Youtube. WTF happened.
Looks good.

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What are some right ways to start a t-shirt company, what are some great shirts to use and what are some of the best companies to print them. Also thoughts on this one?
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stock pls?

hey /gd/ how do you do something like this in photoshop?
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this too
Import image - black/white - threshold - filter, pixelate
Here's a 100% retard proof tutorial:

1. You resize the image to something really small.

Image -> Image Size -> Self explanatory

2. You decrease the color depth of the image from 24-bit to black/white

Image -> Mode -> Indexed Color

Palette: Local (Perceptual)
Colors: 2
Forced: Black and White
Dither: Diffusion
Amount: Whatever looks best between 50 and 100%.

3. You blow the image up

Resize by an integer amount, meaning 100%, 200%, 300% etc until it is large enough.

Please could put my brother on a bed, Thank You!
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He did not want to sleep in his bed and slept on the floor
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Here pal, did my best

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