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Old one is dead

Share tips, where to get cabochons and other supplies, finished stuff... You know the drill. Pictures of your own creations welcome.
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Dumping a lot of stuff I just bought for decoden. Here's the Taobao lot of cabochons and little figures.
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Annnnd the eBay/Ali lot, minus the silicone and many clear and white phone cases. I'm gonna stick Mew and Mewtwo on the glittery purple ones. Tbh, I'm excited for it to come
Mind linking the piping thing and cabochon wheel? Please post your cases when the stuff arrives, I'd love to see them.

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Drama and memes.

Desucon ticket sales start in 6 hours, are you ready? Will they be sold out in 15 minutes or will the alaikäban actually help?
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Don't forget it's under three weeks to Cosvision. Are your costumes finished?
>Implying someone's going to Cosvision
I know loads of people going to Cosvision...?

Jesus Christ, wtf
>Post itas, not nitpicks
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this is just animegao or kigurumi, nothing to worry about, just a fetish.
Actually one of the cuter kigurumis I've seen.
i think they look fine desu. it's weird but they don't look like trash.

The old one is gone so share the tales of your lolita/cosplay/weeb family, friends, coworkers, etc.
Also share any stories of yourself being the embarrassing one or families embarrassing you over your hobbies!
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>salty cunts no fun allowed: the thread
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>grandma is understanding of cosplay
>she and mom have been taking me to conventions since I was a teen
>grandma's friends sort of know what I do
>basically "Anon goes to comic con!"
>grandma's new friend doesn't know much about me
>grandma casually mentions I'd been out of state for a convention when asked where I was
>didn't see anything odd about it

>fast forward a few months
>seeing more of grandma's friend
>lady is nice enough but I tend to tune out my grandma's friends
>lady waits until my grandma has left the room to tell me she found me on facebook
>says she went through my photos (everything on my FB is strictly private aside from my convention albums so people can tag themselves)
>gushes about how pretty I looked in my costume
>keeps gushing when my grandma comes back
>on her way out the door decides to impart some wisdom
>"You should put makeup on every day so you'll look pretty like in those photos!"
>yeah ok whatever

>fast forward again
>keeps asking me when my next convention is every time we go out to eat with her
>asks me what costumes I'm working on
>find it a little annoying because I only go to two conventions a year so I have to keep repeating myself
>still, don't think much of it
>"Oh by the way anon, I was at a family reunion and one of my nephews is into that comic book stuff!"
>that's nice
>"Yeah, I showed him your picture, that one from the convention!"
>you what
>too flabbergasted to say anything
>this old lady has been flashing my photos to people?
>wonder if she's trying to set me up with one of her nephews or something
>she acts like she hasn't admitted to it and hasn't brought it up since
>I know she's keeping tabs on my FB (even though my friend request access is strictly friends of friends only) because she's sent me a random message on there asking where my grandma and I wanted to eat for lunch one day
>just know she's waiting for more photos to drop to show off to single relatives
>mfw my next cosplay is a man
Anyone have a larger version of OP pic?

Because nostalgic CLAMPfags made a thread, let's have one for the superior stylings of Visual kei and Twin Peaks fan, mangaka Yuki Kaori.

Let the nostalgia commence.
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What makes a con successful or unsuccessful?
At what point should a con just give up?
What are the best and worst cons you've ever been to? Why were those the best or worst?

I would like to start a new con out of the ashes of a failed con in my city, but I'm not sure what I need to make the convention successful.
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I haven't been to enough cons to awnser that, but in my opinon the most important aspect is the people. it's a social event's so the kind of people there make it.

if your really planning on it your gonna have to get a bunch of people and raise money, even if its a small event at first, i think if its very community based, and the type of people running it, are kind and very open and welcoming, it can become a great con.
No the people running it have to be competent at running an event. OP's picture if fro the infamous failure of Dashcon, run by Tumblr, that prides themselves on being "open, kind and welcoming" but that doesn't cover the cost for actually renting out the space and paying your guests.
>What makes a con unsuccessful?
Being the chair of a con and shit talking other cosplayers directly on the con's Facebook page.

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Old new one got deleted yesterday. So let's try this again.
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I'm going to turn 20 soon and i'm so "scared"? I don't feel ready.
I know we all get old it's impossible to avoid, we all get wrinkles and all that stuff one day.
But i'm scared i won't feel "kawaii" anymore, (i'm not into supah ott pastel vomit, i used to be into that "kawaii loli aidoru" shit at 14 then moved onto "kawaii living dorru",..now i'm into lolita, and a bit more sane, i have a bit of 2010 sweet prints and a bit of old school, and "normal" cute fashion like kotakoti would wear in 2011-2012). I feel like i'm dressing "too young" and shouldn't (despite looking younger than my age)
I just want to be young forever...i'm so superficial. The only thing i do is crying since two days and thinking about throwing all my cutesy shit and "mature"
>tl;dr i'm growing up and it sucks balls
I know the feel, anon. I'm 25, don't feel like it at all and absolutely dread growing old. But if it's any consolation, regarding your fashion choices: Your age shouldn't get in the way of you having fun. 20 is actually a relatively average (if not below average) age for lolita so while I understand how you feel I do want to reassure you that you're definitely not too old for it.
Thanks anon dude. Same for you,we'll get over it eventually. Also doesn't help all of my friends are in between 2 to 4 years younger than me haha...

