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>20 year old white American male
>growth disorder so I look like a 12-year-old
>5'3" and 120 pounds
>clothing choices vastly limited to tacky, cutesy bullshit

Please, /fa/, help me out here. What's a good quality clothing line that has a good selection for people like me?
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You're the average /fa/goot
Just wear what you see here
3 or 4, yeah. I look at everyone else my age and I just want to shoot myself.

Not very helpful...

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Help me /fa/. I wanna change my style a little. I'm 20 and work in local government. My workplace is a little casual so I wear regular clothes instead of suits. I wear skinny jeans, converses, thin jumpers, that sort of stuff. I'm also super skinny, 5'7 (170 cm) and 110lbs (Manlet).

I want to buy a leather jacket but I don't know where to start. Most of the men I see that wear wear leather jackets have muscular body types. It looks like something like this would just dwarf me even more. What types/styles of leather jackets are there? How would this look on a skinny man and what should I wear with a leather jacket?

Willing to spend a max of £250/300 on a leather jacket.
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Stop trying to be special at work. Wear what your co-workers wear except do it better.

Do not attempt leather, you are not ready for it.
Presumably you are saying I should wear suits? None of my co workers wear formal clothing except managers. Everyone wears jeans, casual shirts and just informal clothing in general.
I don't work at your work. I don't know what they wear. The instructions are clear: do what they do but do it better.
If you're trying to stand out too much you are being a faggot and people will notice that and it'll hurt you.

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PSA: These are the new memeshoes, get in on them before normies.
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as always /fa/ is behind or the marketers are being relentless.
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too late. Basic bish uniform for SS17

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what was nike thinking
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What has Nike been thinking

Just ordered a pair of these, thoughts? Personally I think they have the best basic sneaker silhouette along with Gustin
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/fa/ hates them but i personally think they are a safe choice and can't really go wrong w/ these. I bought my pair about 3 years ago and they are holding up fine and look better w/ more wear.

They will be uncomfortable at first but eventually break in so be patient. Don't baby them wear them like any other shoe they look kinda silly in pristine condition.
>/fa/ hates them
most don't. but the people who like them are redditors
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They're nice, definitely a "can't go wrong" shoe that is more glamorous than a pair of vans or Stan smiths. They're still pretty stealth wealth; prepare for plebs to mistake them for converse or no name shoes.

Personally I prefer Wings+horns for basic sneakers because I think they age better and are more well constructed, but common projects are also nice and it's just a personal preference (it also helps that CPs are super expensive in Canada while W+H routinely sell for 40%+ off at end of season).

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How do I dress in slutcore?
What brands do I choose?
How do I dress to maximize the amount of attention I get from men?
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not being a tranny
just add a choker
How do I dress in slutcore?
just be completely naked
>What brands do I choose?
>How do I dress to maximize the amount of attention I get from men?
wear nothing

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Tight pants with bulky shoes = best core
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Is it humanly possible to achieve a higher level of aesthetic?
File: 5534373002_747cbace1b_z.jpg (100KB, 600x411px)Image search: [Google]
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those aren't very bulky
why would you want your feet to look so large

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So I bleached a pair of my jeans that was fading, and this happened. It was not the desired effect. What would you wear with these?
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are those 32?
Bleach them again, in your bathtub and move them around constantly.

If not, just wear them like you would normal light wash jeans and pretend that this was what you wanted.

Just bought some 1348 buffalo classics, and realized the oroginal buffalo boots are really hard to find.

What happened to these platforms from the 90s?
And can we get some buffalo inspo pics going?
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Shit image but trying to get this thread going.
They are weird, for the most of people they are atrocious anon.
Btw, I hope that you're tall anon, because if you're a manlet and wear those, you'll look super insecure about your height.

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I have 5 inch long brown hair and I'm growing it out what hair styles should I use before it comes down to my shoulders?
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File: 20170408_000932.png (2MB, 1944x2592px)Image search: [Google]
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what do?
I really don't like your hair lmao
Looks good, need to see it from the front though

Let's do something new and start a traditional and/or culture inspo.

This is Imelda Marcos, wearing a filipiniana, and I always admired the gowns.
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File: 0874382489324723:49349.jpg (45KB, 437x577px)Image search: [Google]
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>order a few pair of socks and underwear from [BRAND NAME REMOVED]
>free international shipping from across the globe
>comes in a HUGE package
why? how?
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>brand name
It's ASOS calm down sperg
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>never rock yeezys with a bogo

Why not?
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because you should only wear one hyped piece at a time, otherwise you look like a walking meme.
It looks try hard. Again, one hyped piece only if you wear one. Literally the only time I'm triggered by Supreme is when I see more than one Supreme piece on someone at one time.
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Because you don't want to look like a teenage youtuber who got way too big way too fast

I personally don't see the appeal of supreme and other streetwear brands that just play off the logo and hype behind it.
The clothing just screams "I spent too much trying to look cool" and wearing multiple articles of hype clothing just amplifies that.
It's really trying too hard

What's your key setup like?
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File: blackmeans.jpg (542KB, 750x750px)Image search: [Google]
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keys like that and one of these sometimes
>those pants
>this... talisman?
Final fantasy weeb crisiscore
Please don't tell me blackmeans actually makes those stupid things.

File: virgil abloh.jpg (438KB, 820x1230px)Image search: [Google]
virgil abloh.jpg
438KB, 820x1230px
mfw people paid this guy $4000 to enroll in his streetwear fashion course
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wasn't it online too? kek
abloh is a enormous hack and off white is utter shit, none of their designs are original nor inspiring, moreover a lot of them look like it was cut and glued by 5 year old.

fuck that man and his cutomers
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>take random piece of clothing
>slap this pattern on the back

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