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Get in here
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queerbaiting is a cancerous term
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Rocky chan a cute! l wanna marry Rocky!
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>mfw anons take the bait

New episode out
Yuyu is kakkoii as fuck
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[HorribleSubs] Flip Flappers - 09 [720p].mkv
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Shit OP image.
Board ex Machina.
Shaolin shodown!

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Georgi best boy
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Discuss how hot Mickey is after being freed from the incestuous prison of his own design
Anyone else noticed that every single time Yuri skates, regardless of program, they show this 3 second clip of Victor's eye blinking? It's included every single time. I'm wondering if that clip is supposed to represent Victor being inspired/surprised/seeing Yuri's "music" as he skates
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thread archived but they aren't my favs so this is the best you guys will get until some one wants to do better
I'll accept slut as payment

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They seem like very good friends
Yuuri want to be filled with Victor's man seeds
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A platonic marriage proposal between two straight men.
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Are they going to have missionary style wedding night sex
Episode 9 was so cute and fluffy.

What an I'm would make a good live action movie? For me, it'd have to be Black Lagoon.
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Anime, guck you autocorrect...
No, just no, you fucking phoneposter.
Wew lad

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How is Hanako so sexy?

I wasn't a lolicon pervert before I watched this scene, but holy shit, it gave me a SERIOUS erection. That sexy little armpit, those lewd collarbones, that strained loli expression.


Hanako is literally the sexiest loli in ALL of anime. I want to fuck her little eight-year-old butt. Thoughts?
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I think you're a nigger.
Hello, police?
There was already a lolicon thread up.

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>There are people on /a/ who won't watch an anime if it "looks old"
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I don't care what it looks like, if it was made before 2007, I ain't watching it.
I already said this in another thread but I seriously think that as /a/ goes the way of /v/ that it's getting time to consider making /ar/ to discuss older anime the redditors don't now about because it isn't shown on netflix.

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What did she mean by this?
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You will address her as Karen.
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Karen is my spirit animal.

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Post YFW someone sexualizes a forbidden character.
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>it's (do not look at spoiler) yotsuba
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Guts has LITERALLY been through everything. Is there literally any other manga character can even compare to him?
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This pretty much.

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Poor men's HxH
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Hiatus x Hiatus went to shit when Yu Yu Hakusho ended.
Not even close. More like the rick man's Naruto.

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>see this

What will you do?
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Dunno, is it a goblin?
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Prolly throw a back kick on that motherfucker

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Can someone tell me how this ends? I got halfway through and dont feel like finishing it but I want to know who beats who and wins at the end
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saber beats my dick
Grail is a lie. Nobody wins.
Kiritsugu kills Kirei, wins the Grail and saves the world. It becomes a happy utopia where war and conflict don't exist and he lives happily ever after with his wife and daughter

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