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My Hero Academia thread!

*quality* traitors edition!

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/CJPJP2Hi
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Best girl
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would you a frog?

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New manga by Synecdoche (Methonium).

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It's always the good ones.

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Reminder to vote for our guy
OST soon...maybe
might be tonight....

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>Shuuichi ignores all the season to keep the baiting
>In only one episode got the kumiko pussy
>In only one episode destroyed all delusions of /u/fags


>Reina confess her love
>Reina is 100% focused on Taki's D
>Reina wants to be impregnated by Taki

Taki was always based but this episode was glorious.

It was all in the Novels and novelanon warned you /u/tards, now everyone else will enjoy the massive butthurt and tears.

Haven't seen something like this since NaruHina and IchiHime.
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We are finally free.
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Changed the title to just "Dragon Ball" since threads tend to be about the franchise in general.
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Reminder that the manga version of Super is not only superior to the shitty anime, it's also the canon version.

Follow this link for proof:
Here we go again with that one retard trying to start up a manga vs anime war
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Waifu gods please.

New MC soon
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Does this mean Fusion wins again. Are other summon methods even trying?
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Why is she crying bros?
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Because she's Envy and everyone distrusts her despite not being the split personality that killed and absorbed them.
Chapter 75


Remon's translation


Remon's other translation of Subaru's harem april fools story

Alright. This is supposed to be the candidates reactions to getting cheated on by their boyfriends. I think. In that case, I think Emilia's goes something like this.
>"Ah, that's right. Yeah, it's fine. I guess I didn't really do everything I could either, for it to have turned out like this. Because I think...... Yeah, sorry."
Seems she blames herself for it.

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In the end it was nothing more than yaoibait. Kubo played you all like fiddle.
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So it's just like Hibikek
It was obvious.
WHat were you hoping for?

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>using such an ugly image
>getting mad when inconsistently plotted fujobait turns out to be inconsistently plotted fujobait

Top kek, just enjoy it for what it is

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Chapter title is "Ray of light".

In Mirror World、Chopper tries to find Luffy and Co , but there are too many mirrors.

Sanji's room

Sanji goes to deliver the dish to Pudding.

Prisoners Library

Luffy tries to escape even if his arms tear off.

3rd floor courtyard

Pedro is fighting Tamago. Tamago asks him why he came back.
Pedro strongly answers that Straw Hats are the only guys who can lead the world to dawn. Pedro slashes/bisects Tamago.

In front of Pudding's room

The alive door prevents Sanji from entering the room. He has no choice but to go to Pudding's location from terrace.

When Sanji sees the inside of the room, he finds Reiju on a chair and 3-eyed-Pudding.
Pudding sneers at Sanji(, whom she thinks is not near the room). Actually Pudding is one of Big Mom's favorite and she is good at acting.
Pudding was cheating Straw Hats.

Prisoners Library

Luffy's flashback

Puddding whispers something to Luffy.

Pudding "I will shoot to kill that idiot, who fell in love with me as I expected, which is why I don't get married.
I won't let you keep alive anyway. Good Bye, pitiful rats."

Pudding's room

Blood is falling from Reiju's leg. Reiju's arms are constrained.

Pudding "Mama wants clone soldiers and Germa science from the beginning.
The whole Germa Kingdom lies at anchor on our territory.
Thank you all you idiots for being invited to Sanji's political party.
We'll kill all Vinsmokes in tommorow's wedding."

Sanji shows an expressionless face listening to Pudding's talk secretly in thunderstorm.

source: 2ch

- Big Mom is the only person who knows Pudding's true personality.

- When Sanji goes to Pudding's room, one of the guards asks him if he goes out.
Sanji answers, "I'm gonna go to be healed by a ray of light in this world" (chapter title).
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We'll have to wait for visual confirmation on the spoilers' sense.

Whats clear is that, at this point, Puddings actions are very confusing and the writing is a bit dizzying for the average-demographic reader

While its true that some panels may have been interpreted as a hint of her hiding something, they still dont fully explain her ways
Either if shes playing sixth-dinensional chess on everyone, or if shes plain evil and a great actress, I think Oda wont leave it here
There are still things to explain because things dont add up either way, and right now it makes this situation really confusing
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>Puddingfags are killing themselves right now.
Here's a thought..

What reason would Pudding have for breaking character? If she is this grand evil, whose true nature is not even known to her own siblings.. Then why does she go tell Luffy and Nami their plan?

That's right, she's telling as many people as possible that the Vinsmokes are getting shafted, hoping that this will cause everything to go to shit before the ceremony itself.

Pudding is helping.

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The day when /ourguy/ destroyed /u/ delusions and won Kumiko's heart.

Bring your coups so we can rejoice with yurifag tears all the week!
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>The city of /u/
Reminder that you can actually report /u/ posts fro belonging to another board.

ITT: Anime literally no one remembers
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a lot of people tough this was the anime of the tear of /a/. Looking back, it was basically what Flip Floppers is now.
I will never forget Fractale, it brought me so much schadenfreude and a new anime rating system.
Isn't that Fractale? Yamakan didn't deserve such a disaster.

The other thread is overrun with shitposting. Here we wait for subs and then discuss the episode like decent human beans.
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The scene with Mamiko was pretty cute. Also Reina is autistic as fuck.
>/u/ needs their safe space
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Next episode. Daytime this time.

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Best girl comes back tomorrow

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>plant slut
>more mechs
Get hype
It looks like a boss run. Calling it now. Also fuck captcha for having me identify 3rd world store fronts. I can't tell what is a store in poverty land.
>Calling it now
It's a little late to call it.

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Best girl won a Dragon
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What makes you think we need another thread?
why not?
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You mean best girl made a dragon fall head over heels for her, and earned her giant reward.

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