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Why were Super Saiyans depicted as blondes? What was Toriyama thinking?
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I came in expecting trips. And because Ki is yellow.
If I make them blonde I'll work less because I won't have to ink their hair.

Literally that.
Easier to make it distinct in the black and white manga.

Kumin is for ______.
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cumming in

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Goshujin-sama~. Fucking boss is a madman. He is awesome!
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Since OP is a faggot, Ill dump the chapter.
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So in the end the Ajins don't lose their personality/memory when their heads are cut off? Cool ending btw, Satou-san will have more fun.
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>So in the end the Ajins don't lose their personality/memory when their heads are cut off?
Well the guy is a fucking psychopath, I think that's genetic to a large degree.
It's not about getting a new personality, it's about having to watch your body regenerating a new head while the you in your old head is still alive, even if only for a little while.
A new self as in there are now two of you, not a different self.

Also how the fuck did Satou not revive immediately after he jumped into the chipper, and thus destroy the container that contained his hand (the same way he opened up a hole in the wall of the panic room), when he was infiltrating Forge Security?
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Oh, no! Hajime's boyfriend, Katze, just wet the bed last night. He's really embarrassed and frustrated. She needs to make him feel better.
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Why do you keep making so many Hajime threads?

Also, S3 when?
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Show it her massive tits.
>Also, S3 when?
Hopefully never after the trainwreck that was Insight.

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We used to have lot of anime about ninjas, and samurai in old Japan but lately all sword action seems to be focused on medieval western worlds.

They even sent Nobunaga to a western fantasy world with elves.

Did Japan forget its roots? Samurai and ninjas are not popular any more?
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I just don't think its popular as it use to be anymore.

Even though Drifters kind of had it but it didn't, Everything is about cute girls and harems.

Someday if we belive and wish really really hard
>I need five Nobunaga wanking shows a season or I won't be satisfied

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Chapter 500 is out

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We'll finally see Ousen's genius at work
Are you the same anon who posted the whole chapter last time?
Thread died in less than 40 posts, and only 7 of us bothered to participate.
Just let this die anon.

Has Oda saved Christmas?
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awesome gif
Pudding is EVIL and NAKAMA.
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What was she thinking about in this scene?

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Will Kirins show ever get a third season?
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Very unlikely. I'd pay for a Sylvia OVA.
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Claudia a best. A BEST.
this show had great titty monsters.

alright that's enough. dropped
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What's wrong? Atra's trying to organize Mika's harem for him.
thought everyone had signed up for a trainwreck
is season two less boring

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>captcha has the word "calle"
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>captcha is "calle calle"
What is this frog?
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Only time I see the word calle is when peruvians on dota tell me calle mierda.

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This show was great
This show was shit.
I don't know if I like this show or not.

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Is there anywhere to watch or read the Q&A of him during the convention that took place that he intented?
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did anybody visit?
Napata is stale.
And the dicks drawn and pretty small.
>What makes Napata the most popular H artist?
Probably change that "the most" to a, he draws good but has a serious problem with sameface

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Take a guess!
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>Adam's apple
Gee I dunno.

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>"and then I realized that what I was feeling wasn't true love, it was just a crush/lust"

What the fuck does that even mean?
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Exactly what it says on the tin.
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Nene thread?

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