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Hello, /bin/

So, I'm a law student doing my senior year in France, and I was thinking about doing a business school in France. I'm pretty bored of all things related to law now (except for fiscal law), and I don't want to rot in my country but rather move regullary.

So, I was wondering something: according to the Financial Times, these are the best MsC in Finance in the whole world: http://rankings.ft.com/businessschoolrankings/masters-in-finance-pre-experience-2017

I'm a bit surprized about it: Skema is ranked 6th according to FT, but it is considered as an average business school in France (11th in France).
Same goes for Grenoble Ecole de Management (6th) and Kedge (10th)

I'm having a hard time believing that a Msc in finance at Skema is better than having one in Bocconi, IE or St Gallen. How is it possible?
Is it really that good?
Is it among the bests, but clearly not as good as a MsC in Bocconi, etc...?
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because msc in finance is a joke.

you are 10x better off doing an msc in math or stats at an ivy league school.

or work for a few years then mba at an ivy league
Why is it a joke? I'd like to do audit, not become a trader or anything like that

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Can't find anything on google.
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who knows / cares. it takes like 3 clicks to make a shitty eth token
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I was asking myself the same question anon... wtf
yea me too...I asked myself this...YESTERDAY

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Post actual useful ways you can start making money that isn't wage slaving.

Been using the work market app for a few months now and doing $100 jobs here and there, there is a ton of work in popular cities.
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isn't that wage slaving?

No you can choose to work when you want.

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When is it supposed to dip?

Give me your best analysis, meme lines, dead cat bounces, or whatever but predict me when this motherfucker will dip again.
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tomorrow morning between 6-8am eastern u.s. time.
mark my words.

Lambos with erections


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Who here holds sweet sweet EBET?

15,750 EBET here.

feeling comfy af.
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kek, you got scammed
lol, u salty pajeet?

about holding a shitcoin? Not at all

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so is the pump for this shit over? The burn doesn't happen till tomorrow, so should i keep holding or dump now? Not sure if this was a small dip from panic sellers

source: https://blog.darcr.us/darcrus-september-burn-announcement-bdf474a5d8f7
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i want off this ride
The dream is still alive; stay on board, don't be a weak handed faggot.
If you didn't cash out before now, pick a seat and strap in for the pump tomorrow.

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Prepare your pink wojacks dumbasses
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what's a pink wojack
A premier shitcoin

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Does anyone else shout "BUY BUY BUY" or "SELL SELL SELL" at their phone/computer screen when they're buying and selling crypto?
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does anybody really use exchanges on their phone?
I'm not a giant faggot

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Show me your tradebot coding skills for invite to elite dev team.

if (pricenow-priceyesterday)
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so in your languages semantics, a negative float is false? that's worse than MatLab
if (pajeet):
print("shitting street")
>tradebot coding skills

If writing a tradebot is a programming challenge, you shouldn't be writing a tradebot. It's literally not a programming problem, it's an issue of figuring out algorithms that actually turn a profit, which has nothing to do with programming because the implementation of said algorithms is trivial.

Why has the volume of BTC on bittrex decreased by half over the last two or three days?
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after the record breaking volume at $2900 two days ago, btc couldn't break the ceiling at $4000. people lost hope.
btc is kill.

People are watching. Waiting. Ready. For something. They're just not sure what.
Look at tether volume and total market cap we are going down buddy and if you arnt ready too bad

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