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I searched everywhere but nothing
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Looks Neville Brody-ish: a modified Typeface Number Four?
(OP) thank you :)

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Sup /gd/ . Kinda need your opinion/help. I am a private auto dealer and want to start advertising on local websites. My friend created pic related for his "business" and im looking to do something similar. I am however creatively retarded
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and dont know the first thing about making ads. Can anyone link me to a decent template for a 'we buy cars' ad,give me some tips or link me to an easy app capable of making a retard create a decent ad or can someone more creative whip one up for me? I would be grateful. Sorry if my language wasnt the best.
You need to invest and hire a designer.

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So GD I'm working on designing a clients website and they have an exceedingly ugly logo that is obviously self made. It's blocky purple letters in all caps and underneath their businesses name is three words (what they produce) spaced out in the same bolt italic all lower case font. (I can't post the logo because I'd like to keep my job).
So GD how do you recommend I go about convincing my client they need a new logo, I've tried gently prodding that it could use an update to no avail.

Pic unrelated, from pride in chicago.
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A logo replacement might cost more than just paying you and replacing it on the website. They might have printed brochures, street signs, advertisements on cars, public transport and so on. You have to factor that in before even attempting to suggest anything directly.

If you see that those are a not a concern for the most part, then I suggest to make a few mockups, sketches, play with the idea hoping that the client might pick it up. This is slightly different to spec work because there's no one else you're competing with here. Though be explicit that the logo idea is only his is he decides to pay, so he doesn't run off to someone else or even himself to redo it.

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hey /gd/, are there companies/people who'll write up simple code for you? i just wanted a centered square that allows me to put whatever in it, and also let's me put a logo up top. I have a site like this right now I'm working on but the square box/logo get messed up depending on screen size. i'm sure posting this is annoying, but i don't frequent this board and i have no idea where to ask. thank you!
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This is more of a /g/ question. That said, (I can't believe I'm saying this but...) have you tried Fiverr? If what you need is really THAT simple, there might be someone on there who's willing to do it for you real cheap.
just specify the size of the cube in percents!
just use dreamweaver or Microsoft frontpage who cares

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Hey guys, I know this question probably doesn't belong to this board but since you are good with image manipulating programs can you tell me if this image is authentic or not?
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276 - 854IqpE.gif
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Totally real 100% no fake

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Hi,I'm learning how to work on vegas pro, and I have a lot of movies for my supervisor but when i render them I have sony vegas logo on them, i googled it and anything i can do to erase them is to buy sony vegas pro or use some crack/keygen, any of above didn't work so maybe 4chan can help me with my problem.
It's very important for me to keep my job.
Please help.
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ok I done it, if someone need help in this same problem sem me @ to [email protected]
>Sony Vegas
>A job
pick one OP
Industry standard is Final Cut / Premiere
Learn those, the workflow is pretty much the same

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trying to make a logo/shirt for clothing, what do you guys think? I also have different versions if you think this ones shit
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Clumsy, ugly, uninspired and visually abrasive.

>trying to make a logo/shirt for clothing
Why the fuck do you have textures in it?

What is it even supposed to convey?
Ok, you're probably right but where should I start to learn how to do this? shitting all over me won't work. The textures were me getting carried away and feeling like it needed more. I don't have a great reason for plummet. Was thinking dark colors and thought plummet
research about typography/fonts and read the book logo.design.love by david airey

I was told by my teacher I needed to convert this into fibonacci and I have no idea what the hell I'm doing...help? please?
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Your teacher is literally retarded.

Forcing the golden ratio into your design for "reasons" is mental masturbation.

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What u think about this
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wat iz tat?
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Do you guys have any experience in making pixel tilesets?
A friend of mine is making a rpgmaker game and he needs tilesets or somesuch.

Its 48x48. I have no experience in making anything creative.

Also if this is the wrong board please direct me to the proper one.

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try searching for the pixel art thread at >>>/ic/

Thanks, Ill do that.

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fuck off?
is it for a 15 yr old minecraft yt channel? then it's ok.

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I'm trying to create drawings on photoshop and I'd like them to look like pic related. It's a risograph print. How can I go about replicating the fabric like textures in the image? I tried just overlaying it on top of drawings I did before but it doesn't look the same

Essentially, how do I make my designs look like they were printed on a risograph
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photoshop > halftone
+ Overprinting
How do you overprint?

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Criticism of others album artwork? We post album/ EP/ mixtape covers you designed and others give criticisms. I'll start.
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The title handwriting makes me uncomfortable, you should try different hand styles so search for one that's more readable, less annoying to look at. Loosen up on the 3D gimmick, It's okay to use it for the photo but it's over kill with the artist name and album name.

I've recently made this one for a project I'm currently working on. Each track having its own cover. I can post more if wanted.

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Do you guys use anything to collect your inspiration?

I was using Evernote but the 60MB upload limit for the basic account won't do it for me.
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why evernote ? use freakin pinterest or tumblr like everyone else
Yeah use pinterest. The chrome plugin makes things a lot easier.

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