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the truth!!
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>good looks
>wear whatever you want
Pretty accurate.

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woah how did yung lean lose so much weight so quickly
idk its an older photo of him, c.a end 2014
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Not "authentic" 70's looks, but modern looks with a 70's influence
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who is this qt again?
What kind of blonde is this? My hair is the same color. Very cute girl btw.
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I work in the airline industry, and one of our new airline contracts requires a dress code for passenger agents that's basically all black. Black shirt, black pants.

I'll be supervising, so I want to wear a tie so I look less like a Starbucks employee. Ideally not a white tie so I don't look like I got kicked out of The Hives.

So what would be a good tie to wear with a black shirt and black pants?

Pic not really related. The only reason I'd wear a tie like that is to hang myself with it for buying such a stupid tie.
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red tie. only option that looks good.
Any particular type of red tie? Something knit or patterned? Glossy vs matte?
Isn't a black tie a hazard in an emergency? Why not wear a black sport coat or something?

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Am i /fa/?
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>Am i /fa/g

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Love the jacket, the jean/joggers are kinda gross desu
They are regular Levi's but they are tapered at the bottom

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Fucking apologize
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ugh YES!!! Men, please dress like this
When guys dress like this :O :O <3 <3
he looks great desu

Found this dress shirt at the thrift shop, but I have trouble looking for a good color palette to match this.

T-Shirts I have:
White plain, Black plain

Black Doc Martens, Beige SFB, Grey Nike Toki

Black chinos, dark navy blue chinos,dark blue corduroy skinny slim, autumn orange

Just a good colour palette for this would work

Sucks that I don't have bleach meme pants
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Ask in the preppy thread.

Cmon, open dress shirt, white tshirt,

black pants?

awesome cop, atcq colors for real.

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What are you supposed to wear during the summer when conventional clothing is too hot?
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suffer for beauty
Calculate just how long you have to be outside and then concurrently hunt for shadows when executing the "meandering"

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Hey /fa/, good cop or retarded cop?
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retarded imo.
Decent cop like 5 years ago.
decent cop minus the pills
Jap characters make a person look pretentious if they aren't Jap but in a fashionably acceptable way
pills + Jap chars = exxxxxtra pretention

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Did americana/workwear die out or is that still a thing?
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Only if you're going to a job centered around manual labor is it ok
Workwear is dead. It was about trying to be authentically volkisch. Now we have moved past that and realize that only black people have an authentic culture.

*All of your memes must be styled after black twitter memes.
*Start getting spray tans. You need to make bodybuilders look sick and pale.
*Your children should be black. Tell your girlfriend she is "poly" now and invite black men over. Tell her asking black men to wear condoms is racist.
*If you own less than 12 pairs of sneakers you are a failure.
*Organic juice goes in the trash. That is swpl shit and do you know how they make it? They take regular juice and water it down so it doesn't taste like it has added sugar. From now on you by orange DRINK.
It's still a thing, sadly.

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Dadcore is in fashion. I saw on TV that dudes have been lining up outside of Ross every morning before open for the last few months or so.
because it's comfy and effay, who cares about cucks like you think
>he dresses for women
kek, stay virgin faggot
i want to be like the drive guy but am short pls help me

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What clothing should I buy to look like a trashy whore? My budget is $400
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jean shorts with some ass showing
see through mesh is essential whorecore
Thanks what about the top?

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Where does/fa/ get their plain T's from?
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Bella+Canvas from Amazon
American Apparel, tho quality fell to shit/they got bought out by Gildan, so it's shit now.

Been tempted to buy the Tres Pack from Devium, since it's $60 & US-made.

Might also give Industry of All Nations a shot.
>Tres Pack from Devium
are these fitted shirts? this kind of shit is exactly what i want if they're fitted
Great suggestions!

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thinking of getting some velcro sandals

will I get bullied
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get teva or suicoke. other than that you have to be mac demarco in order to pull it off.
depends on your age and style taste
i wear teva sandals once in a while and i get weird looks for it. it's whatever just get over the fact that people who don't know you or don't get it will snap judge you as a fag

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>girls give a shit about fashion

LOL. Every chick on the street stares at my arms and muscles, not the clothing I wear. The people I see spending effort into their fucking pants are weirdo virgins. Being fit = looking good with or without clothes. Pic related is me
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>preaching to the chior
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holy shit are you harolds son?
what am i retarded

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