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Tell me about Louis Vuitton.
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Gaudy, overpriced garbage. Only the nouveau riche oblivious to its trash-tier items purchase it.
Why does he wear the mask?
go out and ask someone with a louis vuitton bag or wallet a legitimate question regarding LV as a brand and its history, see what response you'll get, you'll be surprised, maybe.

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Is it possible to be an important figure for humanity and /fa/ at the same time? Sometimes it seems like everyone who contributed anything of note didn't have time to care for themselves.

Contributing so much that you set the standard yourself doesn't count, despite being the most patrician way of being /fa/.
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Togas and stolas would be more flattering on fatties than most clothes today which are designed around the premise that you have a waist.
Nicola Tesla was pretty /fa/ in my hones opinion.
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How's the quality on Muji?

I'm just looking for cheap and tasteful simple/minimalist basics.
My gf said that Uniqlos quality is shit, even below Zara, but that she doesn't know about Muji's
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uniqlo is gud the fuck
For reference she is Chinese and was referring to Uniqlo quality back in China being trash, she's never tried it abroad

She also says that Zara is positioned as a luxury brand in China and that it's quality is 100x better than in Europe
I have a muji sweater and it's p good so. The muji in Sydney is in pitt street so i rarely venture into the crowed hellhole it is

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Can we can some Japanese fashion mag inspo or even just good inspo?
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look around and post stuff from here, im too lazy to
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i'm sure someone will pop with archive link.
I, on the other hand, as fuck poor Bulgarian follow go out magazine daily, even if I can't speek moonrunes. Punk Drunkers recently got my eye, even if their action figures are better than their denim. They do have really good knitwear in my opinion.
Also, where can I browse past collection, of say, undercover for inspo? Really looking for some Orlock coats.

Hardly see any of you guys discussing real fashion. Sure there's the occasional post but it's quite rare. I'm posting here to promote discussion and bring this issue up. Why is this? Why would people regularly visit a fashion board and not discuss fashion? There were hardly any talks of anything, even something as awful as the Met Gala.

Seriously, let's go through the boards.

"Can you be /fa/ if you're fat?" Seriously wtf you guys shut the fuck up. No fat people look bad but who cares just discuss the clothes and their fits. I'm bored of you insecure assholes continually trying to see if you can be well dressed and fat because you're lazy.

"Can I still be effay as I'm a 5'8" woman, or am I too short?" Again, shut up. Go away.

Why is there a board about dickies? Why is Rick Owens the most popular designer on this board?

"/fa/shionable youtubers" ... Really.

"How can a woman be the most effay possible (makeup, clothes, hair...)?" Really.


"Most effay manlet" Really. You guys are so insecure.

"How to avoid school shooter core when dressing in all black?" Not a real thing shut up. Noone thinks you're a school shooter.

Do we really need 3 cringe threads?

In b4 'why dont you start these threads anon you fuck', it's about bringing this issue to light
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"How the hell did the Ancient Greeks get their beards to look this nice? " lol

"am I a faggot if I buy fakes?" No fashion about the look of an item and not if it's authentic. Sure if it's authentic the fabric etc may be better but if that doesn't matter to you personally who cares ? Nobody

"Playing with Legos /fa/?" LOL

"Daily reminder that shiacore will always be the only core." Stop talking about him sure he looks alright but that's because an air of nonchalance and being a famous celebrity makes someone attractive stop it

"Who is the most /fa/ rapper?" Some are dressed nice and matter sure but not to the point that you guys make out goddamn

"what should I wear to go to a movie ?" Same stuff you would wear anywhere else you fuck, maybe something comfy if you care as you are sitting for 2 hours or so fucking hell

"T E R R O R W A V E: is this terrorwave /fa/?" You done with this terror thing yet you guys ?

">all these cool accessoires and accessories I couldn't pull off because I'm fugly" Shut up

Why the fuck aren't you guys discussing recent shows? Or classic shows? Never see even the classic shows like Voss (McQueen) being mentioned here, never see fucking anything remotely interesting. Can we please change this? You guys got any suggestions? Is the only way to hope that people will post? I kinda hate myself or making this post but fuck it im in that mood where im annoyed and have time to kill so just enjoy indulging my annoyance...

"Fashion is so boring" True
>being this autistic

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Of course there's other tiny, embarrassing little tumblr brands out there that almost nobody knows about that you could post... but I'm talking about brands that at least have some recognition and [somehow] hype.

Fear Of God has this extreme pseudo-legitimacy behind it that makes it that much more egregious.
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I hate jerry lorenzo more than anyone on earth
All well known black designers suck

It's because the people who support this shit suck
it's definitely overhyped and overpriced. their sweatpants are comfy but the price is totally unjustified

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I'm normally a size XS. I went to Barney's today and saw the unstable tee in medium. I think it looks fine except maybe the sleeves are a bit big and the neck hole kind of does weird things in the back. If I bought this in XS, would it be too small? I wish there were more places to try these on.
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abort. abort. abort.
lol dude if you're going to be wearing it with a red hoodie and fucking joggers just save your money lmao you look terrible.

Because all the good threads and generals moved on to better places that you should be part of.

"Fashion/CGL" :https://discord.gg/R5UfBdA
"Rick Owens": https://discord.gg/AQ4y8pK
"Techwear": https://discord.gg/5dFZEe2
"Fashion": https://discord.gg/ZBa9VAg
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>circlejerks with shitty moderations
I'd rather have anonymity with no moderation
>shitty moderation
There's hardly any because it's not needed, no one gets out of line.
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Making this because somehow there's no thread for swimwear in summer...?
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Are these more versatile than regular geos? Thoughts on them?
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I really like this version of the Geobaskets a lot and I'd probably prefer them to any current iteration. Otherwise, I'd just get the normal black/white colorway in the short tongue version. Good eye anon.
Wrong answer. These are the only acceptable Geos.
What are they called? gum sole? They're definitely interesting at least

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what backpacks do you recommend for college?
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Just pick one big enough for the books you need to bring around. I used a drawstring the past two years
anything that is waterproof; unless you want soggy papers. also get one with a sleeve to hold a water bottle.
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incase city bag.jpg
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WAYWT 02/05/3017
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shoes are docs 1461
>inb4 meme band
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going for a more androgynous look this summer

This is what girls want
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why though?
so? this is normal
Who cares

Post your skin care routines.

I'm lame af, bulldog SPF moisturizer and simple skin wipes in the morning.

How do I ascend ? Products, routines etc. (I have a good diet and stay hydrated.
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interested in this
My routine for spring every morning:

Wash your fucking hands before you get your grimy mits near your face.
Cotton wool pad with the tiniest amount of distilled 100% witch hazel.
Same again with moisturiser (Aveeno is good)

I know it's different depending on diet and jeans; but this keeps me clear of all spots and keeps my pores small (I have large pores on my nose; this helps a lot).

Also, keep your pillow case clean, do a daily quick wash with it.
fuck my life

I meant genes obviously.

Bonus: if I get a spot, burst it with a cotton pad drenched in witch hazel. Use a second one and keep pressure on it until it stops weeping. Will be left with a very faint small red mark. Apply any drugstore crap to it that contains salicylic acid.

This is the only routine you need if you have half decent skin already, drink water and don't touch your face or eat too much sugar and crap.

Some folks will need more than this.

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Does dressing in streetwear help get qts? What clothes do grills like on guys?
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just b urself and then kill urself for making this thread
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