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What problems are you dealing with /fa/? Vent here

>uneven skin tones all over my body
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>weak chin
>shitty cheekbones
I'm no manlet and I have a good jaw thankfully. I'll make it I'm sure.
I didn't get laid for 2 months
little bit to much lose skin under chin
uneven skin super pale
dark eyes
puffy cheeks

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New Hair General
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Had same waist length hair hair for the last five years. I really wanna go short but too beta to take the plunge. Effay recomdation?
nightmare fuel

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What core is this?
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Also, what is the meme color of the week? The blue & black seems to have played out for teh current month.
Fuck off Igor
Berri Uqam-core

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>The year of our lord, 1817 + 200
>Not embracing your inner Shia
Truly sad
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inb4 tiresome political discussion and cuck-calling
>wanting to dress like a liberal cuck

Summer is here.

Having a thick leather wallet is no longer practical since I can't keep it in my coat. How do you guys carry your cards & cash in hot summer weather?
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in a wallet.
Leather card holder. Just big enough for 6 cards (2 credit, 1 debit, 1 id, 1 insurance card, 1 coffee card) and 100$ cash
doesn't fit in my shorts without making a huge bulge, and I'm not gonna wear cargos

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Looking for a jacket similar to the one Gosling wears in the new blade runner movie. Not exactly the same though, something a bit more normal looking as it may look stupid to wear something like this.
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Here we go again.
ughghhhhh that pic

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A couple weeks away now.
Post what you are wearing or what your date is wearing.

Can I wear a tux like pic related?
I have brown hair and my date is wearing a burgundy purplish dress.
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I would avoid the all black look. Overdone and tacky. It's not 2007 anymore
dirty blonde guy wearing gray suit/ navy tie w/ a girl in a navy dress

just wear a white shirt dude. the black doesn't look that bad or anything, but a classic tux is just fucking awesome.

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what should I wear to go to a movie ?
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Just wear clothes you fucking idiot. Are you so helpless that you need people on the internet to make every decision for you?
You're going to the fucking cinema to watch a movie. Are you autistic ?

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old ones 300 like the romans
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roast me
not feelin the shoes on this desu

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>it's another Trepanism episode-edition

Previously: >>12379372

>Where can I acquire patches?
>Where do I place them?
>How do I design my own?

Answers to these questions and more in our handy pastebin: http://pastebin.com/hTiigudJ
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Amazing patch
Come on now, man
of course, i'm gonna shill a patch design that was purely a joke, you come on. >>12409896 was obviously joking

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Ok guys, i'm a weeb.
So i want shoes that have a Japanese name.
The new puma sounded(and looked) cool(pic related), but the BIG LOGO IN THE BACK makes me back off.
So any other shoes with cool name?
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>I want a shoe you can wear forwards and backwards!
Nah man, it's just the name. It's like Tsugi something, sounds cool...
you're actually such a faggot that I don't want to help you

what do you think if i added this item to my wardorbe? Been trying to find one just like this but no luck so far.
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On how much levels of irony are you? What do you want to wear with it? You can try to make it yourself.
autistic if you're not cosplaying ww2 japanese soldier
headbands are versatile. didn't have a particular outfit in mind, just thought that it would be a cool accessory to mix and match with.

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What does /fa/ think of him?
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he looks like if hugh jackman had a child with a goblin woman

literally exactly what I thought
I think hobbit came to mind, but basically jackman and a tolkien creature


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What's the most /fa/ body proportions?

>16" neck
>34" sleeve
>37" chest
>40R jacket
>31 inseam
>7x5.5 uc
>10D shoes
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explain this picture
just three pals in a blockbuster
that's a family video you cuck

We just had a body issues thread. It is important to understand what may be downfalls in your appearance, but so is knowing your strong features. What are your best qualities, /fa/?
>thick head of hair without signs of thinning
>175 lbs not too skinny but certainly not tubby
>wide pointed shoulders
>long af eyelashes
>people tell me I have pretty eyes
>decent jawline
>big hands
>perfect fingernails because instead of biting them off I put them to use and eat my boogers
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>extremely broad shoulders let me be skinny without looking scrawny
>hair looks good most days without any styling
>cute butt for a skinny guy
>strong chin
>good jawline
>I've been told many times I have sexy hands
>good prenis
>Blue eyes
>Girls say they sexy
>Decent Jaw
>big hands (is this a good thing?)
>Not a fat ass never a fat ass
>Achieve /thinspo/ while eating carelessly my entire life
>Big wiener
It depends. sausage fingers are gross, but small hands are weird proportionally. Big hands are generally associated with strength, possibly why they're a turn on if its a man and a turn off if its a woman

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