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Name an anime character that could beat STTGL.
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Super Duper Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagan

Akarin would shoot it down with her hair buns

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So apparently someone translated a really small short story that happens in the first loop of arc 2, before things go to shit.


This short story is not on Tenpenshuu, it was bundled with the first volume of the Dainishou manga as a bonus. The translation credit goes to someone named "WintryOne".
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Rem will sleep on the floor.jpg
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Also apparently the same person translated part of this Subaru X Rem Doujin, up to the first kiss, and the very last page:


I have no idea why they only translated those parts
That was short but nice.
Well it's just an extremely inconsequential short bundled with the manga as a bonus, nothing super important, but still good for SoL stuff.

Taking aside the downer ending that implies his first death in arc 2.

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Out of all the girls in the world, why her?
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because shes best girl
Her design is cute
MC likes boring and bland girls.

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I've heard a decent amount of opening and ending songs for many anime but I've never heard one that's done stuff like this to me. I've listened to this ending over 30 times today. I really love that intro and I love me some Technoboys Pulcraft Green-fund.
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Just came here to post the south end of a north bound Sakurako

oh yeah, the music is very fine
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reoko recover.webm
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A person of unknown identity wakes up in a new body in a new reality every time it wakes up. One day it might wake up in the body of a 16-year old girl from a generic high school setting, the next as an old muscular hunter from a prehistoric setting.
Every day the person must figure out who it is and try to avoid dying, usually solving some kind of problem every day.
One day per episode.
Mainly a comedy show.

More of a premise than a plot, but whatever.
Guy pilots robot. May or may not earn affection from others. Guy fights bad guys (who may or may not pilot robots themselves) with robot. Guy discovers that the instructions of his leaders may not be as clear-cut as it previously seems.
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A rom-com about a newly married couple, both are major otakus and their nerdy arguments about their differing views of anime/manga/pop culture is straining their relationships.

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You can make one these genres disappear

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The one in the middle.
Isekai is the obvious answer
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>hating genres

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What's her name again, /a/?
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what's your reason to ask again?
Miss Checkem
Teacher Slut

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Might as well dump this since Sense hasn't released yet.
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Why haven't you read Best Manga?
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It wasn't that great.
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Why did Keikakuman get nerfed so hard in the newest episodes?
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Those are semen demons
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So did Jack, Sawatari, and Gon just fade out of existence or something?

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kimi no na wa.jpg
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It feels strange that the entirety of 2017 being as good as 2016 or not will depend on this getting or not an Oscar.

(I'm not saying it should, I'm just saying that I want to because the shitpost will be epic)
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>australia got it before usa
So much for being the best country.
That's because emuland is just closer to japan.

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Jesus Christ this got dark and depressing fast.
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This was so well done fuck why can't other shounens do dark side as well.
Togashi despite all the meming is a good writer.
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just finished the arc

>mfw meruem death scene

Would you a Chitose?
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Not even with a rented dick.
Of course
Im not a fucking gay like the firstpost
No, I prefer a Koto.

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What do you think will happen after Jojolion? Araki himself said he would stop at around 60, but there's still some time to do stuff
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>Ever stopping JoJo
It keeps printing money for him.
Honestly I'd love it if they erased the events of Star Ocean, I sort of want to see part 4 Josuke again.
>star ocean
josuke4 is the only MC without the joestar/dio star on its back while giorno could have resisted the part 6 reset in some way like in the light novel

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