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anyone here 3 years ago that remembers the simpson meme shirt request that got posted everyday?

actually curious, and if you have it please post it
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mandela, the guy's my hero

thank you so much
along with that denim dan pasta ha

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Is running the best sport to achieve an /fa/ body type?
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nah that would be self induced vomiting
cant even fukn read the pic m8
Yes, and do push-ups, pullups, and situps at least 3x a week.

Tell my why I shouldn't bleach my hair
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cause your face is probably ugly
i mean, you might pull it off

it'll be expensive and take a long time to get right if you've got dark hair but otherwise go ahead

stop seeking validation from strangers on a Tibetan painting forum

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I'm, fucking tired of seeing these eyesores everywhere. POST EFFAY BACKPACKS. Hershey need not apply.
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Welcome to every european city post 2010.

We call them communist humps, you know like camels.
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/Fa/ is hot trash for discussion about backpacks. The majority of posters here are either in high school or just barely university and the most expensive backpack they own is hardly 80 dollars. The fact that most people here don't want to spend much means they are always looking for alternatives to basically Herschel. Because in the price range they shop its either Herschel or a knock off. As well, most people here are normies with normie budgets so for them to get a designer bag at all is out of the question
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This is mine, pretty childish but i got It when i was 17 so...

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OiOi really let himself go
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>$20 a gram
Is that a lot?

Rare OiOi
yeah its normally about a tenner
>yeah its normally about a tenner

as i understand it, that's only out west. in the midwest 20 is the norm

Hey /fa/ Mexican fellow here... so I'm new to fashion world and I'm going going to Los Angeles exclusively to shopping, Just a little context, Im from a port and very hot city.
Any tips for shopping in USA Malls??
I'm going with 1000 dollars
Any good Lax malls??
Any good Brands??

I'm looking for Chelsea boots, bombers, hoodies and basic tees, swimwear
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You'll need to stop by the Mexican equivalent of a hardware store in Tijuana before you get to Los Angeles. Stop by there and pick up a 30-foot tall ladder and a 30-foot long rope. Then take your car and drive to the desert.

Place your ladder on the edge of the wall and climb up it. Fasten your rope to your waist and the top of the wall. Gently scale down the wall and then you can do all the shopping you want in California
I recommend getting really expensive (to avoid taxes and tariffs) and unique clothes. You can get bombers, hoodies, basic tees and swimwear online back in Mexico.

Getting boots/shoes is a good idea, I'd recommend at least trying them even if you're not buying to know your size. I don't really have store recommendations but good luck. (chelsea boots are for faggots btw)
Hate to break it to you op but unless your facial structure is very unique, you're not going to look good in much outside of the typical hollister, polo, swag look, or the cholo look.

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Are there any decent looking sneakers that actually offer good support? I'm on my feet on concrete floors all day(and walk a lot) and my regular sneakers are leaving me with with aching heels. I even put in some of those Dr Scholl's work insoles and it didn't help. New Balance used to be of high enough quality that I could overlook how boring they look. Now they still look boring but they're also shitty quality.
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Key to every sneaker problem is to wear the Nike Air Max Plus.
Are they actually good for being on your feet all day or are you being a /fa/ggot?

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anyone have those pics of the really fat kid wearing rick, also the fits of geos that are really out of place, with like jeans and a buttonup.

Also ro cringe general
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Is Jessica Jones /fa/?
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>infinity scarf

Burning coal is pretty effay
she's ugly

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Summer is right around the corner. What does /fa/ wear to impress the babes?
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all black and wool coats
This, and when grills ask if you're hot say "no ma'am, but you most indubitably are"
you're 40

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Just gonna say i already have searched on the internet and did not find shit besides a bunch of indian youtube channels making trash tier video with no showcase of results.
Problem is that the part under my eyes are sunken in, and i got nasty dark skin on both sides of my lips, most on one side. Another problem being is my skin looks yellowish brown, when i previously 3-4 years ago had healthy clear whitish skin, healthy eyes with no sunken in eyebags nor did i have any nasty dark skin on the corners of my lips. Please help bois
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might wanna go to the doctor man
lmao go to the doctor because i wanna look better? He got better things to do then diagnose why i have gotten ugly.
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Let's settle this; who's the hottest /fa/ poster?
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already established. it's that blonde kid with the big lips
Name someone attractive without above average lips

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Share your effay girl inspos. And say why you like it.

>Models are allowed, but amateurs preferred.
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Mainly the coat and the silouhette it helps create. Very elegant. The one untucked collar, keeps this picture from seeming too rigid.
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Emphasises her figure without being blatantly sexual. Shoes also break up the blackonblack theme.
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Beautiful layering causes her outfit not to seem monotone. Great shoe choice which fits bag.

Summer trainer inspo/thread
bonus points for samba pic related inspo
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w2c bw sport gats? ebay isn't an optino
i've heard there is a german surplus webstore
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Would you date a black girl /fa/?

Can black girls be /fa/shionable?
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>Can black girls be /fa/shionable?
I don't know, was David Bowie effay?
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nigga forreal.png
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here we go...
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>literally 500 million black women current exist
>all of them unfashionable
>shiggy diggy

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