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Love that jacket + pant combo
same, does anyone know what kind of jacket it is?

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Hey guys

You guys know any cool jackets like this?

By this I mean.. something of that style.. with a cool design or cool Title on the back of it... (of course I wouldnt buy one with the communist symbol or something lmao)

Id like to buy one with a cool Title design or something
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Easy, you do it yourself. Get some paints and get creative.
search for "bomber embroidered"
>of course I wouldnt buy one with the communist symbol or something lmao

why not pussy

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i feel like you can spot someones IQ by the way they dress
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*Is fashion a sign of intelligence?

*I feel like you can spot someone's IQ by the way they dress.
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>buying expensive brand named clothing to impress others is in any way indicative of intelligence
>implying good fashion costs big money

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What is the most efficient deodorant? Which one do you use?
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Dove roll-on, because I'm not a 14 year old who uses spray-on to look cool in the locker room at school.
sprayon dont stain t-shirt armpits though like rollons and hard deos

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What are some of the most effay European cities?
And why?
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most euro cities are effay really, we know how to dress.
pleb detected
fatty alert

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I've got this thing to remove my blackheads and want to prepare as best as possible to remove as much as possible. I know hot water opens pores but any tips on how long, should I use steam and anything else you can think of.
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Don't do this. You'll end up with holes in your face, uneven skin texture and wrinkles over time.
english mf u speak it?

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What core is this?
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American core
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if you crop just the belly it looks like a voluptuous pair of tits
salvador dali core

I wanna try this look, but I only have navy trackpants and gats/gazelles as white sneakers. Will this work? What color should be the socks? Navy?
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I mean Sambas
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A little mock up. Painted the all white logo with blue marker, looks so much fucking noicer.
Will post fit later if I feel like it.
Unironically, kill yourself. You are a cunt

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Is comfycore still in? Pic related is great, at least.
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perfect to hide your diaper under
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yes but that is just autism
that fleece is eternal grail

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What does /fa/ think of the big pony? Is it trashy?
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Very trashy. Polos are just not very /fa/ to begin with. If you wear this you will look like some beer bellied Republican cunt or a Pajeet.
Everything with the polo pony is trashy.
No exceptions.

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post dope graphic tees

please dont post bad graphic tees
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Are Graphic Workshop's black tees Gildan? I fucking wish the white Baseball Girl one I bought was, it's Roly which somehow manages to be even shittier than Gildan
check out nightchannels they have that design and a ton more. i got like 17 shirts for like 150$ once. shit was tight
gtfo shill

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cmon /fa/ help me swag this kid out
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w2c this bucci hat
black person mall
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those dubs deserve a white supremacist bowlcut

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Post /fa/ outdoor caps

I'm going to dumb a few to get the ball rolling
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fuck that is amazing. brown is my favorite color
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leave feedback as u post edition
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thursday - april 27th.jpg
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i will leave feedback more edition
Take off some of the accessories and close a couple of buttons of that shirt.
Will look way better.
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I fucking hate Toronto
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i imagine toronto is like 50% asians wearing supreme and those black vans every day

what is it about toronto kids that's so painfully uncool?

everyone i know from toronto has such a contrived style
yeah toronto sucks

like little league new york

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