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What's a /fa/ cocktail?
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Whiskey and ginger
Banana daiquiri.
Gin & Tonic

Hey /fa
I'll be in USA this summer for the first time. I wanna buy some clothing. What should I look for? Brands, things, accessories? Budget is about $500.
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Imo, get some Americana, or at least stuff that you can't find at home... Btw go to places with low sales tax
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Is it possible to pull off cloaks in the modern age?

I go hiking a lot and a cloak like pic related would be so useful
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If you're fit, tan, handsome, and are dressed in a completely utilitarian way with a utilitarian looking cloak, yeah you might could pull it off. You'll probably just look like a larper.
>a cloak like pic related would be so useful
way better against rain than a coat, can use it as a blanket when sleeping

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Hey the domain registration for young-stalin.com is gonna be expiring soon and I probably wont renew it because it's effort and I dont think many people even use it any more but thanx for the memz boys if anyone wants to grab it then feel free
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Thanks for your service man. Bump. There's some stuff of value in there.
how much is it? we could try to make people donate part of their grail bux
It's not much money, but thanks for the offer. it's just that I'm not really doing anything with it and I dunno if it's really worth the effort of updating it or clearing out the spambots every few days.

If you think that it'll get use and there are features you want to see, I could maybe figure something out, but as it is it just feels kind of stagnant and redundant.

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are these /fa/ enough?
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Pull em up you look like you have a really low ass
get off this board
why the fuck?

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Hey /fa

Looking to find new Sci-fi / techy looking brands, old or new. Gonna post a few pictures to show the sort of things I mean(most are already up on the board tonight)

Hoping to replace a lot of my wardrobe in the coming year.
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The great debate!
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Is it? I think it's pretty cut and dry. Slim fit is obviously the best way to go if you want a style that's long-lasting and works for any occasion. Skinny fit is still good and is a little more fashion-forward but you have to have the physique to match it. And regular fit is for stuffy business men and politicians.
>slim fit
>long lasting
>not a less terrible fad like skinny fit
"regular" fit depicts a near anorexic man and the slim fit and skinny fit are just a sick joke. so fucked. we need to see advertisments for suits with natural realistic bodies

Will Adidas restock the Ozweegos or should i just keep an eye on grailed?
I know they are a meme shoe but i just love them too much ;_;
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I'll post some ozweego outfits I guess.
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I went full blown autistic and bought a gold "taxation is theft" t-shirt. What can I wear that will go with it? Thinking Navy blue chinos, but I'd also thinking of wearing an open button-up shirt to go over it. Not sure what would work if anything though. If I can't get any good suggestions I'll just go full autist and don a fedora and jeans+new balance.
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go back to tumblr you cringe lord
a gold shirt on it's own would've been hard enough
Cargo shorts and flip flops.

I'd suggest returning it and instead get a Bill Clinton is a Rapist Shirt

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How the FUCK did he do it, bros?
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File: BowieKyoto.jpg (142KB, 1461x980px)Image search: [Google]
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No idea.
File: C92VFEfWsAAssIy.jpg (44KB, 640x894px)Image search: [Google]
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rare bowie
File: HitlerBowie.gif (72KB, 296x300px)Image search: [Google]
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Rarer Bowie

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Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"

New /thinspo/ tumblr:
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How's the weight loss going, lads?
Down 35 pounds since October.

Went from 235+ to around 200. Hoping to drop to 185 or so before I start jogging.

I'm 6"1' btw
File: 1491645496783.jpg (62KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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Great job, anon!

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which one is right?
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A true man never shaves.
Look at the difference in their skin.
Which one do you THINK is right?

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last one on bump limit

copypasta from last thread


Lunarcore was beautiful, it could have flourished. Let's try again.

What is lunarcorre?
>like techwear but imagine you live on the moon and there's bomber jackets too.
>also different colours.

See >>12404297 and >>>12419575 for more inspo and shit.

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can this be lunarcore?
File: AscentofCabourn-15.jpg (27KB, 320x480px)Image search: [Google]
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good for ice-planets.
Let's say you finished a 5 year mission on a remote mining colony. What souvenir do you take with you? What does it say about the planet and it's civilization? Where do you leave the souvenir? Around your neck?

File: ultraboost.png (1MB, 1562x782px)Image search: [Google]
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I need some comfy shoes for work. I walk 10-15 kilometers indoors every day and these chucks are killing me.
I was thinking of picking up ultra boosts since they look /fa/ and look like they could be comfortable enough.
So are they as comfy as they look, anybody else use them for work?
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cop these
I'm in a similar situation, thinking about copping some ultraboosts

have a bump
you should look up asics gel respector

File: sandal.png (928KB, 1366x468px)Image search: [Google]
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I want to wear sandals this summer without (1) looking like a ghetto nigger in Jordans and without (2) looking autistic.

What brands/look are good?
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I love my tevas, good bang for buck but suicoke looks sick too. Just make sure you dont look like a gradeschooler.
Birkenstock arizonas are my default slip on shoe next to my bean rubber mocs
I'm in a frat at the moment though
Thanks for reply. How do you avoid looking like a gradeschooler?

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