So, I just purchased a BTSSB item that has some significant staining. I got it pretty cheaply, so my plan is to first try to remove the stains. If I am unsuccessful, I was going to try tea-dying it (the stains are a tea-ish color). I wouldn't wear it as is, and I can't see anyone else wanting to either.

My question is, what are your thoughts on making alterations to lolita brand items, whether it be tailoring, repairs, dying, etc? Is it ever okay? It is okay when the item is already damaged?
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It is a bolero, btw.
Your money, your dress, your choice.
You bought it, if you can see yourself wearing it, do whatever. If you sell it, let the buyer know of what you've done. Beyond that, no fucks given.

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Old thread >>8991658

Spring is fadding away in the northern hemisphere. How do you say cool in 100+ weather and still stay lolita?
And for you southern hemisphere folks, I'm sure you're excited to finally break out your long sleeve blouses and coats again!
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what are some shops with hime gyaru/hime lolita wigs? i don't mind paying extra for a better quality wig
I put an ice pack on my vagina. Not even kidding.
I forgot fahrenheit exists and had a moment of shock and horror at that temperature

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Old thread full. Post your questions here.
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Reposting my question;

I want to start making something out of worbla. I thought you just made the thing out of worbla and you're done (plus sanding and painting etc. ofcourse) but now I keep seeing people using two layers of worbla with foam between, which would triple the costs.
Is this really necessary? Or only with some parts? Could someone please explain?
It depends on what you're making and if you're willing to line the back with something else or not.

I usually use the double method for things that you more likely or not will see the back of, like belts, and other things that "stick off" of the body.

You can just fold over the edges (think of how people who sew cut slits into fabric to make harsh shapes easier) for things like armor for the most part though. Line the inside with something black (usually) like foam, or a comfortable fabric. People double up their worbla to make the piece look "finished", but you can do the same with lining. The only downside would be it might be harder for you to attach straps, so make sure the fold over covers wherever straps would go, if you're making something that requires them.
An Anon was asking in a previous thread about waterproof body paint for pic related. I said I ordered a black "henna" marker (not actually henna, but FDA approved alcohol based body paint as an alternative to toxic coloured henna) and was waiting for it to arrive to try it.

I just got it in the mail. It works perfectly. It's a tiny bit drippy (nothing too bad, it collects slowly) and the ink does get on the inside of the cap so I recommend wearing gloves when using it and making sure it doesn't drip on anything, but it's very dark and stays on even when touched or wet. (also using a stencil would probably help)

Here it is in action:

First pic is obviously running water on it to show it's waterproof, second is after getting it wet and rubbing a towel on it enough to make my skin pink and it was still on. I'm not sure if it'll fade or bleed in heavily chlorinated water.

The black ones are currently out of stock, but the seller is really nice and if you message her she'll usually update stock or let you know when she'll have more.

I haven't tried the other colours yet (I wish there were more), but it's probably a good cheap (albeit not perfect) alternative to bodypaint for small-medium solid-shade tattoos that aren't too intricately detailed.

(sorry for the shill, but I'm hoping that Anon is still around and this might be useful to others anyway)

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What are the thins in Lolita that some people like but you hate.For me it's
-Striped otks
-Maxi pad head-dresses
-Black dresses with pastel prints
-Old school Lolita
And people with too many fucking hair bows
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Fatties who think they can fit into AP and stretch the seams.
You. I hate you.
These threads

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Old thread fucked up >>8962682
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dream dress graphic.jpg
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One day...
as always
Reposting mine cause someone might be selling Fantastic Dolly.


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Old one is autosaging.

Post questions, advice, inspiration, completed works and WIPs!

Resource Doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15mrdnoKqy7csGQ7XhyFy_wXVnLUzKX0sd2agIvHDXVw/edit?usp=sharing
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are there other ways to put holes through domed resin pieces (as in just card/paper domed) other than a dremel? wondering if I'm going to have to invest in one straight a way
It depends on how thick it is. I'm assuming you mean to make a charm out of it? If its too thin you risk cracking it, If all else fails use bails.
I'm gonna dump some inspo from my reference folder

New Bodyline thread since last once is atuosaging

>mfw need to buy boots
>mfw s518 and shoes164 look good
>mfw they have the same thumbnail
>one is less than 10$ and out of stock in the color i need and one is more than 40$
pls help
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is your face the bodyline logo
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I got so pissy waiting for shipping to get fixed I just went buck wild with taobao instead.
I have a feeling Yandyman will make me regret that very soon

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Have you see a really stupid sale on Facebook of lacemarket? I have and I'm sure you have too. Share your tales.
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>Cheap halloween costume

Is she high
>beloved pirate cosplay
>never worn
>picture of her wearing it
>moneygram/bank transfer only!

Yeah, this really is wtf.
I am convinced she's either high or thicker than a pair of bricks.

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