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So apparently these are still a thing
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No they don't exist anymore
Yeah, and so do cargo shorts and hawaiian shirts
Thanks for the inspo.

Should I wear tube socks or knee highs with that ensemble? I'm thinking of wearing knee high socks, and tucking my cargo shorts into them.

Lets have a discussion on piercings and other body modifications and the effect it has on aesthetics. I will start.
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Shits ugly
Vertical labrets work on some ladies
Stretched lobes can look nice on both men and women
Everything else looks degenerate and ugly

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Can anyone ID this jacket? I think it's off some Russian streamer, and I'm high on flight/bombers jackets right now
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id on dicksheathe?
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yeah, she's cute. looks like a young lana del rey
Shes "Alina Rin"
Good luck trying to understand anything she says though
No one makes subtitles for her

has anyone here bought anything from grailed before? I just purchased this shirt from there and im abit worried that it wont get sent for whatever reason. ill post the link of shirt
(I know this doesn't deserve its on thread but I couldn't find a suitable one to post this question in)
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I just bought some Vapormaxs from grailed. At first I felt the same way since grailed had said my payment failed yet took the money out my account. Contacted the seller thought he got the money and shipped my shoes.
I bought 10 things from grailed, just make sure the seller is reputable and has sold before.

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Is it socially acceptable/okay to just obey the fundamental fashion rules and wear stuffs in the way it's meant to be ?

I'm 24 years old, i just want to wear regular fit everything and tuck in my shirts that are meant to be tucked in. Am i autistic to put this much thoughts into this ?
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make sure you have a good understanding of when they are meant to be tucked in and like what that means
Yes, obviously. That's what it means by 'meant to be'.

It also means you'll basically be invisible to everyone.
Yes, it's just boring.

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Is this still relevant? What are some good online stores for starting out a summer wardrobe?
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It was never relevant to begin with. How fucking stupid and new are you?
A lot of stuff has fell from Grace.

Usually a brand will start making high quality clothing at a fair price. Establish a brand name then cut corners and raise prices. Or might sell to a conglomerate and replace the expensive to produce well made articles with Chinese Shir bearing the name.

H&m comes to mind, about 10 years ago they actually had 100% wool half canvased suits @$120, full grain leather belts made in Italy @$15, and decently tailored India produced cotton dress shirts for $35

Now it's $5 dress shirts you wear once, incomplete button stiching on suits (seriously h&m suiting section has buttons all over the floor)
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>obey above raf

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Is it true, fa?
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Yep. Chelseas are for women and queers.
They're silly but not as silly as most sneakers. Without the pointy front they'd be perfectly fine.
no, they are riding boots

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So I know people (elderly, dads, mom, etc) who don't focus on fashion. Generally people conscious on /fa/ fashion tend to be high schoolers to college age or people who really enjoy it for what it brings. So what makes you focus on your fashion? Is it to attract girls? Is it to be more knowledgable on how you present yourself? Is it a status thing? I just want a fluid discussion from people who makes this board what it is
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OP here. I'll start it off. I'm into fashion because i feel like being knowledgeable of what's in and out, what brands are making waves, and opinion of others on particular clothing is fun to know. It also helps me make informative decisions in what I wear and stay away from the meme culture that clothing def has. I'm not /fa/ core and dress pretty normal... kind of like the characters on Hey, Arnold. Nothing impressive but not goober af. I guess I want girls to know I'm intelligent and not some weird creeper or anything. I'm happy with my image and thank /fa/ for many laughs and insight to clothes
I'm in a project of getting pussy.
OP here. tip for you. I guess what you wear can attract girls (brand, appearance, etc) but i feel like it'll attract shallow ass girls. Girls friends i have don't care much about your clothes as long as you're not poor creeper basement core. Have you been successful in your endeavors with girls? Are they shallow?

i do photography and kind of deal with street fashion but not like r/streetwear shit cause i feel like photography is demeaned by those types of shots and people.

Which one is the most effay?

>tfw D10 with light brown hair

god fucking kill me already please..
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>D30 with dark blonde hair
feels good
>A60 with light brown hair
A40, 50, or 10 are most attractive

Don't think I've seen anyone with A10, that would be crazy.
tfw when blue/green central heterochromia

post some autistic models please, no messin around .
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ive only got alex daddy and anna speckhart
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who's this

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Why do Americans dress like little kids?
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Good question
Americans are immature in general. They take everything to the extreme whether it be their identity politics or their lifestyle. When I visited America a lot of the public were grossly overweight and their culture from what I picked up was uninviting and intense.
what do you wear in hot summer climate, cunt?

most of those are completely fine when it's hot out

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tumblr thread

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What is your fav store to buy clothes and why?
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Not a store, but there is a dead mall nearby that has a handful of stores open nice, quiet secluded. Has some high end offerings and a dead food court abandoned
the hill side

they're kind of r/mfa tier but i enjoy the quality of their essentials: jeans, sweaters, etc. i kind of build off of what they offer.

Sup famlam. I graduate in December of this year, and very soon I'll have interviews for internships and beyond.

What suit brands are /fa/ approved? I can afford something around $300-$200, and I need to get some nice shoes to match as well. Any tips in general?
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simplicity first
don't go for trendy gimmicks
navy is the most versatile
suit supply is what /fa/ generally recommends
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The shirt from pic related is my Grail. It's just a plain button up I know but the fit is fucking great
Anyone id or know what I should be looking for?
Searching cdg shirt button up is bringing up nothing
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jacket on your picture is terribad op,it's much too short
and the trouser break is also a tad bit short
also dont show your ankle,wear socks

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this anon was the last good consistent poster in the WAYWT threads and he isn't posting in them anymore.

post what you got of this guy pls
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it's literally A LEATHER JACKET with BLACK JEANS and some SHOES

in all likelihood, you're the guy in the pic.
and his sleeves are too short
shoes dont go with rest of outfit either
gay shit on wrist as well
he posted like 2 threads ago i think are u sure ur not him

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