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Do people actually wear joggers or is it strictly a meme?
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Same question for pinrolling
do you not live around any high schools/ colleges?
Actually I'm an old man who's not attending high school or college.

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You jelly?
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Lit. what's your YouTube prank channel called?
>visits /r/RepSneakers once
This is an 18+ website

Check out /r/streetwear

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my girlfriend is into /fa/gets but i main fit. how do i change myself to be more her style?
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Full Rick
go ahead and kill you'reself
the gift that keeps on giving

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Skate general, post outfits/inspo/whatever you like
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gonna dump a bit of stuff
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2016-10-26 at 5.51.54 PM.png
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What's our verdict on Гoшa Pyбчинcкий?
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it's ok

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Are there any effay labels? Life style seems pretty casual there. Any thoughts my fellow fashionistas?
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not rlly people just get their stuff from zara/H&M/pull & bear/bershka and all that

at least in colombia
its the same everywhere (latin america/south america)
get basics/thrift and save money for online shit or designer shit in your country you might like
man i live in south america and the most effay are people you dont expect to be effay. they usually thrift or just effay by accident because thats the cloth that they got so they just wear it.

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Easy questions to look better for a male:

1. How to use your clothes to look taller

2. How to make your frame look bigger in clothes

3. How to look more attractive in clothes

4. How to show muscles in clothes without looking "bad"

5.How to look wide, how to look thin

6. Which clothes you can't wear according your skin and your hair color

All the clothes should be in black or white, you can be creative with the shoes.

Yohji is short but he still look taller than what he really is, he do the same with models, show me you can do the same.
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>How to use your clothes to look taller
Fuck off manlet.
High waisted, well fitting pants with a tucked in shirt will make the legs seem visually longer, plus narrow boots with a decent heel will add the illusion of height.

>larger frame
drop shoulder sweaters or shoulder pads for full 80s effect, looser pants

>more attractive
depends on your location, bodytype, etc.

buy clothes that show off your shoulders, like sweaters that fit well in the shoulders and sleeves, and highlight a slim waist.

>wide and thin
see above about frame and height changes

>skin color and hair
not many real restrictions on colors alone, but certain combos look better on people of different color skin, generally darker skin looks better with saturated colors and lighter skin with washed out colors.
If you don't know how to answer that you already fail, also i'm 5'10

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Tie or Bowtie, /fa/?
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With a tux? Undoubtedly a bowtie.
>to not to be a cuck or to be a cuck?


How do i dress like techno interests me?
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palace, adidas
Monotone, smart, some techwear but nothing too flashy. Some brands are prada, adidas, doc martens. That kind of thing.

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pretentious v neck.png
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i'd probably have used one in the past, but i'm certainly about it now, looks sort of snobby imo
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They're effay
Andersen Andsersen make really nice ones, check them out.
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keeps the ol' neck warm while waiting to grow a neck beard

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what products should I buy to do this?
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how do i pull this off without me looking like a retard

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Heyyy, /fa/, I need some advice. I'm going to a party in a few weeks where the theme is matching tops and bottoms. What would you /fa/ suggest that I wear?

Price is limited to 200 dollars for the entire outfit. So no full Rick Owens gear.
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Can't do that, sadly. Fair few friends are already going in full tracksuits and if I went too we're likely to look like tracksuit mafia.
get one of those golfwang matching shirts and pants. like the blue one with flames

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What are some of the most effay spinners?
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Nice bait op
I legit want to discuss spinners, fuck off.
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Is Kai Bent Lee effay?
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yea and that fit is p dope. who is he? insta?

tacky faggot living off daddies money
Based of his vlogs he seems like a very vapid and uninteresting person. Pretty much just a hypebeast with dad's money to fund it. Not as bad as his brother though.

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this is what peak aesthetics look like
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