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i need help ;---;
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start by not talking like a 10 years old.
yeh talk like an adult. expand

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So, I'm studying Graphic Design, and I'm only in the second year tho but I wanted to know more about how much should I charge in the future for, let's say, a logo. It depends obviously, but in what? Help a noob here please.

pic unrelated just a painting i like
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>if it's for a friend's band, web shop, little shop, a company
>how many man hours do you spend making it
>how many corrections
>how many aplications
>how high or low is your self steem
>how desperate you are

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Does anyone know what this art style is called and can point me in the direction to find more like this?
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post more if you got it
line illustration. did you even tried search for it on google first?
I would rather call it general flat style with a little bit of "uniqueness" tho

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Hey guys, I just created this little illustration using photoshop. I am rather new to this and I was wondering what I could do to improve it. Thanks!
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it's just too boring. it reminds me of that keanu reeves pic. maybe try adding a bench and making some black strokes around the silhouette and inside the clothes also the background is horrible. use the general critique thread next time.

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Wednesday Quote.jpg
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Hello fellow creaters.
Well I am in need of a good website where I can download vectors/templets like we can see but can't download from gfxxtra.
If it's wrong place I apologize good sira.
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>>>/wsr/ for requests.
the only ones i know are psdkeys and nitrogfx.

Can anyone take this penmark and make it a .png or some type of file where i can put it pictures? Im trying to use it for a watermark to put in certain posts.

Thanks guys
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stupid OP reporting in

Asked in /wsr now..forgot to read the sticky
You on a mac? Use preview for that (check the signature feature)

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Hey /gd/ how do you prevent this from happening when pasting smart objects on photoshop from illustrator?
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this is why vector based smart object suck in photoshop.

Photoshop is raster (pixels) so when you have a vector line that should fall somewhere between a line of pixels, photoshop estimates where that line ends up.

in your picture, it looks like photoshop had to guess where to place the lines of both vector objects and they happend to fall 1 pixel apart from each other.

things to try:
- Rasterize/flatten the smart object and see if the line still exists.
- instead of using a smart object, just paste as pixels into photoshop.
- rasterize the object in illustrator, and paste as pixels into photoshop.

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/gd/, how do I keep myself motivated and busy with GD related stuff for a year? Just got out of high school doing graphic design courses and am going to take a year off before going to college and honestly don't know what to do. I've really only done work assigned to me in school and random photoshop shit and vectors. Pic related is just my shitty personal logo
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Try searching for thing you don't know or practicing making logos. Maybe applying to proyects or contests.

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posting this on related boards, fyi

I just built a website on my computer using HTML, CSS and a couple of third parties like lightbox.
I dont even know what to search up as I taught myself everything so I'm not too caught up with the lingo but here goes.

I altered some of the third parties, bootstrap and lightbox for preferences like font and colors. I'm ready to put the website online but i have no idea how to do it. Most website seem to host their own uploading of images so what I'm asking is:

1: Is a server that has a website like an online folder anyone can access?
2: If so, do I just dump all the folders into the server and change the directories
Ex. C:\website\kek.jpg
www.web.com/website/kek.jpg (embed)
3. Being that I changed a bunch of the third parties internals, I need to upload that version of it, so cutting out useless things to save bandwith is a must? Or does collectively 500 lines of code not worth running through?
4. Could I -technically- turn an arduino or raspberry pi into a server whore and let it run connected to my modem indefinitely?
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>1: Is a server that has a website like an online folder anyone can access?

More or less. You want web server space. I like asmallorange.com, they're a good value.

Have you registered a domain name?
nope, i havent, i wanted to have it built first so i can just plug and play once I'm ready, proven a little difficult
You can use neocities.org to get feels for a basic server. Its free and hosts only HTML CSS JS; but no PHP, or other server side stuff.

It doesn't allow you to access the folder directly you have to use web interface to upload files.. However most paid hosts allow you to directly access the folder using something like filezilla which almost feels like a file explorer.


Install Apache on your computer if you want to get feels for using a server. Its probably easily installable on Windows. You access your website using the address in the browser or you LAN IP which usualy goes 192.168.x.x.

Say the home folder is C:\website and the home page is C:\website\index.html. automatically opens index.html will open C:\website\about.html opens C:\website\newfolder\inner.html

Use Namecheap. Godaddy and Uniregistry are known to cuck you.
There's an offer going on namecheap for xyz domains for $0.10 at present i think, but domains aren't that expensive anyway.

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Sup /gd/

is there more than one way to create a corrupt image effect than the photoshop .raw -> txt -> open again method?
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GlitchSort (Processing)

Snorpey JPG


Satromizer (app)

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please do not take it serious.
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Hello, /gd/

Could anyone here please tell me what font was used for this shirt?

Thank you.
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OP here, I found it, it's Cooper Black just in case anyone wants to know.


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Ayy lmao.png
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File: 1466629547999.png (934KB, 772x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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Hello /gd/ I'm fairly experience with illustrator but I can't figure out this one. I want to convert a smooth gradient from a gradient mesh to shades like the image on the right.

The work I'm doing has complex shapes so blend steps isn't an option here.

This effect was achieved by rasterizing the gradient mesh on the left and auto tracing it with a limited color pallete using Image Trace, but this is a retarded way to do it and the results aren't that great.

Could you guys help me out? I don't know if theres a plugin to do such job, I've been on Astute's website but couldn't find anything handy
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Image Trace>16 Colors (expand image trace window and adjust the number of colors to your liking. 10 seemed to work pretty well.)
Object>Live Paint>Make
(select the Live Paint Bucket)
Thanks but thats what I did in the first place to achieve pic related. You don't even need to live paint it.. I was looking for a workflow that didn't included the rasterize/trace option because it's intensive and results aren't that great, it's like giving two steps to front and one backwards..

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Hey guys, how does this look? If I was an apprentice graphic designer, would this cut it to break into the industry?
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I have no idea what idea what the second word says.
G looks like a prostate massager
Rainbow looks like dirt

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