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What's you're workout routine /fa/?

Just joined the gym and wanna be more skinny as opposed to a muscular build
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you go to the gym to get built not to loose weight lol
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eat less to get thinner, lift weights to look better
I bike 5 miles a day

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Press F to pay respects.
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Holy shit these deals are crazy.
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jack threads over.jpg
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yeah, but everything is gone. happened early this morning, there were Reebok, Nike, Champion, Calvin Klein and a shitload of others for extremely cheap.

Jack Threads own brand shirts arent that bad and theres still some basics for around 3 - 10 dollars. Pic related was the stuff I missed out on and couldn't cop off my saved list. But still check those prices
Fuck, I actually liked their new model.

WHERE can I get sweatpants that fit like this?

literally got tier fit, no cuffs, no extra bagginess
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Forever 21 Men


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If you're not famous can you even dress like this
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how you call those people dressed in clothes full of logos just to show off again?

>logos everywhere

This looks more like how poor people dress. I've seen more unemployed people in LV gear than I have middle and rich class.

It's the Rolex problem. Maybe half of the people you see with Rolex are wearing fakes. They're garish and loud and don't signal class at all, despite a hefty price tag.

Then a good portion of the people wearing the real deal can't really afford it and are also vulgar people. Car salesmen types.

If you're actually classy and you have money you don't need a fucking logo advertising it.
ASAP rocky is unfashionable

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Anons from /fa/I need your help. Recently through an accident my new new balance 501s got in contact with some red mud, the white in the bottom is stained and there's mud in the textile that won't come out. What the he'll do I do to clean these they're like 6 days old.

Pic related is as clean as I've gotten them, wiping off the mud, and cleaning with a rag and warm water/toothbrush and soap to scrub the bottom sole part
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magic eraser on the sole
praying on the upper
Oh shit I didn't even think about magic erasers thanks anon

I'm afraid the upper might be stained forever, would putting it in the washer hurt the shoes or anything? I normally wear boots so sneakers are uncharted territory for me
Do you have any fit pics with these on? I kinda like them but have never been a New Balance fan.

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Let's start a /fa/ phone wallpaper thread
No homescreens, just wallpapers
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Did you know that "inspo" is short for inspiration?
Share some stuff you use for inspiration.
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you get inspired by niggers paddling through sewage?
well gee you hurt my feelings. I'm going to delete the thread now
There's already an inspo thread up. This has nothing to do with clothing.

Posting vague pictures with no general theme just cause you think they look neat isn't something you do on /fa/.


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Playing with Legos /fa/?
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is that way.

(I love legos but wrong board, pham.)
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0 0legot1.jpg
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Is this LegoXUniqlo shirt /fa/?
>how to spot an american

they're not called legos you stupid cunts

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Daily reminder that shiacore will always be the only core.
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Necessary reminder that wearing the same 3 pairs of pants and grungy old boots 24/7 isn't /fa/
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Grungy boots and grey jeans are the epitome of fa, pleb. Full rick won't save you from being a low-functioning autist.

Id on jeans?

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is there actually a reason to take a cold shower if im just going go outside within an hour of taking one where its 90 degrees out? doesnt that make it redundant. also how cold is a cold shower because i can only tolerate like luke warm and once its cold i start shivering and cant breathe.
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Do you have a boner?
helps you wake up

is this terrorwave /fa/?
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>tfw live in ireland but want to own an ak47
>tfw actually know ira members from rough area childhood that can get me one
>tfw just want to accomplish my aesthetic

anyway ill make a dump of terrorwave shit in a while
the guy on the lift is actually an italian cheap-tier politican
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commencing dump

Where can I get straight, NOT SLIM FIT OR SKINNY, trousers like these. They don't have to have the same pattern, I just like the fit.
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brooks bro
chino 22 from Our Legacy fit kinda like that. However, if you're not 6ft3 you're gonna have to shorten them
Original dickies pant bro, I got one of them recently, just like the pic

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How do you deal with it?
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It's always the answer.jpg
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i was gonna comment this
I'm in my early 40's and i still have hair and doesn't look totally grey. Is it normal that my hair is going on a midlife crisis?

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where can I cop this shirt /fa/?
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>Ruins south africa the t shirt

yeah no /r/streetwear
man i miss this meme, along with dick ovens, freja, no poo

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This shit looks leopard as fuck. Isn't it?
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Are you retarded

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