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Any tips on eyebrows? Tutorials? Everytime I go to a barber to fix them I end up looking like an alien. Should I just leave them like this?
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i look like fucking rock lee and im aftraid that if i get them done itll look really obvious and rediculous
My problem is that everytime I get them done it just doesnt fit my face for whatever reason
they are fine

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Wtc similar light wash jeans
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Get any pair of stonewashed jeans and then throw them into a bleach bath for about ten to fifteen minutes. Levis has some 511's in this color if you don't want to do that, but you can get any color you want out of almost any pair of raw denim jeans by using bleach or drying them in the sun.
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I've found apc and slp so far to name two price ranges.
Does the bleach need to be mixed with water or something?

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I wanna buy some black sneakers, which ones are good enough for summer?

Also general summer kicks thread
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Similar to their white counterpart, these look really nice.
>black sole
can you get away with black sneaks and shorts?
Why would you buy sneakers in a color that absorbs heat?

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literally where the fuck are the inspo threads?
idk the rest of the bit that usually kicks it off but yeah thinspo thread
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if I eat 600 calories or less every day for the next month is it possible to lose 20 pounds? I'm taking a thermogenic and drinking a gallon of water a day as well.

Yes I fully expect to die.
y is being paper thin with zero muscle mass so attractive?
i want be so thin to the point of danger and feel the breeze around my limbs but my mental isssue blocks my cops one day i binge over 5000 kcal a day and purge till i feel the blood in the throat and the other day i go on cardio over 10 miles and fast all day. i know its crazy but i cant help myself. what would be the most successful method for an psycho extremist to cop the thinness?

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A text post for interior general:

I remember first seeing these thread like 1.5 year ago. For some reason I really enjoyed them and after a while got some architecture book at college to read. I write fiction then I started a short history about construction.
Next I had the good idea to change white bulbs for 3W warm leds (interior got 500% better).
Next I remembered my passion for plants I started sprouting lemons seeds to one day have pots that I've started.
Today I'm reading pic related, improving my CAD skill before moving to ray tracing in Blender to render ideas and learning about gardening since I had too much problem with sprout shit that seemed easy.

After my learning I say that without changing the building you can't do much to make rooms looks better. When you are stuck with fixed proportions then you focus on balancing the free space. Don't put to much on small rooms.
Play with lighting since it changes the room completely. Standard in my country is middle of ceiling 20W white cold lamp. First try using a 3W led (assuming you not making any surgery in your living room) and try playing with 2 or 3 sources. REMOVE the single source in the middle of the room because this sucks.
The room needs to stay as clean as possible for as long as possible. This make or break a room.
If you like me and love plants then I recommend reading plant phisiology 101 and geo 101 to undertand a bit about nature and biomes.

a good room needs
>correct illumination level
>balance of space
>a good room needs
>>correct illumination level
>>balance of space
Literally none of which you get in Britain.
These threads are simply escapism for me

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Follow, like, judge, etc.


I'll likely only follow interesting accounts
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really average
it's not bad or exceptionally boring, but there's nothing making it worth a follow

kinda new to instagram
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Do you think posting daily devalues your posts? or its irrelavant


EQT Black Pack edition

Previous thread: >>12410331
A general / containment thread for the discussion of all things Adidas. Boosts, NMD, Gazelle, Samba, whatever. Also suggest links for future OP pasta.

EQT Blacks drop on Friday, April 28:

General links:
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some eqts available \

looks like I was able to get past the checkout. Hope they don't cancel my order
>wearing shoes

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yo, can I get a fit check?
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You're a big guy.
>untapered jeans when ur clearly going for that hipster vibe

gagging rn
Dad is that you?

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What does /fa/ suggest for teeth whitening?

I'm pretty anal about taking care of my teeth, but it came from growing up completely neglecting them.

I tried strips back in college, but I didn't see anything huge and seemed to go back fairly quickly afterwards. Are strips something that I will need to keep up with after I get to the look I want?

Should I look into the funny mouth flashlight?

Should I just go and have the dentist do it?
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Yeah you are supposed to get your teeth cleaned every like 3 months or something mongrel
I go to the dentist regularly, I just want to know if there are ways to whiten my teeth at home without spending a fortune by having a dentist do it.
I always assumed teeth whitening was damaging but it seems to be unspeakably popular.
Has the technology changed or are young people still retarded

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who here /balding/ ?
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if you shave your head you stop balding
This. Honestly, don't cling to your hair and look like a fucking idiot. Shaved is pretty /fa/
I dunno about that, lad. Matthew Noszka shaved his head and didn't look effay at all. Very rare it works out.

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What's this hairstyle called? I wanna describe it to my barber.
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show the pic on the phone, no?
Ivy League Cut or Crew Cut
Tapered crew cut

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plaid flannel for first date at a bar/grill? pic related
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Classic look, I'd do it. The whole fit matters tho, what bottoms/shoes will you wear?
Go for it, wear it with some slim/skinny fitting black jeans or black chinos. What shoes?
yeah i was thinking dark jeans, suggestions on shoes?

Should I cop?
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here we go...
doooooo it i really wanted be like mr drive character silent and cool so i bought denim jacket as well to wear under this if you can buy gloves complete the look is great
it is great movie and great inspiration be cool
if you want be /f/a/ then buy definitely my brother
Just search for that classic infograph about cosplaying

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Wow just went to a fashion show after party and never felt more insecure. Also whoever said girl models aren't attracted to male models was dead wrong none of the girls even spoke to me only the other models.
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You probably just radiate weakness and desperation.
You're here because you have an interest in fashion
You got into a party filled with people who like fashion too and didn't speak to anybody
You blame the women for this
tl;dr you're autistic
Different guy, but how do you radiate confidence and shit that makes people want to like you.

Especially when you're a ball of anxiety and self loathing in reality.

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What sneakers would you buy for your qt pi gf who is starting to barista on the weekends?

>no color requirements, they just have to be sneakers. She dresses pretty minimally; monochrome Uniqlo tees and black cigarette jeans mostly
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Hoof Dunks
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