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Other one's almost dead.

Are the Made in England Docs any against rain and snow?
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Should I keep the keychain thing on or no?
Put your boat key on it you idiot

How do I get a tan like this? Is this even possible natty?

I'm a pasty programmer but I have Spanish genes (brown hair, brown eyes) so it should theoretically be possible.
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go outside in the fucking sun you vampiric computer janitor
you will also get wrinkles and saggy skin after tan
Spray tan

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I have a somewhat formal event to attend in less than an hour, and I forgot to pack my pair of dress pants. All I have is a fucking faggy pair of black skinny jeans, tips on how to not look so queer? can I wear my shirt untucked? It's not a wedding or anything of the sort, it's a business/leadership event
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How are we supposed to help you when we don't know what clothes you have other than the ones you have one.
Take a shower, shave, and do something with your hair faggot. Be more prepared next time.
fucking newfag post in fuckboy general or something this isnt "900-888-FREESTYLIST"
although i do sympathise this shit is too rampant
I have sweatpants and joggers. This event was sprung on me as of last night and I thought I had a pair of dress pants already. Should I just wear my shirt untucked?

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ok im gay and i know most gay guys are more vain than straight girls but can someone rate me? i feel like my small/weak chin makes me ugly :/, i have the money to get a chin implant and already chose a surgeon (dr jeffrey spiegel) but im a little bit unsure if i should really go through with it.

also just be brutally honest, thanks in advance
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Is the pic of you? If not post a pic of your jawline
yes the pic is me, can u see how small, weak and pointy my chin is? also im very low on bodyfat (10%) and my abs show really well but my jaw/chin just looks weird, i think a wider chin would help alot and my surgeon agrees, i just need an answer on that. also my profile is ok, so please just judge from this pic, thank you.
Sure it could be wider and a squarer chin but you look great anyway. Most guys would say you're hot.

Hello /fa/ /sp/ here

I would like to hear your take on this shoe.
It,s the Big Baller Brand ZO2
Retail 495$
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that company will fail
but you already know that
Lavar Ball, Lonzos Father, wanted more than an endorsmemt deal for his sons. But Nike,Adidas and even UA passed on him

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Why is Kanye so bad at designing you'd think he'd have connections or someone to guide him, make sure he doesn't release shit

All his clothes look like they were designed by Fouseytube for his merch store
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Holy kek
This fucking picture
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at least it isnt as bad as these. what the fuck was the dude thinking. the russian dude shoulda won. these are the worst shoes ive ever seen
Shit musician makes shit clothes

Makes sense to me

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What went right?
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whomst responsible for this trash ass bootleg


What are some good, decently priced european jeans ?

I would buy Levi's but the pieces of shit treat it like fucking luxury jeans here ( over 100$ for a pair ).
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shoes are those?

who gives a shit nigga im talking about jeans here fuck
who gives a shit nigga im talking about shoes here fuck

Inspiration, products and styling
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Not even meme-ing, but when I scrolled down real fast, could've sworn that was a lesbian.

This haircut is trash tier on men
This seems appropriate as the "New Hair General" is rather discriminatory with people of old hair, who may post here instead.
>wearing makeup

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summer, the hardest season to be fa on, is arriving, what are you gonna wear to the beach?

americans ignore this post, your long billabong swimsuits are hideous
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American here
And some button ups, nb
why are americans scared of anything higher than knee showing?

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Are safety razors a meme?
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I like mine. They can be expensive but you'll save money in the long run since you're no longer buying those ridiculous 5 blade plastic refills.
I like my Futur and it is the only safety razor I own. Right now it is set at 3 but I've had it at 1 for a year. I do 1 to 3 passes with fresh lather but with disposables I do multiple passes even with 5 blade monsters.

Imho, pre-shave oil, natural shave soap and safety razors are sound but an expensive shave brush is a meme.
nah they're sick m8 get one trust

Are scars /fa/

Post scar inspo
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Whoa pic related is effay is fuck. Big boss core
Most of the time no. But those are the most badass scars I have ever seen. Become a super villain.
>shave beard
>go bald
>get /fit/ + /lit/
>become an international icon

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what is an /fa/ approved car?
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pic related is mine, but maintenance is pricy as fuck
a miata of course
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1992 Geo Tracker.jpg
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alright lads been a while since i've been here

wherre the hell can i find these in the buttersoft colourway?
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You cant. Sold out
will they come back?
Tried ebay?

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So I'm thinking about completely switching up my style to revolve around the whole cropped pants aesthetic. I was originally planning on buying these ones from Urban Outfitters but they sold out. It's probably a good thing because everything I've heard about UO has been pretty negative.
Could anyone recommend where I could purchase some cropped pants just like these? any help would be greatly appreciated <3

Also please post inspo for cropped pants + tucked in shirts etc.
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Actually these are probably a bit closer to the fit that I want
1. Buy regular
2. Cut them off and hem
3. ????
4. Stop being a retard posting dumb threads like this. 'Revolving your style' around cropped pants is dumb. Nobody's going to recognize you down the street as that cool dude who always wear those cropped pants man lmaoing at ure life rn
Of course you have to be a cunt about it. At least tell me where I can find some decent "regular" pants that I can cut myself.
Also I probably didn't word it very well, I'm not exactly focusing on the cropped pants as my overall image. I just like that whole style that's usually associated with it. I just feel like I need some good pants first lol

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