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Do you know of any softwarae or Illustrator plugins for windows that have the same functionalities as Vectoraster? (Halftone screen generation with different shapes, tweaking the spacing and stuff like that. I need flexibility.)

I already tried the "Effect>Pixelate>Color Halftone>Image trace" route in Illustrator but I can't get what I want.

Any help?

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Solved. I found a software called Phantasm and got it from CGP.

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Any bro that can make an convincible Make America Great Again hat with this?
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read the sticky >>>/wsr/
File: hashtagtrump.jpg (170KB, 500x749px)Image search: [Google]
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Looks convincing to me. Back to /pol/ with you.

File: The stand_outside.jpg (2MB, 3118x1748px)Image search: [Google]
The stand_outside.jpg
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I'm making a Stephen King horror movie collection for my gf, and so I'm making my own covers. I'm not really good at Graphic Design, but I want it to look legit. Any tips on what to improve would be appreciated. I especially feel like I need to change the fonts, but I don't know what to.
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File: 5755859745_d3736704ea_o.jpg (3MB, 1881x1471px)Image search: [Google]
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>want it to look legit
You are almost there OP.
And you are right about needing to change the typeface, you need to make it bigger and bolder since it's really hard to read it as it is.

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How do you go about creating a pleasing and vibrant 4chan color scheme?
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All that grey makes it look like /eh/.
I don't understand people who use custom themes. They all look like shit compared to Yotsuba
>current year
>not using futaba and burichan

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How do you solve puzzles like this one? (or other online image puzzles) There's supposed to be words/letters here, but I can't figure it out.
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How can you confuse /gd/ with /b/?

hello, I want you to help me edit my photo. I want to show riding a horse or a motorcycle better
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I would also like a photo in which I appear having sex with a beautiful woman

Hi, I'm an erotic film maker and I'm looking for a new logo for my site, which is Noel Alejandro. I'm hesitating with these ones I just made. What is the best?
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What kind of erotic films are we talking about?

I need to know for research
I make gay erotic films, but in a cinematographic and melodramatic way. can go to my site and check is noelalejandro dot com
The damn Kerning on the 3rd one!... My eyes are bleeding

File: schwarzer_waschbaer_01.png (230KB, 560x476px)Image search: [Google]
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Can someone please explain me how to make a polymask ? It's used for papercraft pruposes.

If not could someone please make one of this picture ?
It's the GTA V racoonmask.
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I always figured paperkura models were based off of actual 3d models.
Not photos of models.

You'd have to find the 3d model of this mask, and convert it to the relevant filetype for your papercraft program.

also /wsr/

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Can the mods please make a BIG red sticky saying /gd/ is not for requests? Take a look at the catalog and you'll see too many fuckwits posting without reading the sticky. Also, general board improvement thread.
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agree but mods don't come here. maybe make a thread on >>>/qa/ also post proof of those threads and make a better sticky as example.

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Similar to this but it had a cute cat at the right side, would anyone have a cap of it and post it up?
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Thank you

can they put my friend with a sexy woman or in a lamborghini? tomorrow is his birthday and i want to give him something
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File: 3VM657c.jpg (362KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
362KB, 1920x1080px
I want to make a custom jigsaw puzzle for my gf but I cannot find a really high res of this picture. And I really want this one since this is from one of her favorite animated movies.

Is there a way I can make it look really neat/clean/high resolution? I though about vectorizing it but I don't know if it would look good.

Any advice please?
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Have you tried messing with Waifu2X?
Really easy to use and pretty useful too
Colorful is one of my most hatest movies of all time. I cannot control myself, I must gush about that fact. I hated it.

File: Crowdfont_Promo_01.jpg (27KB, 1136x710px)Image search: [Google]
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Vote for your favorite font parameters and decide, how the first truly democratic typeface should look like. Round One is already finished, but you can check the results and participate in the second.

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This is like asking dozens of people to put their favourite foods into a stew. Some people will put in steak, others will put in tacos, some will put in sushi, and some will put in ice cream. What you'd get is a grey-brown sludge that goes straight to the compost heap.

File: 2016-07-02-18-15-18-232212300.jpg (8KB, 225x225px)Image search: [Google]
8KB, 225x225px
Is photoshop elements 14 even worth getting?
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It includes a few decent fonts, including Myriad, so it is useful considering the full price of the fonts.

File: 1466205638560.jpg (1MB, 1072x5000px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1072x5000px
I am in the middle of remaking this list because it is:

1. Extremely out of date (2009)
2. has numerous non-horror games and just bad games in general

I want to use the same title font but I can't find it anywhere. I tried using the sites in the sticky but to no avail.

does anyone recognize it?
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haven't seen any font with the same texture on each letter. to me it seems like a regular font edited with some grunge brushes or textures on top.

looks like it's "Europa Grotesk SB Med Cond" but with a texture overlay like you said



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