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Talk about current events in online lolita comms. Censor names. Don't single people out. Don't spend the whole thread bitching about the janitors.
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Ah shit why did I write lolita sales twice? Eh whatever
Janitor-San. Please stop being vindictive. There was literally nothing against the rurus in the last thread. Remove rule breaking posts not our entire threads.
Is there a Lolita sales group besides EGL sales comm where replicas aren't allowed? I know Lacemarket says no replicas but I see them posted. Is there a no-replicas FB group?

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What's everyone's take on mainstream stores doing kawaii shit? I know Primark is starting to do a lot more stuff that is more fairy kei
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>fairy kei

Where do you live? Here it's Just shitty hipster vibe al over.
>fairy kei
that's a funny way to spell "tumblr"
This makes me a bit sad as I collect Tamagotchis (they were and still are very dear to me) and I'd love to wear clothes with them on it without looking like a Tumblr type or the whole ~*Aesthetic*~ thing.

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Old thread >>8987667
Not posting links, use the catalog it's not that hard.

Recently I scored some pretty stained items from wunderwelt's lacemarket. I know the topic of washing brand is often discussed but would anyone like to hear my results after they arrive and I atempt to save them?
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Continuing the question of street snaps of Japanese fashion magazines, I was under the impression that all of them are prearranged and not "oh you look nice can I take your picture and publish it in this one mag"
I know with traditional high fashion almost all "street snaps" are pre-arranged, unless photographers are milling about outside of fashion shows and taking pictures of the attendees when they are arriving. I'd imagine Lolita would be the same, but perhaps due to the niche aspect of Lolita there are some instances where a photographer stops someone on the street and asks for a pic or something
Yes OP please, WW has posted some of my dream items but they are heavily stained and been too afraid to buy them incase they'd be unsalvageable.

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Opening image is from Kera issue 45, circa June 2002, and features Metamorphose.

Old Thread (Highlights from Kera 68, 46, 32 / 80s lolita with Atsuki Onishi '85 & Olive )
>> 8986127

Bringing along these questions from a few threads ago:
>Having any recent purchases?
>What's your oldest item?
>What kind if coords are you planning?
>Who's your old school inspiration/idol?

>What is it that draws you to old school?
>Do you have a specific favorite old school coord? If so, what is it you like so much about it?
>Do you have an old school "crown jewel" of your wardrobe? If so, why that piece?
>I feel old school has been making a comeback. What do you think?
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And I failed. Does this link to the old one?
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File: IMG_20160502_0015.jpg (4MB, 2552x3508px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Old thread hit bump limit. >>8981852

Share your feels - happy, sad, whatever. As long as they're cgl related.

Please don't go on off-topic rants and get this deleted.
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>wants "wifey material"
>wants an instafuck

Guy sounds bipolar.
>friend throws cosplay wedding
>I'm the only one in our crew not invited because it's couples-only
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Now have this in all 3 colorways. So pretty happy about completing that because I really like this print and luckily it doesn't go for much. Now to look out for the other cut being sold for good prices.

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Alright, let's fight and figure this out once and for all. What the heck does casual lolita look like?

Here, have some outdated links:
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imo casual lolita isn't a T-shirt and a skirt, it's a simple, jsk or skirt, maybe non print, with a simple blouse or dressier cutsew, with a straw boater, subtly patterned legwear or ankle socks, and simple shoes such as plain Mary Janes or oxfords
So just a coord that's toned down?
Do you have a picture example? Because what you're describing right now sounds like normal lolita to me.

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This thread is for everything plus size+j fashion related

Has anyone really dedicated themselves to finding plus sized resources? I have a few that I've personally ordered from which are listed below.

Plus sized tights

Plus sized petticoat options

I will continue to increase the list/possibly make a google doc as I find stores and hear recommendations.
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old thread maxed out
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I was expecting Pixielocks. I want my money back.
We had a local con this past weekend and I was going through the tag on tumblr
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Haven't had one in a while and I need some inspiration
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I'll dump some that I have
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Any Irish gulls ever been? How is it? I looked up some links on youtube and saw a lot of youngins. Im 23. Is it generally a younger con?
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Its all ages really, there are a far few older people but they tend to stick with their own groups and not mingle much. Eirtakon is the biggest one so you do get a lot of cosplay first timers there.
When is it?
Its so so young. Makes you feel old and sad. would not recommend.

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Post about your local comms, gulls.
Please try to keep vendettas out of the thread and contained within your comm.
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My comm is really laid back and chill and I love it for that, but sometimes I just want to bitch about it or people in it on here, but I don't because I don't want to be that person that starts shit. I wonder if anyone else in my comm feels the same.
>post about your local comms
>except don't talk about your comm

How does your comm deal with sissies? My comm is torn in half over a "brolita" even though several members have shown proof to mods that they are wearing lolita as a fetish. One mod is calling us transphobic and is threatening to give bans.
>several members have shown proof to mods that they are wearing lolita as a fetish
>One mod is calling us transphobic
What the hell? I honestly don't know what to say, that's ridiculous. This is far from helpful but damn, anon, you have my sympathy.

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Curious as to if Ame is going to have any noteworthy guests, everything is a bit quiet. Did they bring anything up at Kita?
I'm just going for the party
I really hope they get not shit djs. If it's snap again, probably just going to mong out on the steps.

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Anyone have any really bad cosplay photos like pic related?
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>title as name
>newfag plz

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What did you seagulls think when you saw this??

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I thought it was pretty great desu. Decent coord
Thank you for posting this, I started hearing this song where I work and it was driving me insane because I couldn't place where I'd heard it before.
Awesome, more normalization of lolita fashion please.

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Can we get a thread for cosplays that you need to be /fit/ for?
I need motivation to keep me going.
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I'll slowly post what I have throughout the day.
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More like this
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