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Got any tips? Photos of your hair?
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I trim my own ball hair

I'll try to take a photo
I did for about 2 years, gave myself a very extreme undercut (my old barber messed up my hair under basic, clear request), though I've stopped as of late so I can grow out my hair.

Go slow, go up the grain, cut it longer than what you want first so you have some wiggle room if you screw up, and plenty of mirrors are a must if you can't get someone else to do the back for you.
sounds autistic.
Sounds like you dont have the social abilities to go outside and talk with your barber and such.
Heres what i do.
1. Make an appointment
2. Show a pic of what i want or say "the regular"
3. Make small talk for 10 minutes
4. wait it out
5. have sick cut
6. pay 15 bucks

Effey art inspo
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Any reasons why I should quit wearing female short shorts?
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That guy has no ass whatsoever.
Because they look bad
that depends entirely on how much you like cock.
I'm assuming your answer is "quite a lot," in which case the answer to your query is "no."

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Ok, so last year I wrote this article that techwear was dead.


It received a lot of hate, but basically I was dead on about everything. Techwear never really existed, you see. It occured in this interstitial space between the real and the virtual Instagram lookbooks driven by users, that self-perpetuated itself into almost becoming a movement.

What has emerged from techwear's grave is something I have termed StreetTech, modelled here by influencer and innovator jah_eel, from Reddit.

StreetTech is actually wearable, has hyped, desirable pieces (unlike old ass Mossimo Osti and Veilance crap no one actually wants) and is accessible to mainstream audiences.

This thread is devoted to the death of tryhard techwear and the birth of StreetTech and innovators such as jah_eel and 1000deaths.
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So its just streetwear with tech fabrics? That's a let down.
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Well it doesn't really use tech fabrics. StreetTech merely references tech and military silhouettes with hyped, must have streetwear pieces like the Cav Empt plague hoodie or Preme Bogo tees.
mate are you still linking that fucking thread on reddit? jesus christ

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Post whatever inspo you want
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post your bullshit here.
ask question
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Is there any difference between the random assortment of ones from China on eBay? Any difference between paying $9 and $12?
the ones from ebay from China could be fakes.
mostly recolored F91 models with no casio logo.

there are plenty of Casio original vs. fake videos on youtube.

some fakes have discolight functions and keep time really badly. some watches with metal bracelet might be cheaply made too so that it could actually fall off your wrist or the clasp is all fucked up and the edges are uncomfortable and sharp.

better buy original.
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Prep / Ivy / Trad

WAYWT edition maybe ?
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ITT post people with an impeccable sense of fashion
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Is brown shoes with black pants acceptable now? I've been seeing it a lot lately.
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>not deciding for yourself what's acceptable or not

still a long way to go friend
Personally I wouldn't wear brown shoes with black pants but I was wondering if it is no longer a fashion faux pas.

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What do you wear when it's too hot for siqq layering?
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More layers.
Layers of athletic wear

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How do I look?
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oh my god oh my god OM. MY. GOD. i just got this from my parents, what should i buy myself?
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Holy shit, you're so bland that your parents have enough money to throw $1k at you yet they still think a macy's gift card is most fitting to your personality?
well thanks for ruining my day, asshole. hope it was worth it.
4 gumballs i guess

or are they more than 25c each now?

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LAST THREAD >>12425699

BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
general info
various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
w2c samples
on DIY fragrances
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How much of a meme is this
I need opinions on the 2017 reformulation. Looking for something fresh I can wear this summer. Already have sauvage but I want to get off that bandwagon so Im gonna sell it
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just lol @ u poorfags who aren't BIG BALLERS
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derivative overpriced garbage
not fashion related
>paying 500$> for anything other than Gooyear welted dress shoes

fucking lmao
wearing ro dunks rn
wouldnt pay a dollar for those ugly ass shits

w2c comfy sweaters

pic related
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lol wtf is wrong with its eys
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whats the evolutionary purpose of having a flat face?
He's japanese

Allows you to prostrate yourself at a lower angle than other races

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