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it's summer now,

w2c /fa/ sunglasses?
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am I a faggot if I buy fakes?
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also, does anyone on this board have a fake pair of these? what are they like? I bought a fake pair of the pirate blacks and they just made my feet sweat, but these look alright for the money
Well it really depends on why you're buying the shoes.

If you are buying the fakes because they are a symbol of status then buying fakes makes you a loser yes.

If you are buying the fakes because you like the aesthetic of the show but don't want to shill out the cost of the model then no you are not a loser.
You are a faggot for buying this abomination

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tfw fat.gif
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Can you be /fa/ if you're fat?
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dress nicely and be confident i love u

take care of yourself and lose weight because it's obviously making you insecure
Awww that's so sweet. I'd kiss you on the cheek (not op btw).
Op you're insecure about your weight.
So get >>>/fit/
Then start thinking about clothes.

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post em
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whooop whooop
show the only part that matters. from the back!

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What tattoo could I use with this scar?
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Fuck it turned sideways
Your idea sucks, the scar is just a basic ass straight line. Just get any tattoo on your wrist, that way it's visible to everyone and I won't have to work with you at my place of employment.
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It looks like a suicide scar/edgy/tumblr fat depressed, but in reality it was my cat when he jumped off me.

post anything related
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are those jeans fog?
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famous dex.jpg
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how to get this aesthetic?
King of /fa/

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Throw me your worst
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ur gay
You look like an unfamiliar movie star

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post em
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Size 36 Shadow project pants NWT


see my other stuff

reeeeee fatass you are, anon
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Pls buy

How can a woman be the most effay possible (makeup, clothes, hair...)? Is there a good guide somewhere?
A-Asking for a friend...
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>inb4 read the stick
Already read it, but I want examples and tips from real people, not from some wiki that wasn't updated since 2005
File: 8924897198.png (849KB, 845x705px)Image search: [Google]
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highly stylized hair (stay far the fuck away from any tumblr-essque haircuts for the love of god)
winter is gonna be your best friend. the best fits for all genders are in the winter. since summer is happening I would go with palewave cause its essentially minimalism and minimalism is easy

its hard to give any specific tips cause certain stuff works well for some and looks dumb on others. find a style that compliments all your good features and mitigates your bad ones
Keeping your hair, face, and skin clean is important. Well fitted clothes is next but style is a personal discovery.

Women that have stuck out to me most didn't look like everyone else and nobody could pull off what they had. You can make a list of things about your appearance but I'm sure no fashionable person I've ever met has had to do that.

Really gets the ol noggin joggin
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Ohhh the implications
>>dubs have spoken
Well well well...

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western inspo
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I thought these were a bunch of orthodox Jews from the thumbnail.
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We were thinking moe manly and rugged. Not whatever this is....

Why are his clothes so perfect?
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Except his hideous shoes
I agree the shoes are shit. Especially those socks like wtf who what kind of ''''''''''man''''''''' wears that shit kek
I dont get it. Why do people like this style so much?

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How do I stop being a chinlet? My front view is pretty good but my side view makes me looks like a sub human. My jaw isn't rven that bad, its just my chin fucking it up. How fix????????
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so fake beard can save him?
File: 1491636494247.png (313KB, 512x382px)Image search: [Google]
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start mewing and save up for surgery

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You think this look is going to take off? I didn't think the side shaving meme would take off but it did.

I can see it happening.
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most likely not
doubtful. she framed the head-shaving thing as an act of defiance, and though that's fine for her, she's also the pinnacle of *couture* fashion and most women would rather admire from afar than try to emulate that. plus, skinhead connotations of a shaved head + trump in power = most of the educated/edgy people who might do this will probably pass
>Sisquo hair will catch on
Wrong, wrong wrong wrong wrong

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niggers a shit.png
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does /fa/ use the pockets on their clothes? I always try to avoid using them to keep my clothes as good looking as possible
If you use the prockets they ll eventually start deforming the shape of the garment a little bit
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woa haha
compare a new jacket with one that has had its pocket used a lot and you will notice the difference
I really want you to post a fit so I can see max level autism

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