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word, not shitty pre-distressed ones tho
yeah fuck distressed shit
where can you even buy light jeans that are distressed??

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>i get the barber to shave art works into my facial hair and hairline
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>I throw shade on a Cambodian Etch-A-Sketch website for adult virgins
>I unironically say 'throw shade' without thinking its the cringiest thing in existence
A lot of people say 'throw shade'. I'd say anything that involves 'cringe' is worse.

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I'm really thinking of just killing myself.

I'm 24, 5'6", my hair in the top is thinning and going to go out (don't know how much of that was due to litterally starving myself down 60 pounds), my beard only grows kinda whispy is it meh, my face is generally bland. It was fun while I was in high school and college and got to be the kinda cool, effy kid hanging out with other hipster trash. But now I'm just another loser in a bland job, who is gonna look worse as time goes on.

I just don't see a point in trying anymore.
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ugly manlets can still make it. give urself more time bro
jesus christ 60lbs
Stop what you're thinking right now.

Clean yourself up, and hit the gym.

You will be absolute fine. Happiness is created, not found.

I've been to the lowest places, and I've come back every time. You can too.

Is there a modern day style resembling ancient greek/roman tunics, robes, chitons, etc? I'm interested in experimenting with this type of loose clothing.
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Like some Rick shit.

I think that there is a current trend towards looser clothing ("~~loosewave~~", comfycore, etc). However, I think we're a bit far from abandoning the pant, though. Not gunna go full tunic anytime soon. The drape-y silhouette, like you said, is coming back, and is partially inspired by this look. I suspect that it's partially because the loose silhouettes might tend to look better, somewhat paradoxically, on people with a good physique. This rationale would make sense, given that being /fit/ and wearing athlesuire are both in vogue right now.

Could just be totally bullshitting though.
I agree, especially on the pants issue.
I own a few longer cardigans and I like how they drape on the body, which is the main reason for my interest in exploring this style.
However with my current physique I may run the risk of looking overly feminine.

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My wardrobe is a nightmare. I've been wearing the same black skinny jeans and the same big black jacket for the past half a year. My gray vans are stained and worn.

I've got a few hundred bucks to spend and I live in Vancouver. I'm 5'11, 185lbs and I'm thinking of buying a ton of clothes when I drop down to 165lbs.

Problem is, a lot of the stuff I see on here is way too fancy for me. I feel like a pleb. I like a really simple style with decent quality clothes. I'm pretty fucking basic, like t-shirt and pants.

Any suggestions pertaining to my height, weight, city, style?

I'm pretty much this shit
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You should also take into account your age. How old are you?
I just turned 24.
i also live in vancouver, what's your occupation / job / social life like? you gotta dress for your lifestyle
but i feel like that probably won't even matter because you're not trying to go for anything crazy anyways

where do you shop, what brands are you into? etc

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REMINDER "WEED" is NOT a effay drug.
>get high
>start to think that I'm too ugly to pull off expensive clothes
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>he's mad that it was only until he force-restarted his mind that he realized he can't pull off designer fashion
Coke and speed are /fa/
Tweaker bitch do opiates like the rest of us

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Sweatpants are the new skinny jeans

Post sweatpant inspo


Links to cop
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I need some new shoes because I'm going on vacation for a month in an area that requires me to walk. Are pic related effay and equally good quality? Other alternatives?
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why would you buy new shoes if you need to walk for a month? wear your beaters bro what the fuck..
Get reebok club c 85s, cheap and the comfiest shoes ive ever owned
you could also get k-swiss hokes.
they're a bit cheaper and look just as good and are similar.

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Is there a more aesthetic piece of clothing for women?
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Excuse me for not wearing a burqa

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Can I get a rating please?
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your hips are pretty wide. I hope you are hitting the gym breh. the workwear look only works if your clothes are well worn desu. I think if you were that fit for a few months so it shows signs of wear you'll be good
you should try some leg lengthening exercises
those pants look uncomfortable.

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how to dress like cute all american boy thanks
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doesn't matter. just be tall and have a good face

>no gear
>no helmets

fucking retards eh
Good thread.
Get yourself some dirty sneakers and a cord jacket or something else that looks like you live in the forest. Also, get a shirt and look a bit more wild.
I am serious.

I love this damn gator and have been wanting to buy a Lacoste polo for a while now. i've been to the Lacoste store but they always fit like shit.

Yesterday I saw a guy wearing a slim fitting Lacoste, light blue polo with light blue gator.

Can someone give me info about what lacoste shirts are good?
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Probably a fake
>fit like shit
Maybe explain? FFS.
like this ?

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whats this haircuts name? , do anyone have pictures ??
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bowl cut
school shoota cut
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i went full retard.jpg
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Are we /fa/?
We play shoegaze covers
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>the tall one

Do you have a link to any songs or so? It's fairly more important having a /fa/ sound in a band rather than only looking /fa/. I mean you need to aim at both in the end, but first things first, namean?
left to right
7/10 would cum in his tummy
c-can i join, ill be your manager or something

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~~Effay rate thread.~~
I already have the hat but I will be buying the shoes, pants, and shirt soon.
Advice welcome as well. Post your own, feel free to use the template.
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the WAYWT, but for fat people
I'm 120 lbs
wow you listen to suicideboys too?

haha holy shit

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