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Goblin Slayer is so last year.
This is the current best fantasy manga that runs right now.
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Even MC is better than all other MC out there.

Pity reply (still saged)
not when konosuba exists

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>Good animation
>Flat characters

Is FliFla the PW of our generation?
We failed to save her smile.
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This OP is getting boring.

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Waiting for spoilers.

Who's your favorite new character this arc?
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Pudding. She is cute and nakama.
SaNami chapter please.
Soon anon, we all know what Nami save Sanji no matter what.

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Why do girls in animu and manga naturally assume that guys will rape them at the first chance they'll get?
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Because all men are rapists.
Because if all girls where 2d all men would be rapists to get that 2d pussy
"A woman like me is... A big slut that will easily give in!"

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ITT we post anime eyes and guess the character.

I'll start us off easy.
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eyes HARD MODE.png
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Let us appreciate these sinful and sexy women
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Fine, I'll humor you
Yes, evil

She looks like a big-breasted female Lelouch.

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New translation of the second tanpenshuu volume, "Operation KOKKURI" by Lemonwater is out.

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When is this supposed to take place?
I believe it's during the time Subaru was recovering after arc 2.
Daily reminder that Echidna is the best witch who offered Subaru the chance to be greedy and obtain the ideal solution he wanted.

I am guilty of save-scumming in XCOM when i lose my soldiers, who am i to judge.

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Why are the most fucked up hentai artists usually female?
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What Women Want.
sexual repression
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Men are pleb normalfags

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wtf why is Deku's mom fat now? She was skinny before. Is this a fucking plot hole?
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There needs to be more adorable fat women in anime
She ate his dad.
as I recall her weight gain was from stress eating while raising Izuku alone

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why the fuck are stands like Superfly or cheap trick a thing if stands are supposed to be a manifestation of your soul? it fucking triggers my autism.why the fuck would your stand be a telephone tower that doesnt let you leave?
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There also was that sword in Stardust Crusaders.
>stands are supposed to be a manifestation of your soul
It's jojo I aint gotta explain shit
people who hate themselves
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>stands are a manifestation of your soul
>melone's stand requires raping and killing women
What did he mean by this

What's his end game? Is he forever destined to be a jobber?
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His endgame is giga nigga.
Spoilers soon? Inb4 jibun wo.
We all know whats gonna happen. Azami vs Joichirou. Can't wait, we will finally see Joichirou be serious, and we will finally see how good Azami really is.

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New NoWaYu should be hitting around now.
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Has anyone translated the preview?
Wait, why is the old preview there?
no new chapter?

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So I'm supposed to believe that they never had sex?

Why is actual incest not allowed in Anime other than Hentai?
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Anon, sex is not the ultimate expression of love. To some people, it is just awkward and messy. Fun, but ultimately more stressful than it is worth.
If you can't feel their love from the way they treat each other and gaze upon each other, then the story has failed you. If you require an acrobatic performance to validate their relationship, then you have failed the story.
There are 2 highly suggestive scenes in the novels and it's commen sense they would start having sex at some point in their relationship.

To your second question, because the law has something against it. It's a huge risk for authors, that's why you get NBR or ambiguous endings.
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dude they totally banged you just cant show it on TV

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Yurika on her way to the last page.
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Won't take her very long today.
She truly fails at everything, doesn't she.

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Hanna point.webm
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Asenshi out.
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What is this face trying to convey?
She is trying to figure out why the Selector System still exists and at the same time wondering to use for her own convenience since Remember happened.
>Now I have a tiny Amika and a big Amika. Thank you, lord

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