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>universe where people can manipulate gravity, command fire/ice/electricity/earth/water, Allahu Akbar with sweat, create unlimited warp gates, be the Last Airbender, disintegrate things just by touching them, spawn black holes, mind control
>most powerful person in the known world whose mere existence deters crime and can take out an Immortal Satan Spawn with like 3 dozen different quirks has the power to punch things really hard

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Sometimes you can't beat the classics.
I don't know why this so hard to wrap your head around. All for One is just magnitudes stronger than Amy other individual Quirk. There totally is value in having an actually insurmountable amount of force and that's precisely what makes AfO so impressive. It's just THAT strong.
same reason no one wants to really fuck worth the hulk unless you're insane(wolverine), a god(thor), or another hulk(red hulk), even thanatos wouldn't want to fight the hulk.

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Which one is more deep /a/?
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Your asshole
Neon Genesis Evangelion. Madoka Magica is just edgy shit.
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You know it.

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She's highly underrated.
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That's what happens when your in Sona's team your just not important.
Kill yourself.
It also happens when you fall for the guy with the hardest boner for the MC, to the point he is willing to turn into a girl for him.

What went wrong?
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Rushed production for their game.
Nothing. It's perfect in every way.
Did something go wrong?

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Edna is too flat.
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No such thing.
OP is too homosexual.

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Did he ever do something useful?
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He fucked Bulma.
Not since Dragon Ball.
And even then he was just to job during tournament arcs

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Anybody know if this is any good? Looks super-gay.
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it's super gay in the bad sense. I have dropped like 10 times this manga but it has every now and then one page that is so extremely cute that you end up picking it up again. Looking forward to the animation.
Do you like terrible plot twists and pointless angst?
If you thought Sasameki Koto was to outfront with it's romance and had too much genki happy people in it it's your manga.

Ah, sounds like it will be a good rage-watch than.

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This is your Crimson Demon for the day.
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token loli
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Season 2 when?

Fucking gunshipping in a Halifax.

Absolute madmen.

What do you think the Germanians will expose when what's his name goes undercover?
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The gestapo uke is going to be mindbroken by pie.
Glasses cuck ruined everything.
Do the Germanians have some kind of occult prediction device?

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homura creepy.jpg
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How do you hope the next movie turns out?
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Madoka licks the evil out of homus cunt
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Why? What has Madoka ever done to you?
I'm absolutely certain that this'll be how it ends.

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1. Sakurako Ōmuro
2. Chinatsu Yoshikawa
3. Rise Matsumoto
5. Akarin~
6. Ayano Sugiura
7. Hanako Ōmuro
8. Mari Funami
9. Akane Akaza
10. Yui Funami
9001. Tomoko Yoshikawa
9002. Mirakurun
9003. Rivarun
9004. Ganbo
9000001. Kaede Furutani
9000000001. boob monster
9000000000001. Chitose Ikeda
900000000000001. Nadeshiko Ōmuro
9000000000000000001. Nana Nishigaki
900000000000000000000000001. Chizuru Ikeda
Prove me wrong, also discuss Sakurako's superiority and post pics cause I'm low on them.
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Ayano is my favorite designed but not a good character

Ayano a shit and Kaede is cute
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Chinatsu is way too high

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Here's your cellmate for the next year.
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hope she'll be dropping the soap the entire year
Awesome. I want to have lots of sex with Ebina Nana-chan and her 16-year-old boobies.
They better start preparing solitary confinement because I won't last long in this cell.

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Hey Anon, what do you think?
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My waifu is the only one for me. Fuck off, you loose whore.
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does anyone here have the lewd greentext of this picture?

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What the hell is this shit!?
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the death of a franchise

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The moon shining it's brightest breaks through the dark of the night becoming a beacon of hope.
Today's prediction is moon blessing. If you look up to the skies, the hopeful light will bless your heart with a serendipitous light.
Send a lit bit of your hope back and bless all the other persons watching as well, and the stars will watch over us from the cosmos.

Houkago no Pleiades thread.

Tonight there will be a supermoon. The moon will be it's closest to Earth and will appear bigger and brighter than the other full moons.
Even if just a little enjoy this rare occurrence by turning your view to the night sky.
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Stop copying /ai/ threads
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I wish I watched this with /a/. Was a good marathon though.
I loved this

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