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>Japanese highschooler uses his 21st century command of science and technology to transform a primitive society meme

Don't isekai authors realize that without the support of the rest of society, your average highschooler wouldn't even know how to make a toaster, let alone a gun?
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They could probably figure something out. Pioneer sterilization and hand hygiene in the medical field. Theres a surprising swathe of day to day knowledge thats actually fairly recent.
Has there ever been an isekai where this actually even happened?
>Do isekai authors realize

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Isayama binge watched all 6 seasons of GOT this month and said that SNK has been affected by the story of GOT.

What did he mean by this.

Also spoiler week is officially upon us.
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>want to be a westaboo and join in the GOT bandwagon
tragic taste
>What did he mean by this.
The Lannisters are right.
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It is a dictatorship state.

There are no elections and the public has no say whatsoever in government. Everything is controlled by a board of directors who themselves are expendable.

There is extremely little real privacy. Hidden cameras cover every street and when leaving the city, students are tracked by a microchip every second. Despite this crime is widesread and is committed daily by students. Murderers walk around in broad daylight and destruction of private property and buildings by students is common.

The most pressing issue is ethics, of which there are basically none. Far from questioning the morality of it, scientists send thousands of human clones to die in gruesome ways without batting an eye. In this city, there are no people, just test subjects. But it's not just scientists who are the villains here, the students range from apathetic to psychotic, with the more powerful students falling moreso into the latter category. To this end, several students are complete trainwrecks. Shokuhou Misaki regularly takes away the free will of other students and citizens, possessing them so she can become more popular. This behaviour is not frowned upon but rather encouraged with scientists attempting to make the ability even more powerful.

Academy City is a house of glass with students running amok and stroking their egos while scientists watch them, reducing them down to a factor and probability in their inhumane experiments.
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esper power
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Because the man who controls memes runs the city. You literally can't say no to that.

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PV is out.
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Looks good, backgrounds maybe not as impressive but everything else fine.
January 8th is the premiere date.
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sucy a best

Continued from >>150378428

I love seeing platonic friends having a good time together!
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>Continued from
Last thread is still in page 4 retard.
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OVA 4 comes out today. Some Anons already have the bd to it.

Tenchi thread I guess too.
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How disappointing is it?
Pioneers, report in!


Discussion of this week's episode of Pripara and more things.
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An alien idol? Nice, very nice
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This is your senpai tonight
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Kill yourself cancerous memesprout.
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Bestest girl
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Her is an all you can sniff buffet Pythie.
This is the true thread.
I hope that one is Fal and not Fav.

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What's the best Pure Illusion so far?
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The one where they almost die that results in Cocona no longer needing glasses.
>Mimi took Salt's vision away from him
>grants it to Cocona

Can the manga fix it?
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Muh dick
Holy shit this looks clean
Holy fuck this poster looks good
Toyotaro is /our/ guy

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Chapter title is Good-Bye.

Cover page: Straw Hats in red outfits.
Color Spread: Straw Hats wearing red jackets in snowy woods
Spine: The scene in which Luffy appears for the first time (Chapter 1 probably)

Big Mom is not angry despite Luffy's words.
She says she will forgive anything since she will obtain Germa power and the treasure box (Tamate Box) tomorrow.
Her subordinate reports that an intruder has appeared.

*Sanji's room

Sanji is attracted by Pudding. On the other hand, he is worried about Baratie.

*Pudding's room

Big Mom rejected the dress Pudding wanted to wear. Pudding was told to wear the dress Big Mom prepared.
Pudding is standing on a balcony in rain. She recalls Lola, who ran away from home saying she will decide her own marriage.

*Whole Cake Castle

Pedro goes on a rampage with his sword and bomb. Smoothy gets in touch with Tamago, who is chasing Pedro. Brook goes into the Treasure room and locks from inside.

Tamago tells Smoothy via Den Den Mushi not to kill Brook since Big Mom would want a rare creature like him.

*Treasure Room

Chess soldiers attack Brook, but he neutralizes them via his guitar and song.

Brook "You don't know my epithet, right? Baby! I'm Soul King! Fake souls like you can't stand against my soul cry!"

*Prisoner Library Room

Pudding comes to meet Luffy. She comes into the prison thanks to the bookmark. She apologizes Luffy for what has occurred so far.
She tells him that Sanji made a marriage proposal for her but she has no intention to accept it. She also whispers something to Luffy and Nami.

Luffy and Nami are shocked to hear it.

Pudding "Good-Bye."

Tears are falling from her face.
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Pudding best girl confirmed.
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But I thought it was Robin...
Anyone else betting that big mom's minister of honey is going to be a bear or have a bear zoan?

I hope this is real. As much as it made sense for Pudding to be yandere, I really, REALLY wanted her to be good.

ITT: How to treat a lady.
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equality is nice
Is this the one where everyone is hilariously mean to that girl? Like to the point of locking her in a cage, setting her free for like 10 seconds then making her get back in?
I am laughing every second watching this anime.
Can't simply understand why women likes these kind of characters.

Sick and barely hanging in them. But she is still the best girl.

Remember to spoiler tag images and conversations about today's episode until the subbed version is released.

Not everyone watches the live stream or knows moonrunes.
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Today is best girl episode motherfuckers.
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Nipa is best girl though! Why are you silly though, there are several other shows this season that fit the bill far better for what you cry about with love yet they don't have people doing it at all like you are.
Agree with the spoilering, few screenshots would be just fine realistically.

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>b-but the new designs suck
No they don't.
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Why do Hayate's kness look so weird?
That's not the Fate I know and love.
Reflection looks like a mistake

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