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Motoko Togusa.jpg
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ITT: we guess what the next anime adaptions will be if Ghost in the shell is a success
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Serial Experiments Lain, except Lain will be a loud, obnoxious millennial that shares nudes over the
Wired and degrades herself because she thinks its empowering.
Sarajo doujins
Fuck. Meant Scarjo.

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Maki is literally shit. The only people who like her are self projecting autists and /g/ niggers who never watched Love Live. Her speaking voice sounds like a fucking carburetor
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The show itself is glossed garbage so the same applies to all characters in it.
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Bait harder.
There are people who genuinely believe LL isn't trash?

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So who won?
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The guy who was already worn out from fighting several monsters and was going to win until his loli sister bailed out his bitch ass foe
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Why is Garou such a punk ass?

>tfw he's still going to beat Watchdog Man
Garou was caught off guard and almost bit the dust. That's what you get for turning your back on an enemy.

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Here you can come and draw or make requests to make anime/manga related art
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lenneth ref.jpg
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Requesting Lenneth doing maintenance on her sword i.e. oiling, polishing, etc.
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Sophia and a beta raccoon.jpg
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Requesting colors

Ref of Tanukichi: http://i.imgur.com/AqmNQCR.png

Ref of Sophia: http://i.imgur.com/2omrwTZ.jpg

Uniform colors: http://i.imgur.com/aCyRlkb.png
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Requesting colors for my bootylicious goddess
Neptune ref: http://i.imgur.com/LyLoMWX.jpg

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>Keijo v1 sells 715 BDs, DVDs do not rank.
What went so wrong?
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What about manga sales?
Only teens likes cowtits and unfortunately, teens don't really have enough money to buy BD.
Nips have shit taste.
That's literally it. They're absolute retards.

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ITT: Post your contrarian opinions.
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I'll start:
VN adaptations don't work and LN adaptation suck.
Forced melodrama romance shows (anohana, Ef: a tale of memories) are the worst.
Baccano does not need a sequel.
Old berserk tv show was amazing.
Code geass is an unoriginal trainwreck.
DTB season 2 was not that bad.
Durarara was long and boring.
Elfen lied, narutaru, higurashi, ima soko no iru boku were all edgy trash.
Rebuild of Evangelion sucks, and it's a waste of Annos talents.
Fate/zero is the only good work by nasu and butch.
Tsukihime anime was just as bad as the route it was based on.
Kara no kyoukai was pretentious trash.
Fate/stay night does not work as an anime, no matter how pretty it looks.
Madoka and psycho pass were both badly written.
New anime is not even trying to be good.
Sports anime sucks.
Miyazaki is overrated and quite boring.
Yugioh season 0 was great.
Re zero was bad.
Phantom: requiem was unwatchable.
Gate had the worst directing ever.
The first half of Sao also sucked.
Everyone had sex with everyone in Utena.
Dubs > subs, always.
K-on (and sol in general) is a waste of time.
The finale of katanagatari was both terrible and clever.
Parasyte anime was great.
UC > any other gundam series.
Manly anime is pretty great.
Steins gate is not that good.
I don't agree with the messages of NHK and the main girl is a negative character.
Oreimo was bad and really hard to watch.
Samurai champloo was not that great.
Haruhi is not that good, without nostalgia goggles.
NGE episodes 24&26 > end of Eva
Rei Ayanami is the best girl.
Jojo parts 1&2 are better than 3&4.
I enjoy anime.
>Dubs > subs, always
Makes most of those opinions pointless, since you never watched the shows in the first place.

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Yo, what the fuck. This new art style looks so bad.
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>symmetrical hair
Who was in charge of this?
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At least they are lolis, right?

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code geass ending.jpg
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so any Idea on how will the story goes on season 3? because I think it already reached its conclusion and I also recently watched this show since its quite a topic this past few days, and I think its quite good show.
sorry if I started late because I'm not that fond on mecha genre.
now after watching this show, I think it beats my current favorite shows like AoT, RE:Zero and SAO.
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Lelouch appears at Jeremiah Gottwald's plantation with a plan to revolutionize the world's orange industry with forbidden ancient knowledge of farming and cold press juicing.
>so any Idea on how will the story goes on season 3?
You need to go back
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>AoT, RE:Zero and SAO

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Egao da.
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First for best boy
How the fuck do you expect me to egao when you just fucking died right in front of my eyes

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Translation time.
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This ancient thing, as requested by chinkfag. I imagine he was hoping for deep fairy lore.

Title: Shimakaze Won't Come! - Shimakaze ga Konai!
Author: Akikan (http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=1594710)
Raw: https://exhentai.org/g/989866/c2d244548c/
File: 002.jpg (169KB, 1032x1457px)Image search: [Google]
169KB, 1032x1457px
Page 3
Panel 1
SFX: Clang...

Panel 2
SFX: Clang...

Panel 3
SFX: Clang...
Kuma: We've finished a new ship, Kuma~
File: 003.jpg (149KB, 1032x1457px)Image search: [Google]
149KB, 1032x1457px
Page 4
Panel 1
Hibiki: I'm Hibiki. I'm also known as "the Phoenix" for my achievements. * Introduction line

Panel 2
Kuma: Nice to meet you~
SFX: Shake, shake

Panel 3
Fairy (Ahoge): I'm beat~
Fairy (Hat): We couldn't avoid fast construction forever~ * Flamethrowers
Fairy (Ponytail): Feels like we're going to get burned up while working~

Panel 4
Fairy (Ahoge): Let's just rest for now, until the expedition fleet gets bac
SFX: Grab

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Predictions for the Vento Aureo anime? What scenes are you looking forward to? What do you think is going to get cut?
>tfw they use the name Golden Wind
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gang meetup.jpg
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Anyone ok if they kept the Part 4 art style for Part 5? Or would you wanna change it?

I'm looking forward to Grateful Dead & White Album off the top of my head. Unsure of what they would cut if any.
I'm looking forward to 7 pages of MUDA
>tfw they use the name Golden Wind

What's wrong with that?
That's what Vento Aureo means

What would you do to protect these smiles?
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hunt you down and kill you for using >vlc
me in the middle
What's wrong with VLC other than being the absolute lowest common denominator?

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I'm so fucking pissed off right now. I feel betrayed. The entire premise of Code Geass is utterly pointless now. Lelouch has no reason to fight anymore yet they will come up with some bullshit reason like "remnants of Britannia" or some shit just so autistic weaboos will eat this shit up and buy all the merchandise. Fuck Sunrise. They have ruined one of my all time favourite anime.
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There is absolutely and utterly zero reason for there to be a season 3. They will destroy Code Geass.
There is absolutely and utterly zero reason for there to be a season 3. They will destroy Code Geass.
They ruined a literal perfect ending.

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Pages that caused a shit storm on /a/
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>getting with a smoker

really nigga
He got the better girl
>mandatory SEEEEEEEEOOOOO moments

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How many teeth will Luffy have left by the end of the arc?

How will he escape the book?
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>inb4 the first 20 posts are memes
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They died.png
252KB, 760x670px
What are these guys' names again?

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